Bulk Heat Supply Agreement

Any heat supply contract between you and us is attached to the rental agreement. Although the heat and electricity that your home receives from an NHD is provided as part of this heat supply agreement and not under the terms of that rental agreement, the heat and electricity that your home receives from an NHD and your obligations under the heat supply contract are fundamental to the way heat is provided to your home, so these agreements are part of this lease agreement. (i) the distribution network from the existing Trident Park ERF site to the back-up/top-up energy centre, the district heating network and the basic concept 1 connections, as well as the future development of the Phase 1a customer network; United Kingdom-Cardiff: district heating network works c) the transformation of the steam turbine into the ERF facility in Trident Park to allow heat recovery from the facility – this is what Viridor does; Our review of the agreements we received showed that although there may be individual clauses in some agreements that a typical consumer could find130 Citizens Advice-Networks: a customer perspective Case Study Report: April 2016 – March 2017131 Heat Trust First Year Annual Results.132 An important requirement for Heat Trust is that thermal energy suppliers enter into contracts with domestic and micro-economic companies through a heat supply contract. Planning and extension of the distribution network from the existing ErF site in Trident Park to the back-up energy centre and district heating network. This means that if you do not comply with your obligations under the heat supply contract, we will consider this a breach of your obligations under that lease agreement and we may ask a court to evict you from your home. (e) optimizing the operation of the facility to maximize the use of residual heat sources and minimize the heat consumption required for gas-fired boilers; After commissioning, it is proposed that the CHN provide a large number of customers in the Cardiff area in two initial phases, with the ability and intention to develop the CHN in the future, low-carbon energy.

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