Dave And Buster’s Restaurant Tells Veterans To Remove The Flag And Get Out

Dave and Buster’s RestaurantDegenerate liberals don’t want anyone to be allowed to express patriotism near them. This restaurant must be run by some of their snowflakes.

In Kentwood, Michigan, a Dave and Buster’s told American Legion officers they had to take off their jackets because of “gang affiliation.” The jacket had an American flag, the prisoner of war flag, and a bald eagle on it. (via Military.com) The only “gang” these gentlemen belonged to was the “veteran” gang.

Victor Murdock and Adrienne Brown, who are both American Legion Riders Post 179 had stopped at the restaurant to get some food. Instead of a meal, they were reprimanded for their show of patriotism.

A spokeswoman for the company, April Spearman, stated that the no-gang symbol policy is in place “to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy themselves in a fun and safe environment.”

The spokesperson argued that the company knows the American Legion has a positive message and mission, but they couldn’t allow the individuals to wear their jackets, just to maintain consistency.

It’s understandable that the restaurant, which largely caters to families and children, wouldn’t want any gang affiliation on the premises. But the American Legion, with American flags and bald eagles, is not a gang! If it is, We the People are officially gang members.

The restaurant tried to backpedal and apologize for the frustration for the incident, but they should have apologized for their stupidity instead.

I think the real reason why they wanted them to remove those jackets is because some liberal was offended and complained to the management. Simply put, the bald eagle and the American flag are now reason enough for leftists to throw a fit — overly sensitive morons.

It’s ridiculous, frankly, that our veterans had to deal with this. They only wanted to show their American and military pride, a pride we should all share. Telling them that they can’t show that pride is like shoving their sacrifice back in their face.

These men were clearly veterans and were looking for nothing more than a warm meal so they could get on their way… and they were embarrassed for being proud of their service to our country.

If Dave and Buster’s want to turn away our veterans, then so be it; but I will no longer be a patron of their company. Unlike they do, I have American and military pride.


  1. Thank you I sent them a “Nice” email stating I would never return to their UnAmerican restaurant chain again. How more outlandish can the insanity go?

  2. Bullets Forteeth


  3. No more Dave and Traitors for my family and friends. Shame on them!

  4. I see Christian in the name of this site, however I do not see the love of Jesus by the person who wrote this article. In the words of Jesus himself, Hypocrites!! Jesus says to love your enemies. To feed them if they are hungry and give them something to drink if they are thirsty and in doing so you will heap burning coals upon their heads. In other words boycotting and being critical is the way of the world.

  5. David Velasquez


  6. @Kevin Carpenter Tea Party and Trumpist Republicans have no connection with Christianity. They are members of a far-right fascist ideology filled with hatred and blasphemy against The Holy Spirit.

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