Ben Carson on America: ‘As We Abandon God, You Can See That We’re Spiraling Downward’

Ben Carson on America

America’s Judeo-Christian values are what made this country exceptional in such a short period of time, said Dr. Ben Carson, who added that the biggest problem today, however, is that America has “abandoned God,” which is causing the United States to rapidly decline.

After speaking at the Stillwater Christian School in Kalipsell, Mont., last March, the host asked Dr. Carson, “Obviously, we have a lot of issues in the country today, from the economy, immigration, education, health care you touched on, foreign policy. So, the question is what do you think is the biggest issue we face today?”

Dr. Carson, a neurosurgeon and best selling author, said, “I think the biggest issue is that we have abandoned God. We need to bring spirituality back to this country.”

“It was our Judeo-Christian values that allowed this to be an exceptional country,” said Dr. Carson. ”It allowed us to move forward so incredibly quickly. And as we abandon God, you can see we’re spiraling down just as quickly.”

The Stillwater Christian School (SCS) opened in 1980. Its website states that the school “is thoroughly committed to the Word of God, upholding Christian principles and ideals. At the heart of the schools mission is that education must be Christ-centered and subject to the authority of God’s word. SCS is committed to offering a high academic standard that places Christ above all.”

Dr. Ben Carson Carson is the former director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, and a former professor of neurosurgery, plastic surgery, oncology, and pediatrics. He and his wife, Candy, established the Carson Scholars Fund to provide scholarships for hard-working students, “academic role models,” in grades fourth through eleventh, who also demonstrate humanitarian qualities. The program has aided more than 5,000 scholars in all 50 states.

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  1. I appreciate Dr. Carson, his stand on Go, his beliefs and what every true American and Christian believe in. We need so many like him in all our government positions. I am 81 years old and have seen the gradual demise of America over the past years. There is so much hatred, violence, immorality, and now with legal Marijuana we will have a lot of “pot heads” driving while high. Doesn’t America care about values anymore? A good example was the recent Spring Break disaster in Florida. I appreciate Hannity for bringing this to the public on his show. It is so disgusting the things that are happening in our world. And no I am not saying this just because of my age. And now with Hillary Clinton along with all her baggage seeking the Presidential office is another disaster for our country. She has never done anything of importance for the nation. What she will bring to office is lying, covering up important happenings, turning her head and ignoring important issues as she has done in her marriage with all the infidelity her husband commits – Everything about her is disastrous.

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