Co Counsel Agreement

At Karlin & Karlin, we are happy to work with other local lawyers if we feel that we are not the most appropriate legal team for a particular client. We want to create the best environment for other lawyers and potential clients in order to succeed, which is why we are happy to participate in fee-splitting agreements with expelling lawyers or co-counsel opportunities for certain areas of activity. Again, the role of lawyers is to act in the best interests of the client. If the lawyer finds that co-counsel is necessary to perform a particular task in the case that is in the best interest of the client, the lawyer should do their best to explain to the client why it is in the client`s best interest and how they can ultimately maximize recovery or help the case otherwise. In this scenario, it really depends on the specific facts of this case. If the lawyer involved in the case is unable to adequately defend the client`s interests without the support of a co-advisor, the lawyer should seriously consider withdrawing from the case. Overall, how clients respond to the offer to hire co-counsel really depends on the type of client, the nature of the case, and why co-counsel is needed. 2. The client agrees with the agreement, including the share that each lawyer receives, and the agreement is confirmed in writing; and the advantages of entering into a co-counsel agreement: in situations where the client has already entered into a fee agreement with Co-Counsel and our firm is consulted to assist in this case, the distribution of costs at the beginning of the case is determined according to the nature and complexity of the case and the difficulty of imposing itself in the trial, and recalled in a royalty-sharing agreement. While co-counsel agreements are usually made in the best interests of the client, there are a number of ways to respond to a client. Below, a LAWYER from DC discusses these reactions and how each lawyer should discuss a possible co-counsel agreement with their client.

You can enter into a co-counsel agreement on any type of case, whether it is medical errors, product liability, pharmaceutical claims, car accidents, including accident benefits, long-term disability rights, rental liability or communal liability. At Fried Goldberg, 95% of our cases come from other lawyers who, based on our expertise in managing catastrophic injuries and illegal deaths, have partnered with us as co-counsel, particularly in the field of truck and commercial vehicle accidents. .

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