Cambridge Police Collective Bargaining Agreement

“We apologize that both sentences were chosen in the original article to be interpreted as violent or hateful,” reads the apology published Saturday. “We believe that members of our association and our colleagues have built great relationships with our communities, and the last task that comes to mind would be to drive a wedge between the police and the community.” !! This is the kind of violent and threatening language that the police use to try to destroy the law that is being debated before @MA_Senate!! Bard`s new contract adds 15 months to his employment period, which would bring his time to Cambridge until Nov. 30, 2021, according to the city`s human resources director, Sheila Keady Rawson. He also adds what she called an education scholarship that “is available to all sworn police officers who meet the requirements,” Rawson said. La Poste was a call to action against the Senate bill. This includes any memoranda of understanding or similar arrangements. Please provide all additions, modifications, appendices, exhibits and other supporting documents. Bard twice refused to explain his vote on Nov. 7 at the venue of the Licensing Board hearing and defended himself by saying he called his office to make an appointment. When his office was contacted the next day for an appointment, the answer instead came from Jeremy Warnick, Director of Communications and Media at Cambridge Police, who said Bard would not answer – that the Commissioner of Police would only talk about the Licensing Committee`s issues at the Commission hearings.

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