Before you follow Pope Francis’ command to prove yourselves worthy of him. . .

Raped and murdered by Musloid Muslim

Before you follow Pope Francis’ command to prove yourselves worthy of him by quartering a squad of Musloid (jihadist Muslim) invaders in your home, allow me to show you the TRUE face of islamic invasion and conquest.

Meet Elin Krantz. She was a young Swedish girl who fell for the kind of bullshit Pope Francis is peddling, and was a vocal proponent of “diversity” and unlimited “open immigration” of musloids into Sweden and Europe.

Elin was raped and beaten to death by a musloid invader of Sweden. Her body was dumped and concealed under rocks in a forest. This is what the Koran commands. Rape of women in conquered lands is a “reward” for fighting for the Islamic political system.



Muslim Rape

80% of rapes in Sweden are committed by musloids.

100% of rapes in Norway last year were committed by musloids.



Read more about the evil of Islam by clicking on the below website link.



  1. let the pope move them into Vatican City.

    • He was installed by a corrupt leftist “mafia” within the hierarchy of the Church. Does anyone not think it odd that Bendict (a conservative Catholic) “retired” and is still alive?

    • As a Christian, I respect the Church, but I have nothing but contempt for the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and Ministers who misuse the word of God to justify their self serving criminal actions at the expense of our citizens. If I was to give these clerics credit for knowing the facts, then their actions would be truly heinous, rather than just self serving and criminal.

  2. Shannon Johnson May

    Catholics are leaving in DROVES…That is why he gave a homily last week saying that members of the church are not to discuss their discontentedness with each other as that would be gossiping and to gossip makes you worse than a terrorist…..wth? *could it be he knows there is strength in numbers?….. He signed an agreement with Palesine (hamas, hezbolah…are supported by them so that means he just backed them too) saying the church will back them (I’m catholic and don’t recall getting any call from the Vatican asking if I backed them…I do NOT). …SO…. he won’t call TERRORISTS “TERRORISTS” BUT he will call members of his flock TERRORISTS for voicing their disapproval of what he is doing. Why is he addressing Congress…I HAVE NEWS FOR HIM, AMERICAN’S DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT~ We’ve had enough of his lets hold hands and all be the same oneness we don’t need him coming here and lecturing us from a Congressional podium about how we need no borders or to have what is essentially a New World Order….and tell us about our laws re: immigration “let them in…love them …let them in…who are we to keep them out?”…what the hell is he a Tesla song (signs)? …..Maybe if he’d stay home and concern himself with matters of the church instead of trying to carve himself a political platform on the global stage the church wouldn’t be in such disarray.

    • If you’re Catholic, as you say, doesn’t that mean you believe in the infallibility of the Pope and that he speaks for God on Earth? Doesn’t that mean then, by the tenants of your own professed faith, that you must now to go to one of the Pope’s emissaries, a priest, so that you may be forgiven your sin of blaspheming His Holiness?

      Hmmm….sounds like you are either not Catholic at all, or you’re just a CINO….

      • No! A “pope” is only infallible when it concerns the Dogma of the Church. He is still human and what he says, as himself, during the course of the day is not “infallible” there have been many popes who have said/done wrong things but not pertaining
        to the decision/ruling on the Dogma. I have idea what this “pope” said about accepting muslims into your home. BUT most definitely is NOT something i would
        recommend. The worse thing you can do is to assume that you have some understanding of Catholicism and then try to use it against Catholics. One thing i will say is that all Catholics, where upon hearing wrongful things coming from a priest or even the “pope’ pray that they are forgiven for misleading the faithful…..and pray for the conversion of all

      • Oh please! Show me where in the Bible we as Christians as supposed to allow someone to harm us at our own expense? We are taught to “turn the other cheek” that means forgive. It doesn’t say to allow people to abuse you.

        The Bible also warns us of a “false prophet.”

        • I have turned both my cheeks! and I WILL NOT TURN THEM AGAIN! I WILL Never submit to any power but God, Not Ovomit, Not Islam, Not Any man that does not speak like I was taught a respectable man talks, and he has AT LEAST the Moral Character I Have!

      • The fact that you’re attempting to lure people into your idiotic Web of circular logic confirms you do not understand Catholicism or the function of the Pontiff. In fact, you seem to lack an understanding what it means to be a Catholic

      • JESUS tells us not to call anyone father on earth (with exemption of a parent) A priest is called father,,, the pope is called holy father,, el papa

    • This pope i consider is the false prophet mentioned in the BIBLE,, this man is a Hypocrite,, How can he say the BIBLE and Quran are from the same god,,, Allah of the Quran is a deceiving god and allows Moslems to lie to advance Islam… A HOLY GOD hates liars….. John 8:33-35 says: The Children of the Devil
      …43″Why do you not understand what I am saying? It is because you cannot hear My word. 44″You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. 45″But because I speak the truth, you do not believe Me.… Allah cannot be the GOD that we believe in,, The Moslem god is different from the BIBLE GOD… Our GOD hates liars…

  3. We are letting the enemy into our country.
    Christians arm yourself.You don’t want to be a victim.
    Muslims love the unarmed and afraid.

    • “WE” are not doing anything but speaking out AGAINST this. Our president and the Democrat Party are allowing this invasion w/ the Republican hands in the pot. The American govt is doing this against the will of the American People.

      Since when does the Left give 2 hoots what the Pope says?

    • Yes Sir! Locked and Loaded! and God will Guide my Bullets!

  4. Exactly why I say organized religion is a bunch of crap, it’s nothing more than a bunch of people misinterpreting the Bible to fit their needs and to try to get sheeple to follow their agenda. WE CANNOT ALLOW THESE PEOPLE INTO OUR COUNTRY!!!! They all need to be sent back where they came from.

    • First of all, organized religion, if other then true Catholicism, is crap.

      Second, one has to be a true pope to be disobeyed. Francis is not a catholic so therefore cannot be pope. “By there fruits you will know them”.
      “wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing”.

  5. For a minute or so, when I was reading some of the comments, I forgot that I was on a Christian website.

    Anyway, whilst I agree in general about the dangers of Islam (I follow JihadWatch etc.), we do need to remember Scripture (you can look these up):

    “Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it.”

    “Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter.”

    “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.”

    “When a foreigner resides among you in your land, do not mistreat them. 34 The foreigner residing among you must be treated as your native-born.”


    I live as a Christian in a Muslim country and can inform you that many Muslims are turning to Christ here in dramatic and supernatural ways (dreams, visitations etc.). In the country I am in there is also much – shall we say, undercover activity – which is bearing fruit.

    Inviting refugees into our houses is a charitable act. Don’t shut your doors or your hearts, it might just be part of God’s plan.

    • I would like to know how many Muslims you have taken in under your roof?

    • Tell that to the close to 100,000 Christians being killed every year because of their faith, according to statistics from a Pew Research Survey and the International Society for Human Rights, a non-religious organization.

      These figures, which represent an “unprecedented,” number of death per year amount to 273 Christian killed daily, or 11 every hour, said Bishop John McAreavey, chairman of the Council for Justice and Peace.

    • Jeanette Steinhauer

      wow. finally another Christian who looks at the lost like Jesus does. I know what they are doing is horrible, but. they. are. lost. and blind. these are who we need to bring the light to and if they kill us, Jesus told us not to fear those who can kill the body. we are called to preach the gospel to everyone even if it means we must die.

      • Amen!!I also am in agreeance!Wish I could
        saY I like what you say.I don’t listen to Man I read scripture and listen to the Holy Spirit. Amen hallelujah

    • Don’t you feel like that was what Elin did and look what happened to her!!!

  6. Just a selection of people who killed in the name of your god and in Jesus.

    Bruce Lee (not the famous martial artist) murdered 26 people. The Flint Journal article says “Bible reading was his only consolations” and he quoted the bible saying “Matthew 6, verse 24 no servant can be a serve of two masters.”

    •David Berkowitz (Corbis) called the SON OF SAM, murdered more than 10 women. The newspaper said “He called himself a born again Christian” Berwid The article in the Flint Journal quotes him “I was searching the bible and soul searching and I decided God wanted me to do that.”

    •The Yorkshire Ripper “was on a divine mission and felt he had been chosen to hear the word of GOD (JESUS).” Reported the Flint Journal. He murdered 11 girls.

    •Miller a serial killer had that thing called faith, believed in Jesus. The Flint Journal article says he was always carrying the Bible.

    •Sampson Kanderayi, a mass murderer called The Ax Killer, killed more than 30 people. The newspaper reported “he did it to appease evil spirits.” He was a Christian

    •Watts, The Sunday Morning Slasher killed 11 women. This article says he did it “to eliminate evil spirits”.

    • Pol Pot… killed 2’000’000
      Hitler….. killed 12,000,000
      Sam hussein….. killed 1,500,000
      Stalin….. 40,0000,000
      Lenin…. 4,000,000
      ISIS/Al Queda/Hamas/Taliban…. 3’000’000 and counting

      NONE killed in the name of Jesus.

      • They didn’t kill them by hand but by mouth, this is not the same as the murder of Elin and do you know the religion of all of these people, last time I looked Russia is a very Christian country (for example)!

  7. I do not condone the violence that Elin suffered but the suspect was in Virginia, before moving to Sweden! And for any girl to be raped and killed on a bus home, (I myself have traveled home on the night bus).But if someone has that in them no matter there religion they will kill and the rest of use must pick up the peace’s and learn from these incidents!

  8. Don’t you all see, this planned many decades or centuries ago. It was planned by the Masons via New world order or what they are now called progressives. The devel is trying to rule this world. I am Catholic too, but I believe the pope is all part of it. Take a look, you Can- kill your unborn baby, marryou the same sex, soon kill yourself, and rampant violence of people killing other people and children as well as rampant abuse. The world is going down in a pot of sulfur. God help us.

  9. In reading all these comments about religion, especially Islam, made me realize that people don’t really know anything about anything. I was fortunate enough to be a product of both Muslim & Christianity. I attended both religious services and events with no issues and both my siblings and myself were accepted with open arms. We prayed together, ate together etc and never once did we have an issue with being from both religions. We understood the main focus of religion and that is GOD & LOVE. FYI: It’s true for those of you who “read” and “understand” that Islam and Christianity do come from the same source (Abraham: {The father of all nations as it was written} in Islam he’s addressed as Ibrahim). You can find these facts by simply reading both the Bible and the Koran. Now although what happened to the young woman in the pic above was very tragic, but we cannot use religion as the reasons for this. Islam preaches that “Allah doesn’t like evil doers, Allah doesn’t like aggressors” and clearly these people who do these kind of ungodly acts are the exact people which the Koran is speaking about. They are fanatics who have no clue about GOD. God is Love & Love is God. That’s all we have to keep in mind and in heart. Whatever is in your heart determines who you are, it doesn’t determine which ever religion you follow. As for me in my adult life, I do not follow “religion” of any kind, I just simply believe in GOD and all of our prophets who graced the earth, no matter what religion they followed. Good is good and evil is evil. Stop using religion as your catalyst for WAR.

  10. After the Islamic State abducts women raped and murdered: “I see blood everywhere, in the cities, in the neighborhoods. The desert has changed color. It is no longer golden yellow but blood red.” – This is a quote from a recent eye account, and it is now being deliberately imported into America.

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