Artwork Loan And Exhibition Agreement

Enter details of the exhibition format and duration. Some things to note: We learned this from Derek Smith, president of AXIS Fine Art Installation, also an expert in shipping and storage. Talk to a curator of packing and shipping logs for your specific type of artwork. “It helps you get to know all the good conservatives in a market,” Smith says. They have experience in navigation and restoration, which means they know how to prevent damage from a piece. “It can`t be brought back to its former glory,” Smith admits, so you have to do your best to protect your collection. These resources should be used as reference documents for reviewing the lending of media art and in conjunction with the process diagram. The forms and other documents on this website are presented only as examples and do not constitute legal advice. Before using these forms or any other form, you should contact legal counsel to ensure that the document is properly tailored to your institution`s specific concerns. In most cases, only the format of the multimedia element`s exposure is borrowed (for example. B un DVD). This is manufactured by a master who is maintained by the lender. It is important to determine whether the owner is making new exhibition format materials available or whether he has an agreement with the artist`s gallery to visit it.

It is useful to indicate in the loan terms that an additional copy of the exhibition format must be provided as part of the loan or that the borrower is expressly authorized to produce a copy of the exhibition format. It is also important to understand what it is like to make new copies during the exhibition if necessary. The loan agreement is your contract that qualifies you as the owner of the art and defines the details of the loan. Here you can sketch the dates on which you are ready for the loan of work, the place (i.e. the borrower), the title (s) and, if necessary, the specific exposure. Form, contract, short, loan, equipment, short equipment Loan Contract 5 The party that makes the terms of transport from the artwork to or from the exhibition must be for appropriate insurance coverage, as stated here. (3) If the lender chooses to maintain its own insurance, the lender`s insurance is paramount. The lender agrees to request in writing, prior to issuance, a waiver of the transfer of its insurer to the institution. If the lender does not request the waiver of the assignment, the contract is an exemption from the institution`s liability in relation to the loan. (4) The work remains the property of the institution in the exhibition for which it was loaned for the time provided by this agreement, but may be removed from the exhibition at any time by the institution. Work is only returned to the lender at the address indicated in this contract, unless the institution is informed in writing.

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