A Majority Of The Federal Government Is Not Constitutional

Federal Government Is Not ConstitutionalCompromise between Marxism (Social Justice) and our Constitution (Equal Justice) is impossible. Compromise is defined as: “A middle way between two extremes.” There is no middle way because it is Treason, and any attempt to find one must fail by definition.

In a Constitutional Republic, there is no right nor left, no far right, no far left; there are only those who believe in our form of government, as established, and those who do not. Those who do not are simply Traitors, or ignorant followers of Traitors, known as low information voters.

Get Mad and Fight to End Income Taxes of any kind for a return to Full Employment, Unlimited Prosperity and Freedom without Marxism. All of which, is guaranteed by the ouster and prosecution for Treason of corrupt and cowardly Marxist and Muslim Traitors in government. This paper is a partial survey of our concerns as citizens, every word has meaning, and is a challenge.

An Unlimited supply of high paying jobs without a federal Income Tax, or any tax at all is guaranteed. This is the result of ending the Income Tax, private Federal Reserve Bank, and Tax Free Foundations as it was prior to 1913, while reinstituting Tariffs to support government and higher wages. Manufacturers must then produce here to sell here, and a reduced federal government must live on tariffs alone as in the past, no more taxes, none, as there will be no need. Most of our government debt was incurred to pay for unlawful expenditures, and should be paid by those who benefitted. We now have the largest supply of energy resources in the world to further guarantee our return to super prosperity. But, this prosperity is impossible under the Marxism of both political parties governing at the direction of the Criminal Establishment’s Elite Families and Fellow Travelers.

Seventy percent of Government actions that are impoverishing and enslaving you are Unconstitutional Marxist Programs and must be terminated. Know this, most Government Officials, Judges and Employees, except for Whistleblowers, are corrupt or cowardly Traitors to our Constitutional Republic. These Traitors from both political parties, along with the Media, Public Employee Unions, Educational Institutions, and many Teachers take their orders and blood money from the very same “Establishment Elite Families and Fellow Travelers” who direct the Treason and theft by both political parties, all the major banks, tax free foundations, corporations, private federal reserve bank and the government

Most of this control and theft started in 1913 with the advent of the Private Federal Reserve Bank, the Income Tax and Tax Free Foundations. The first major result of these changes was the Great Depression which impoverished everyone but the elites who profited greatly by stealing and owning even more of the country. The Federal Reserve Chairman admitted that they caused the Great Depression. You should know they are enriching the Elites again at the people’s expense, but on a much larger scale of massive unconstitutional theft, along with destruction of our currency which will force most Americans into a much higher level of poverty and hunger than in the Great Depression.

The current, and ongoing failure of the housing and financial markets was caused by government in collusion with Financial Giants owned or controlled by the Establishment’s Elite Families. Government funds were unconstitutionally used to bail out these “too big to fail corporations” and to fund numerous companies as payback for campaign donations, then the companies promptly went bankrupt. The solution is to prosecute everyone who had anything to do with this Treason starting with the traitors in Congress who voted for it, and every other unconstitutional action.

To clarify, your Enemies, the Criminal Marxist Traitors to the Republic are: the “Establishment’s Elite Families and Fellow Travelers”, who own or control the private Federal Reserve Bank, Tax Free Foundations, major Corporations and Banks, Media, Educational Institutions, many Teachers, Public Employee Unions, both Political Parties, and the Officials, Judges and Employees of a mostly Bogus and Unconstitutional government. Most of these people are corrupt cowardly Traitors to the Republic and must be prosecuted and relieved of their plunder…

We have no choice but to reduce the Federal Government by about seventy percent to its constitutionally authorized size, while prosecuting all the Criminal Marxist Traitors. We must use the Constitutionally Mandated “Militia of the Several States” for prosecution because the Federal Justice System and Judges are corrupt or cowardly. In an earlier time these Marxist Traitors would be summarily hung. During my lifetime, Marxist thugs have killed hundreds of millions of their own people and hundreds of thousands of Americans. There is absolutely, no indication that Marxists have repudiated their desired “Final Solution” for Patriots, so we must be prepared to respond to attacks by these traitors in kind, without quarter being asked or given.

I have sympathy and understanding for the poor slobs living in the Marxist inner city Killing Fields where Marxist policy deprives them of Family, God, Education, and Firearms, all of which are required for prosperity and freedom. They are falsely taught by the jailers they elect, and their poverty pimps to hate non blacks as the cause of their pain. But, they must instead look to their own ignorant juvenile mothers, absent fathers, elected officials, Media and Affirmative Action teachers for the causes. The thinking that, “If they are old enough to bleed, they are old enough to breed”, Anonymous, and leave the results for others to support, guarantees continuation of a criminal mindset and third world lifestyle in accordance with Agenda 21. Non blacks will do them no harm unless attacked, and will continue to help those who will work, unless they join forces with the traitors in government to force non blacks to live and die as they do, and then they will truly have non blacks as enemies, which is the objective of the government’s Divide and Conquer Policy.

Businesses, and high Income Producers are moving from High Tax Marxist/Progressive States such as Illinois, California, and New York to avoid paying the taxes required to support armies of non working residents and unionized government employees. At some point the prosperous States will reduce their populations of non workers by reducing benefits and giving them non refundable bus tickets to the Marxist States where the voters will not allow Legislatures to reduce benefits.

Even though the “Rule of Law” is denied “We the People” by the Bogus Government, we will none the less use it as the primary guide for our actions to save our Republic, our freedom, and our return to prosperity. We will do this without firing a shot, provided the Marxist Traitors in the Bogus government don’t attempt to disarm, restrain, or attack even the least among us, then it would be war. If just one or two federal judges would allow one of the numerous Obama Eligibility, Selective Service Number, or Social Security Number Cases to be heard, much of this would all be over. If just one member in both houses of congress had questioned Obama’s eligibility, it would be over. As it stands, no Patriot can support a single government Official or Judge as they have ALL cowardly repudiated their Oaths of Office in acts of Treason.

Obama himself is neither the leader, nor only cause of this Marxist Treason, but he is certainly the current Criminal Face of the Establishment’s Elite Families and Fellow Travelers who have directed the treason of both parties during the last 100 years. At some point, Obama will surely be tried for High Treason and numerous major crimes of a magnitude second only to that of Judas Iscariot.

Many compare Obama to Adolf Hitler, but that is an unfair comparison because Hitler was no one’s stooge, and did not need a Teleprompter to speak. Obama is really a Quisling, a collaborator with Establishment Elites, Marxists and Muslim enemies throughout the world to destroy our Constitutional Republic.

Now you can see why corruption and cowardice are indeed Treason. Most of what the “so called” Federal Government does is criminal and treasonous because “most of the government is Bogus and Unconstitutional”. Our Republic, as clearly, and closely defined by our Constitution is the only legitimate form of Government in this country. When officials, prosecutors and judges are corrupt or cowardly traitors you must call upon the “Militia of the Several States” to perform their constitutional duty to arrest and prosecute the traitors. If the Militia is not effective, pressure your State Government to make it so. We already know that election fraud has serious consequences that may lead to civil war. Based upon current opinion of the people a war against the Media and fraudulent operatives of the bogus government can be expected as the only option. Respected Thinkers throughout history have stated in various ways that if you deny people their perceived rights under the law, that the people will take their rights by force.

It is imperative for their own survival, that the Establishment’s Elite Families and their Fellow Travelers order their Marxist subordinates who run the Bogus part of Government, without regard for our Constitution, to comply with the Constitution and Rule of Law in all interactions with the People. Otherwise, there will be serous blowback If these traitors continue to follow the teachings in Hitler’s Mein Kampf to use the illegal power of the state to subdue our people. Due to actions by the Bogus government in the last four years, at least half of the people learned much of the truth about our Constitution and Unconstitutional Marxism, thus requiring massive voter fraud for the Marxists to win the last election, which has further enraged the people. Based upon what I know and learn every day, there is a growing hatred for this Bogus Marxist Government that would result in significant bloodshed if the people are attacked.

Patriots know that the Marxist officials, employees, and judges are criminals acting outside of the Constitution and have little or no legitimate authority. Many people detest the imposter and his cronies to such an extent that they can’t tolerate to even see or hear them on TV. People know that the election and most everything else of value was stolen.

The Bogus Marxist government has stolen and transferred approximately an additional 40%, or more of the people’s net worth in the last five years to the Criminal Elite Establishment while they are totally debasing our currency by printing unlimited quantities for their benefit. Unlimited printing of our currency is resulting in Hyperinflation and devaluation of the dollar increasing the price of everything you buy to the point where the dollar will be worthless. Of course all government checks for Social Security, Medicare, Pensions, Food Stamps, Welfare, etc, will become worthless with the Establishment’s Elite Families owning most everything.

Not to worry, you won’t need the money because there will be no food in the stores to buy. If you live in the Marxist Inner Cities like New York City, Washington, DC, Chicago, Detroit, and LA, you will suffer Theft, Rape, Pillage, Murder, Pain, Starvation and Cannibalism while waiting for help from Marxist authorities who never come. Well, they might come as they have in the past for conservation purposes, to shoot you as a possible threat or for being worthless to their cause. People who live in the Marxist inner cities should leave now while they can.

People who support the Democrats must learn they are really supporting Marxism (Communism or Fascism), which has killed hundreds of millions of people while being an economic failure. Marxism is unconstitutional and based upon Social Justice, also known as Redistribution, stealing from some to give to others, where the state owns everything and controls all the details of your life without freedom. Marxism is Unconstitutional Treason in our Republic. Our Constitution is the law of the land and dictates Equal Justice or Equal opportunity for all with minimum interference in people’s lives, freedom, or property, the opposite of Marxism.

“The only way to equalize rewards is to take from those who have earned and give to those who have not.” Patrick J. Buchanan column 1-27-13. This is Unconstitutional Theft in Obama’s Marxist Fashion.

The Republican Party and the Democrat party are controlled by the SAME Establishment Elite Families. Neither political party can continue to exist if they do not divest themselves from the Establishment’s Elite Families.

Mass Unemployment and Economic Decline was caused by: 1.) Manufacturers moving to exploit low wage workers in other countries. 2.) Importing skilled workers who work for less. 3.) Allowing unskilled workers to invade our country and remain at taxpayer expense along with associated crime. 4) And lastly a severe shortage of low skilled English speaking workers because government benefits for not working exceed unskilled and entry level wages.

Foreign invaders must be stopped at the border with deadly force, those in the country must be deported and birthright citizenship ended. Our people must not be allowed to suffer from the loss of jobs, crime or cost of illegal’s remaining in this country. This is but another example of government treason for financial benefit of the Elites and their Fellow Travelers.

Any attempt to Confiscate or Control Firearms in the hands of “We the People” is an “Act of War” against the people, and will be resisted in accordance with the Rule of Law. The absolute, God given Constitutional right, and duty for citizens to protect themselves with firearms from criminals and government tyranny even predates the constitution. Our Police have neither the capability nor legal responsibility to protect us; they can only catalog the dead when we fail to protect ourselves. Gun Free Zones in schools and public places are nothing but unconstitutional Killing Fields for the demented to use. Crime is always reduced when citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons. It has been proven repeatedly that any reduction in citizen ownership of firearms results in increased crime and tyranny. Therefore, the only reason for gun control by government is as a prelude to forced dictatorship, tyranny and death.

There are Sissy Men, Empty Headed Females and Trust Fund Babies in our country, with no grasp on reality, who refuse to handle a weapon to protect themselves, or to support the rights of others to do so. They are from the “Would Be Ruling Class”, indoctrinated by Marxist schools and parents to think they are superior and meant to control us common people. I mean these Useless Eaters no harm, but neither will I go out of my way to protect them.

Public funding of education thru the twelfth grade should be replaced with vouchers allowing students to go where they can get an education. Too many public schools are just not worth a damn. All public funding of universities and colleges should be terminated because 90% of the students will not benefit on the basis of Economic Opportunity Cost. With a proper high school education most students do not need a college education, a few really bright students could, but then a comparable faculty mostly does not exist. Donors to universities should lose any preferential treatment for taxes.

No one should be required to have a certificate, degree, diploma, test or anything else for employment unless everything required is directly related to performing the job in question. Most requirements for jobs exist to protect the positions of those already employed.

Following are some of the criminal problems with Judges:

    • Judges kept Obama in office by using “Standing” to deny the opposition their legitimate day in court to question his lack of Constitutional qualifications. The legal concept of “Standing,” which is often abused by corrupt judges, can perform a vital function of determining who is entitled to be a party to legal proceedings.

    • Jury Nullification is the jury’s Constitutional right to judge the law in criminal cases, and judges refuse to allow them to be so informed.

    • Exculpatory Evidence is too often excluded by Judges resulting in conviction of innocent people. Remember Border Patrol Agents Ramos and Campion, et al?

    • The law is more than what a Judge says.

    • Denial of Discovery. Most famous was LTC Laken’s case where Pentagon Judge refused Discovery because it might embarrass Obama, so Laken was convicted.

    • The Grand Jury was to be the most important protector of the common man against government abuse, where is it now?

    • The Rule of Law must be everything in our Republic rather than next to nothing, for the alternative is war.

Written by Andrew C. Wallace.

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