Americans are Far Better at Keeping Up with the Kardashians than Government Corruption


American IgnoranceAs the USA Freedom Act was passed and signed into law yesterday, one can’t help wonder why people are more interested with the transformation of Caitlyn Jenner, from Bruce Jenner. Provisions of the Patriot Act, which expired only days ago, were quickly replaced by something every bit as insidious to American civil liberties, and yet the talk of the town is a former olympian’s sex change.

The FBI was caught operating a secret Air Force inside the US to spy on Americans and people care more about keeping up with the Kardashians.

Police in America have killed over 400 people this year, and dinner conversations are about celebrity fluff and irrelevancies.

The Pentagon admitted they created ISIS, the MSM blacks it out, and no one cares!

Perhaps some are fascinated by the humanity of the journey, for others the pure spectacle of the situation.

While one can understand the interest in the Jenner story, due to the want to understand something that is unfamiliar, it seems absurd that people are more focused on a the gender transformation of an individual, than the actual trampling of their freedom and the destruction of rights.

Freedoms are being usurped by bureaucrats who have revealed themselves as being akin to British Redcoats, while cloaking themselves in the legitimacy of government and party. In the meantime, the American people are ignorantly immersed in the pop culture talking points of the day.

A simple look at Google Analytics shows just how farcical the nature of this problem truly is:

American Trendscap

One could liken it to the days of ancient Rome, when the masses were appeased by simple gestures of “bread and circuses.” Sadly no one realized that they were meant as a diversion or distraction to superficially placate the people.

Seemingly little has changed in the past 2000 years, as America is a modern day Roman Empire, with military outposts strategically positioned across the entirety of the world to assist in the control of global financial systems, as well as the movement of commerce and capital, which underpins the United State’s global domination.

The majority of Western society is in a state of intellectually suspended animation; cheering on the slave masters as their mental and physical shackles are locked into place.

They sit in front of their flickering blue boxes every night and repeat, inside their heads filled with translucent visions of red, white and blue fluff, the words of the late Kurt Cobain,

    Here we are now, entertain us
    I feel stupid and contagious
    Here we are now, entertain us

Once we step back and observe society with this in mind, the reason for such a degraded mental state becomes quite obvious. It is much easier to remain delusional and in a state of suspended disbelief than it is to deal with the opposing ideas held inside one’s head.

Coming to terms with the fact that you can actually be killed by the very entity who claims to protect you from those who wish to do you harm, is a difficult realization.

Fortunately there are those of us who have ‘awaken’ to our contradictory existence. This is not to say that we are smarter than others, only that we can recognize our own ignorance and through this self-reflection, seek to lessen that ignorance through entertaining ideas that may make us uncomfortable.

Step one to this waking up process is turning off the television and stepping outside of your comfort zone.

The revelations that happen from the simple act of NOT watching TV are profound. If you doubt this claim, stop watching TV for 6 months. When you turn it back on or see it in passing, you will be able to see the utter propaganda and manipulation employed through mainstream media and most ‘prime time’ content. It becomes overtly obvious and can even be intellectually offensive at some points.

People are waking up across the globe and it is truly an amazing time to be alive. Yes, there are many who will continue to worship the police state and support violence against their fellow man in the name of some mythical authoritarian utopia. However, no army of obstinance will ever be able to stop this idea of freedom and liberty whose time has most assuredly come.

Once the individual recognizes the establishment for the violent coercive behemoth that it is, they have no other option but to resist. Freedom is a communicable state of mind; an almost forgotten conviction now spreads like wildfire through the minds of former serfs.

One may be silenced, but the idea remains as a deafening shriek in the ears of those who would attempt to further subjugate the minds of humanity!

Written by Jay Syrmopoulos.

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