Certificate Of Origin Form For China-Costa Rica Free Trade Agreement

Unless otherwise made in this chapter, a commodity that uses non-native materials and is produced on the territory of one or both contracting parties must meet the appropriate test of origin, such as the amendment. B of the tariff nomenclature, a regional value, a processing rule, a combination of these criteria or other requirements under Schedule 3 (specific rules of origin) for determining the original character of the products. 1. The offending party informs the complainant, before the expiry of the reasonable period of time, of any action it has taken to comply with the panel`s report and discloses information, including the entry into force and wording of the measure. 7 If the service is not provided directly by a corporation, but by other forms of commercial presence such as a branch or representation, the provider (i.e. the corporation) benefits by this presence from the treatment granted to service providers under the agreement. This treatment is extended to the existence by which the service is provided and there is no need to be extended to other parts of the provider outside the territory where the service is provided. (a) the promotion of trade in goods between the parties, including consultations on the accelerated elimination of tariffs under this agreement and, where appropriate, other issues; 4. Subject to future developments in national legislation and the outcome of negotiations in multilateral for a, the parties agree to continue discussions on the disclosure of the origin or source of genetic resources; and/or prior obligations to agree in patent filing cases; and the issuance of a patent for an invention that includes or is based on genetic resources, where those resources have been acquired or exploited, without complying with relevant national laws or regulations. 4.

Each contracting party provides that the competent authorities have the opportunity to take automatic border measures, without a formal complaint being required by the right holder. These measures apply in cases of presumption or presumption of counterfeiting or illegal manufacture of goods imported or destined for export, subject to domestic law which is in accordance with the international obligations of each party. (a) provide sufficient information to allow for a full review of the impact of the measure or other disputes on the operation of this agreement; and three. In calculating the regional value of the products covered in paragraph 1, the value of the non-native materials used by the producer in the manufacture of the commodities in the territory of the contracting party is not the value of the non-native materials used in the manufacture of native products which are then used in the manufacture of the finished products. 2. The value of non-native materials is: (j) the exchange of information on the protection and respect of intellectual property rights; (c) the investigating authority of one of the contracting parties takes into account the difficulties encountered by one or more exporters of the other party in providing the requested information and provides any practical assistance; At the request of an exporter of the other party, the investigating authority provides one of the contracting parties with the time, procedures and documents necessary for the offer of a business. 2. In the event of contradictions between this agreement and another agreement to which the parties are parties, the parties consult without delay in order to find a mutually satisfactory solution, in accordance with the usual rules of interpretation of international law.

4. In order to ensure that measures relating to certification requirements and procedures, technical standards and licensing requirements do not constitute unnecessary barriers to trade in services, each party wishes to ensure that these measures: (a) imported products are not considered original products in accordance with this chapter; b) the lowest and most predictable price paid or payable for non-native materials in the territory of the contracting party

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