User Agreement

Additional conditions may apply that will be communicated to you if you sign up for a new service or if you receive a new promotion or offer, the terms that will be part of your agreement with us if you use these services, promotions or offers. If additional conditions conflict with these conditions, these additional conditions are given priority. If you have any questions about these terms of use or our services, please contact us. You specify that you do not have the DNA, but the agreement still gives you a permanent license for DNA to use it in a variety of ways (including all DNA tests developed in the future). One question for you – what happens if you have my DNA and I die – is that it looks at the end of my consent informed, or the use of my DNA with you forever? Unless otherwise agreed in an agreement between you and AncestryDNA, you agree not to display, distribute, distribute, operate, export, edit, reproduce, copy, modify, sell, sell, resell, resell, transfer or transfer derivative works. By transmitting AncestryDNA`s DNA, you grant AncestryDNA and Ancestry Groups a free, global, sub-conceded, transferable and transferable license for the host, transfer, processing, analysis, distribution and communication of your genetic information to provide you with products and services, research and develop Ancestry`s products, enhance the user experience and produce In other words, we use your genetic information to provide you with products and services and improve our products and services for all our users. In addition, you understand that by providing us with DNA, you do not purchase rights to research or commercial products that can be developed by AncestryDNA using your genetic information. 1.1. Permission to use the services.

Unregistered customers, free registered customers, paying subscribers and people who purchase and/or activate a DNA kit are all “users” under these conditions. You may need to create an account to use the services. You must provide accurate, complete and up-to-date information when you sign up. The services are aimed at residents of the countries where they are offered. For example, services offered to are aimed at users in Canada. The site was launched in December 1998, with additional free sites starting in March 1999. [20] The site generated one million registered users in the first 140 days. [17] The Company borrowed more than $90 million in venture capital from investors[17] and changed its name on November 17, 1999 from, Inc. to, Inc. Its three Internet genealogy sites were then called, and [21] Revenue was approximately US$62 million in 2002 and US$99 million in 2003. [22] As knowingly explains in the consent agreement, the fact that they remove the credentials from your DNA data before adding it to their database does not eliminate this risk: Welcome to Ancestry®! Thank you for using our services.

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