Christians Need To Stop The End Of The World Talk – Believe And Help America Win

Christians need to stop the end of the world talk - Believe and help America winControllers, change agents, thieves and wanna be gods are everywhere. The real God of the Holy Bible continues to be flipped off and reinvented by corrupt politicians and power brokers, while the masses continue to be controlled and manipulated by big government gifts and false promises.

Land is being stolen and long held land rights obliterated.

We hear more and more about illegal land grabs, with the BLM vendetta displaying their family tree seemingly linked to the Gambino Crime family. We watched in horror as Oregon ranchers, the Hammonds have were led off to prison on what would be normally considered a very minor fire issue. False arrests and seeming killings of landholders is becoming more common.

Land grabs are looming up throughout America as Obama and his minions steal millions of acres, creating out of thin air ‘national park this’ and ‘wetlands protection that.’ Apparently, now there are plans to create the giant Rim of the Valley National Park near Los Angeles. New North Country Trail is threatening landowners while Obama is trying to grab all the Alaska land he can get breaking any and all promises to the citizens in that state.

Remember, attacks on our land rights and violations are not new, nor are they contained within Obama’s time as President. For over 15 years, I interviewed Chuck Cushman, Director of American Land Rights Association, on the issue of eroding land rights and UN Constitutional and illegal overreach. He and his gutsy and courageous organization have fought tooth and nail for decades sending mass mailings to members of Congress and Government agencies. They fight for the people and land rights, winning most of the time in court. They are a fierce watchdog with fangs standing up for our freedom and the people. Find out the land right battles currently being fought and what you can do to help them keep winning at It isn’t just going one-way people.

Other areas of frontal attack we are forced to live with for a time include the incompetent and dictatorial ObamaCare. At the same time we have had the ‘mind altering’ and ‘history changing’ Common Core thrust on America’s schools, plucking like cherries the minds and futures of our children. We can fix this also.

As a country, we have always had to deal with numerous and evil assaults on our gun, land, school, speech, religious and business rights. Now, it truly seems as though America is swirling down the hole into Alice in Wonderland with no hope left. Part of this is that we have instant communication at the tip of our fingers now all over the Net through social networking.

Snap out of it you doubters and fire throwers who scream about the end of America. You couldn’t be more wrong. God has and is continuing to rise up his warriors and real change agents in response to our courage, prayers and belief in him. This coming election we have a miraculous – and outside the box chance to get the direction right.

We must pray for Donald Trump and vote him in. He is no perfect angel but who is? He is a new Christian, brilliant, has a restoration plan for bringing the real America back. He plans to undo Common Core, create and build real energy independence and finally stop the hemorrhaging at our borders and much more – all good. It is time to have a President who is proud of America – not ashamed.

Get excited not depressed. Pray Psalm 91 protection over Trump and his family on a regular basis and help him win. Psalm 91 is God’s covenant of protection for those who believe. I pray it daily over Trump and my family.

There are thousands of stories of folks who have cried out for Psalm 91 protection and God interceded. Just one you may have heard of:

    The Battle of Dunkirk in WWII

    Over 330,000 allied troops were caught on beaches around Dunkirk and were sitting ducks while German fighters and bombers strafed and bombed the beaches relentlessly. There should have been a massive body count but there wasn’t. Prayer was happening all over, that is the rest of the story.

    One beach at Dunkirk of 400 men was attacked by German fighter planes but the Chaplain and several soldiers screamed out Psalm 91 protection over them as they laid exposed on the beach getting shot over and over again with no ditch to hide in. Not one soldier was hit or killed on that open beach. After the planes finally flew off the men got up and saw all the bullet holes in the sand all around them. Miracles still happen when we rely and believe in the power of God.

Corruption is everywhere and so is God, prayers, America and Donald Trump.

Written by Dr. Laurie Roth.

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