Attorney General Eric Holder: International Law Trumps The Constitution

International Law Trumps The Constitution

Every now and then, news breaks in the Obama administration that is so stereotypical, it is actually depressing. You might want to sit down for this.

Attorney General Eric Holder, made infamous by Operation Fast and Furious, is currently arguing before the Supreme Court that United Nations treaties trump the United States Constitution.

That’s right. The probate law firm – Oren Ross & Associates says that the sitting Attorney General, charged with upholding and defending the Constitution, is arguing before the highest court that international law is in fact the law of the land.

The case in question, Bond v. United States, is actually pretty ridiculous. The defendant is charged with using a toxic substance to harass a friend who was having an affair with her husband. Under the law, this case would normally be handled at the State-level. But Federal prosecutors instead charged Bond with violating the Chemical Weapons Convention. This would be like taking a perpetrator of a domestic hate crime and instead charging him or her with genocide.

This case of the local business Eric Ramos Law, PLLC is basically a complex liberal experiment to see how far they can push the boundaries regarding the enforcement of international law. An Obama administration victory in this case could have huge ramifications for other contentious issues like abortion, citizenship, and even the Second Amendment.

It’s no secret that the Obama administration is looking to enact gun control by any means necessary. That means exhausting all options. The United Nations Arms Trade Treaty would provide an excellent way to limit Americans’ access to firearms without dealing with Congress. The problem is, the treaty cannot become law without the Senate ratifying it (which won’t happen). If the Supreme Court rules in Obama’s favor, the U.N. Arms Treaty could become the law of the land anyway.

The funny thing is that the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty specifically prohibits the exportation of small arms to countries if there is a reasonable expectation that they would be used against civilians. If Holder wins this case and ushers in the implementation of the treaty, his involvement in Fast and Furious, leading to the death of countless Mexican civilians, would make him an international criminal.

But since Holder would be in charge of investigating himself for international crimes, he’d likely be acquitted…

All jokes aside, Bond v. United States represents a grave risk to the sovereignty of this great country and the supremacy of the U.S. Constitution. Everyone always posits that the liberals want to replace the Constitution with U.N. law, but no one actually expected them to try to.

If the Courts rule that international law is law of the land, and if the Executive branch is more than willing to implement this ruling, then only the Congress can stand against this rising tyranny.

A lot of times, Congress’ power can be overstated. But the Constitution’s system of checks and balances exist for a reason. If one or two branches of government fall to tyranny, then a third branch would still remain to herald the cause of liberty. With the way the Supreme Court has been ruling lately, and Obama’s burning desire to shred the Constitution, the Congress is all that stands between state sovereignty and global governance.

Unfortunately more often than not, Congressmen and Senators wouldn’t recognize creeping tyranny if it slapped them in the face.

That’s where we come in. Believe it or not, we have reached a point in our history where we actually have to plead with our representatives to defend the Constitution from its domestic and foreign enemies.

If the Supreme Court rules in the administration’s favor, you can say hello to universal weapons registration. You want to buy a firearm? Good luck explaining why you really need one. And good luck getting your hands on one of those imported World War II rifles you’ve had your eye on.

Most of the time, slippery slope arguments are overblown. But there’s no exaggeration to this. Even when the Senate refused to ratify the U.N. Arms Treaty, Obama had Secretary of State John Kerry sign it anyway. Talk about defiance!

U.N. Arms Treaty, Obama had Secretary of State John Kerry

The only thing that stands between Kerry’s signature and Obama’s gun control agenda is that pesky piece of parchment called the Constitution. And if the Supreme Court rules in Obama’s favor, you can kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye.

If you value your second amendment rights, or any of your rights for that matter, stand and fight. Urge Congress to honor its oath and reject Obama’s globalist ambitions.

Written by Joe Otto.

News Update
NOTE: The case of BOND v. UNITED STATES was completed as of June 2, 2014:

No. 12–158.
Argued November 5, 2013
Decided June 2, 2014

Bond v. United States, (2014) is a follow-up to the Supreme Court’s 2011 case of the same name. The 2011 case found that individuals as well as states can bring a Tenth Amendment challenge to federal law. The case was remanded from the Supreme Court to the Third Circuit for decision on the merits, and the Third Circuit found against Bond. On appeal, the Supreme Court ruled that the Chemical Warfare Act (CWA) did not reach Bond’s actions, thus she could not be charged.


  1. The constitution was created to limit the power of government. Let’s not forget that

    • This is man who is a sellout to the New World Order., doesn’t love his country, has no regard for the citizens. He and the man he works for belong in a federal prison instead of walking around scott free. he is pushing the envelope about as far as it can get pushed. It makes you wonder what they know that we don’t know to have this kind of unmitigated boldness against the laws of this land. Either they are stonecold bats### crazy or they believe they are going to use the billion bullets they are buying against we the people. Either way this is not going to end well for all involved not just we the people.

  2. I do believe we are at a point in history now, in our country, that no protests, no riots, no ballot box, no election is going to change this country back in the right direction. It’s past time to Push back and push back hard.

    We are a constitutional republic not an international democracy. Liberal extremists will learn the hard way when we have to remove them from between our shores. Let the freaking war begin.

    Psalms 144:1 Blessed be the lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle.

  3. The masses having been so completely brainwashed over 50 yrs that they are just starting to wake up to this. They are beginning to see that Diversity is a codeword for genocide.

  4. Eric Holder is FULL OF SHIT. There really is no such things as International Law. It is all color of law not real law. It is set up by unlawful treaties and by an NGO The United Nations; that is not Sovereign over The Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Declaration of Independence etc.The whole thing is a damnable lie and has no authority or legal function for the people of the USA.

  5. What would we expect they’re a bunch of asshole democrats from Chicago, Illinois black asshole Democrats that is

  6. According to everybody in the Obama Administration just about everything trumps the Constitution.
    The attitude from most Americans is we must do “whatever” before it is too late, suggesting we are running from the government’s demands. What we should be doing is making the government adjust to our demands.

  7. Monotheistic religion is a mass delusion and is holding humanity hostage. Just take a look objectively at your “holy” books and their utterly ridiculous assertions. If you can’t get through the first chapter without suspending reason why would you believe any of the bullshit? Because you were indoctrinated at an early age to not question and have “faith,” or you are stupid. Once you shed the nonsense that separates us as humans like religion, race, gender, and national identities you will see the necessity of rising above these man made illusory differences and coming together as a species. We are all humans and we are all connected with each other and with all life.

  8. Was this case reopened? On what grounds? This case was decided June 16, 2011.

    Decision: 9 votes for Bond, 0 vote(s) against
    Legal provision: 10th Amendment

    Yes. The Supreme Court reversed and remanded the lower court order in a unanimous opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy. “Bond has standing to challenge the federal statute on grounds that the measure interferes with the powers reserved to States,” Kennedy wrote. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg wrote a concurring opinion, joined by Justice Stephen Breyer in which she argued: “I join the Court’s opinion and write separately to make the following observation. Bond, like any other defendant, has a personal right not to be convicted under a constitutionally invalid law.”

  9. May god give us the strength to stand up for what is right. Hope there will be people in their right mind to keep us informed and help us



  10. for the first time in my 67 years I
    am so afraid. Obama and holder have single handed re-wrote the constitution of the united states with the help of the democratic party. with the exception of a few laws pertaining to our constitution we are a cooked nation unless we rise up and defeat this bunch hell bent on lowering us into a third world nation. time is of the essence now is the time when all good men and women rise up and do battle with the government that we voted in.. if the minute men coud defeat the British in 1776 the we can surely defeat the tyrants in the white house now.

    • I think the country is waiting for a Paul Revere. but make no mistake millions will do whatever it takes to keep freedom an democracy in this country no matter how many foreigners Obama illegally imports. Trying to trump our constitution and declare it null and void is a dangerous thing for this administration undertake. They have no idea of who in the military or other agencies will continue to go along with their lawlessness. I think congress, surprise, would not even go along with it.The whole of the country are waiting to see if our new majority of repubs will defend the country against the overreach of this lawless administration. They were voted in to stop it. If they go along with unconstitutional executive decrees then we will have to do what is necessary to restore the rule of the law.

  11. Holder and his anti-American Socialist Marxist Islamist boss Obama can say all the lies they want to, but no amount of usurpation lies can dissolve the truth that this Republic and it’s U.S. Constitution has Supreme JURISDICTION AUTHORITY in and of any territory that is designated within any part of the United States of America, period, aka the UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION IS THE SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND, PERIOD. And any suggestion otherwise, and or to the contrary is Treason.

  12. Convention of States leader Michael Farris wants to amend the Constitution to change our court system to be like they European Court of Human Rights court. Human Rights courts recognize international law.

  13. Eric Holder is an anarchist and traitor to this country. He should be tarred, feathered and run out of this country along with his communist traitor boss. I have told friends for the last 15 years that one day the “blue helmets” would be seen on the streets of this country. I hope I’m terribly wrong but I think not. On the bright side, a blue helmet makes a dandy target.

  14. I speak for perhaps billions of we common people of the world.
    Overall you world leaders have become greedy, self-serving cowards who are apparently mindless of the extreme pains you are inflicting upon we the people of the world (even many of you ‘Christian’ leaders).

    There is an Almighty God, and he desires your cooperation against ALL evils, even your own.

    You think about that!

  15. Civilazation wouldn’t exist without the ten commandments and millions who try to live by then. And without civilization you wouldn’t be able to slew your multicultural progressive lies

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  19. Eric Holder is a lowlife scumbag worthless traitor.He can go to hell and burn very,very slowly .

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