An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Pope and Bishop of Rome, a globalist puppet, or, indeed, a Satan-inspired globalist

Pope Francis, this is a tad difficult to write, but addressing evil, especially in high places, is usually challenging. For this lifelong Catholic, the manner in which you, Pope Francis, became Pope was distressing. I have tremendous respect for the Papacy, but my confidence in the Papacy has been shaken since March 13, 2013. The question that has lingered since the questionable resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and your election as Pope has been, ‘Are you truly a man of God who will act appropriately as the Pope and Bishop of Rome, a globalist puppet, or, indeed, a Satan-inspired globalist?’

With your pending encyclical on climate change, scheduled theological statement about climate change to the U. N. General Assembly on September 25th, and scheduled presentation at the U. N. climate change conference in Paris at the end of the year, faithful Catholics are asking why you are going rogue and cozying up with the Satan-inspired globalists.

The Pope is to be infallible in matters of Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Magisterium. On all other matters, the Pope is as eminently fallible as every human being on the planet. Sadly, every globalist, globalist puppet, almost every member of the puppeteer-controlled propaganda ‘media’ and ‘entertainment industry’, every puppet supporter of U. N. Agenda 21, every puppet environmentalist, every socialist, every Communist, every paid ‘protester’ and every anti-God puppet of Satan is eagerly awaiting your possible, if not probable, crossing the line from Papacy certainty to fallacy, possibly heresy. While the cabal of confederates listed in the previous sentence despise the Catholic Church, they seek to transfer your ‘infallibility’ upon their coveted climate change agenda as a weapon to deploy an even more sinister and deadly agenda.

Until the globalists and their puppet environmentalist wackos needed a scam to control the masses, climate change and control of it had been the purview of God. Slowly, but surely, men and women answering the clarion call of Satan have been seeking to usurp God of his rightful power and magnificence in the minds of the masses to push a devastating agenda. We are called to be good stewards of God’s many blessings, but the climate change agenda places mankind in the position of billions of mini-gods. Can you not see this is the work of the most feared foe of mankind, Satan?

Climate change gambit also doubles and triples as way to push God out of our society

In the United States, the climate change gambit also doubles and triples as way to push God out of our society, and, as a result, because our Constitution and Bill of Rights are founded upon Judeo-Christian morals, ethics and principles, to destroy our sovereign republic. They seek a domino-like effect. With the destruction of the rights and freedoms of the citizens of the U. S., the rights and freedoms of people across the globe will be lost, too.

Embedded within Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition and the Sacred Magisterium is the sanctity of man. With population control and global tax hustler, ‘Professor’ Jeffrey Sachs acting as the Vatican adviser on climate change, either you are being coerced into pushing the globalists’ agenda, or you are purposely soiling the Papacy with a plank of the unholy U. N. Agenda 21. The image that comes to mind when I read about you and the nutty professor is that of Satan tempting Jesus in the desert.

I was fortunate to attend K-8 in a Catholic parish grade school and four years at a Jesuit high school. I didn’t drink the Jesuit liberal Kool-Aid that would have dismantled what I learned about my faith in K-8. I understand that you wish to be remembered as ‘a good guy who tried to do good’. This sounds like a humble desire, but, if you persist in pushing the globalists’ agenda, for whatever reason, I don’t see how you will realize your humble desire.

A phrase that I have come to embrace is ‘we become with whom we associate’. If you associate with Satan’s puppets, even as the Pope, you will be tempted mightily and daily to act against your calling as the Pope and against those for whom you profess to care about so much. Remembering my Baltimore Catechism, Satan seeks to take down the holiest, the mightiest, the most gifted, and the wealthiest of us, much like a hunter bagging a deer with the largest rack. Your submission to Satan’s globalist agenda would be the prize of prizes and expose you as a rogue Pope. Maybe this is what is necessary for the Catholic Church to return to its roots as the Church founded by Jesus Christ, but this will lead to unnecessary misery for millions, if not billions across the globe.

I am praying for you to have the courage, strength and love of God to resist the direction in which you are being pushed by those who hate God, hate the Catholic Church, hate humanity, and even hate themselves. May the peace of God be with you!

Written by A.J. Cameron.

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