BRILLIANT! Watch Ted Cruz DESTROY Sierra Club President on Climate Change

Ted Cruz on Climate Change

This is excellent. Ted Cruz masterfully debates Sierra Club President, Aaron Mair, on Climate Change, asking him about the objective data that shows no significant warming trend in the last 18 years. But Mair only wanted to focus on a study that he agrees with, that says 97 percent of scientists say the earth is cooking or something and claims the science is settled and no longer up for debate. It was pathetic.

Cruz took him apart, exposing the fact that he doesn’t know what the heck he’s talking about, and then schooled a Democrat who objected.



  1. The Sierra Club has caused more damage than good. They are responsible for the 2011 flood on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. They sued the Corp of Engineers to hold water in the upper Missouri river but so they could have a spring flood but they didn’t count on snow melt and heavy rains that spring. I wish Cruz would’ve knocked Aaron Mair out. The cost of the flood was in the billions, a dead Missouri state trooper and his dog and heart aches in the millions. They even tried to buy flooded land cheap. The Sierra Club should be on the terrorist list.

  2. 70’s – global cooling, 80’s acid rain, 90’s ozone layer, 00’s global warming, 10’s climate change… Government has always been trying to create a fake crisis so they can manipulate the people to hand over more money and more freedoms to the government. Any reputable scientist, who isn’t funded by the government, will tell you that it doesn’t exist, data has been proven to be manipulated several times! THAT is why we have politicians and not scientists screaming about global warming!

  3. This guy is as corrupt as the money behind it….

  4. It has been less than 60 years since the first weather satellite was launched. I am not from NASA or NOAA, so I don’t know what instruments it had nor what it was monitoring. Prior to that, only since about 1850 has weather data been collected and centralized. I would argue that the “science” that would claim to be able to extrapolate the data from less than 60 (or even 160) years of data and suggest root cause is very sketchy for me. Just my opinion.

    That being said, as Cruz pointed out, we should worry about spending money on more critical problems that we can deal with instead of enacting more regulations and putting people out of work.

  5. Typical democrat. Deny the evidence, we say it’s happening and that is enough for gospel truth. Liberals; always want to hear facts….until you start presenting them.

  6. Wow! Cruz is impressive!

  7. Some of those same scientists from the 70’s were predicting a new ice age by the turn of the century!!!

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