Expressing Agreement In Spanish

• Estás mal de la cabeza! : You`re crazy! • ¿Y eso, de dónde lo has sacado ?: Where did you hear this? • ¡Deja decir chorradas!: Stop talking about waste/waste! • Esto no tiene ni pies ni cabeza! : It makes no sense! • ¡No me vengas con historias !: Don`t give me this garbage! • ¡No digas tonterías! : Don`t talk about waste/waste! • ¡Tú estás loco/a ! : You`re crazy! • Que te crees tú eso! : We can`t believe it either! • Pero, ¿qué dices ? : But what do you say? • No sabes lo que dices! : You don`t know what you`re talking about! There are many metrics that measure the currentity of a foreign language. These include the authenticity of the pronunciation, the richness of the vocabulary and the refinement of the speech. Two out of three of them will take you far; All three together really make a difference.

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