Communist Icon Lets Cat Out of Bag on U.S. Refugees

Angela Davis

The subversive, communist professor Angela Davis was the leader of the Communist Party USA, and had close relations with the Black Panther Party through her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement. She left the Communist Party and joined the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They are tied to at least 70 members of Congress.

This is a 2004 self-description of the group:

We are people of all races and national backgrounds who are committed to the struggle for democracy and socialism. Our name is taken from the history of the U.S. revolutionary war against British colonialism. In the 1770s, Committee of Correspondence were formed in all 13 colonies and became the catalyst for united action against British oppression.”


“We, too, seek united action among all who feel the brunt of oppression in the U.S. And we believe that our Committee of Correspondence COC will, as before, be a catalyst for change.” Our members are activists in all the social movements of our country — of labor, civil rights, immigrants rights, women, peace, international solidarity, gay and lesbian rights, environment, youth and students, seniors, and religion. We have come together to help shape a clear cut alternative to the destructive, mean-spirited corporate drive for profit above all else.”


We seek constructive solutions to the problems of poverty and unemployment, racism, sexism, health, education and housing. Join us.

The group is misusing the very doctrines that guide our Republic to push the overthrow of our Republic.

She was a popular communist professor at UCLA in the 1960s and early 70s but was fired at Ronald Reagan’s urging.

She was arrested as an accessory for the August 7, 1970 kidnapping of a judge, a prosecutor, and three female jurors. The judge was killed. She provided an arsenal of weapons to Black Panthers who used them to kill the Marin County judge in a failed attempt to free Davis’ imprisoned lover, Black Panther murderer George Jackson.

Unbelievably, she was acquitted.

She is currently a tenured professor in the “History of Consciousness” program at the University of California – Santa Cruz. She is a “University Professor,” one of only seven in the entire California University system, which entitles her to a six-figure salary and a research assistant.

This income is supplemented by speaking fees ranging from $10,000 to $20,000 per appearance on college campuses, where she is an icon of radical faculty, administrators, and students. Davis has also taught at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

Besides teaching, she advises refugees in Germany on becoming the new communists in Western countries..

It’s not only the threat of terrorists and international gangs we have to worry about, it’s the communists who seek to destroy capitalism worldwide.

Refugees are invading Europe and they are not all terrorists, some are communist infiltrators.

Is it happening here?

Anything is possible. Millions have sneaked into our nation and have been planted in various cities and towns throughout the U.S. by Barack Obama. Barack is a subversive, a Marxist, he is a revolutionary with a nice tie.

We have no idea how many refugees and illegal immigrants are criminals, terrorists or communists. Chinese and Latin American communists are popping up everywhere in New York and they come with their communist ideals.

Written by Sara Noble.

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