Franklin Graham – How dare he say no to the left cramming homosexual marriage down our throats

Franklin Graham

Do you ever get the feeling that perhaps you are the one who is crazy? It would have been easy for me to feel that way back in 2008. It appeared that every black person in America was giddy with excitement about the possibility of America electing its first black president except me.

Upon reviewing his hardcore liberal associations, anti-Semitic pastor, history of bullying political opponents out of races and admitting to Joe the Plumber his plan to redistribute wealth, I saw Obama as a far left radical Democrat, Chicago thug politician. Still, from my preacher dad to my 100-year-old grandmother and everyone in between, my entire black family worshiped the ground Obama walked on. I was the odd man out — the weird one.

I find myself in a similar position today. Remarkably, famed religious leaders whom I purposely will not name are suggesting that Christians allow homosexuals to redefine God’s institution of marriage; claiming to have biblical basis for doing so. While doing interviews on Christian radio shows, I was stunned a few times by hosts who took issue with me for not embracing same sex marriage.

A few years back, I flew out to LA. A Christian youth pastor picked me up from the airport. He said his church teaches to embrace homosexuality because God is love and God does not care who we love. Have modern Bibles eliminated scriptures that list certain behaviors as sin and an abomination to God? (Leviticus 18:22)

Flipping through my TV channels this week, I saw that the Home and Garden channel ran back to back hour long programs featuring remodeling the homes of same sex couples; back to back! Even a sandwich spread commercial featured a homosexual couple. With the secular world and much of the Christian church embracing the “new normal”, it is easy for one to ponder. Am I wrong about this?

But then, invoking the same elation in me as if he wore a leotard, a cape and an “S” on his chest, Franklin Graham stood up, boldly pushing back against Wells Fargo Bank funding a commercial promoting homosexual marriage and parenting. Thanks Franklin, I knew I was not crazy.

Praise God that someone of major prominence is finally saying “no” to the Left cramming its agenda down our throats. Graham is fighting back by hitting the aggressors in their pocketbook; removing Billy Graham ministry’s hundreds of millions from Wells Fargo. Graham launched a clarion call asking Christians to boycott LGBT friendly companies.

Franklin, son of the legendary great evangelist Billy Graham wrote on Facebook: “…let’s just stop doing business with those who promote sin and stand against Almighty God’s laws and His standards. Maybe if enough of us do this, it will get their attention. Share this if you agree.”

Before I continue — will someone please explain to me why suddenly corporations, the mainstream media, broadcasters, and Christian churches are scrambling to please the LGBT community and further its agenda; the initiative trumping everything and everyone in America? Wells Fargo basically told Graham that pleasing the LGBT community is their top priority. Again, I ask why? For crying out loud, a CDC report said the LGBT community is less than 2% of the population, another reported slightly over 2%.

Imagine Buffalo Bob host of the 1950s kid’s TV program, “The Howdy Doody Show” saying, “Okay kids, it’s time for another GAY FAIRY TALE!” The kids in the live studio audience cheer, “Yeaaaaaa!!!” Today on American TV, toddlers are taught homosexuality via remakes of fairy tales. In a cartoon targeted at preschoolers, a boy rescues a prince and a princess, but chooses to marry the prince. No, I am not crazy. That just “ain’t” right!

Despite the objections of parents, Virginia public school administrators figuratively told parents, screw you, the curriculum will include gender identity.

Meanwhile, Franklin Graham, a good man of impeccable character is standing strong, is daring to inflame the full-blown wrath of the Left and mainstream media who will attempt to brand him as an overzealous conservative religious hater.

Step two in the Left’s Targeted for Destruction playbook is to stick microphones into the faces of influential conservatives and pastors; branding all who stand with Graham as fanatic nut-case haters. The Left will insidiously initiate the tactic of taking the slightest opposition to its agenda to the extreme. Graham and his supporters will be accused of being in solidarity with those who want homosexuals socially abused and physically harmed. This tried and true tactic is designed to intimidate people into backing away from Graham.

Graham has a history of pushing back against the Left’s War on Christianity. He spoke out when Obama blamed Christians for Jim Crow laws and slavery at the National Prayer Breakfast. The Left attacked Graham trying to shut down his “Operation Christmas Child” which has sent 100 million boxes of toys to poor children since 1993.

Graham’s latest insubordination daring to say no to the Left cramming homosexual marriage down our throats may have, as my late momma used to say, plucked the Left’s last nerve; moving Graham to the top of their hit list.

This is line in the sand time, folks – Christians vs. the Left’s bullying.

Exodus 32:26 – “Then Moses stood in the gate of the camp and said, “Who is on the Lord’s side? Come to me.” And all the sons of Levi gathered around him.”

My fellow Christians, I feel we face a similar pivotal moment as did the sons of Levi. Who is on the Lord’s side? Support Franklin Graham. I stand with brother Graham.

Written by Lloyd Marcus.


  1. I stand with Franklin Graham and denounce same sex marriage.
    The Bible is clear on this and as a Born Again, Blood Washed Believer, I stand firmly on the unadulterated Word of God!

  2. Marriage is not something that the participants cram down anyone else’s throat.
    No one else’s marriage affects you in any way.

    • Please see the news article, 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed at:

    • The homosexuals are already trying to force “homosexual marriage” issues on bakeries, florists, jewelers and photographers. You’re claiming that doesn’t affect me?

      • When a very small, organized portion of our population demands that we accept their desires & wishes; that these desires, wishes & now be the law of our democracy, we have lost sight of freedom in our country. My only son lives as a homosexual & he feels his sexuality triumphs everything else about who he is. Even to the point where he will only communicate with me, have a relationship me –as long as I only talk about the topics he finds acceptable — ie nothing about homosexuality, God, Jesus, religion, heaven/hell, politics, the Clintons, Bush family – I cannot say my opinion of who is running in the 2016 race, nothing. It’s a strange form of manipulation which he knows I love him very much & do not want the slender tie that binds us to be cut…so I agree by default. His father’s recent wife has a gay son that they accept as being genetic homosexual. It makes it easy for them as the new family goes with the mainstream media. But, if my son would die today, he would not be in heaven. That breaks my heart for eternity is for forever…there is no endpoint. Can you even envision anything worse for your child? He has been in the life fir 20+ yrs & he runs from God & from having a calm discussion or research. God wants no one in hell but after awhile of refusing Him, I believe he will let them go. I pray that my son will come to the end of himself in misery…. And submit to God – the only one who can help him, change him, give him the life God wants for him. I won’t argue the bible with anyone but I will encourage them to read “the case for Christ” by Lee Strobel. He was an atheist who decided to research Christ as he would anyone else for his newspaper column. After several years, everything he researched proved that not only was Christ real, had been a man on this earth, but it was proven with no doubt that God sent His son so we would have a way to be forgiven of our sins as he promised he would do upon our salvation & acceptance of his life & death on the cross.

        The bible is true. Period. I would say to the man who wrote this article that I, too, followed Obama’s campaign with much trepidation as there were too many signs that he would not be good for our country.

        When Christ was at the last supper, he told the disciples that he would send a helper to them, the Holy Spirit to guide them in their lives, to rebuke them as they walked their Christian path. He would put a light before their path & Jesus clearly wanted us to have a relationship — personal — with the Trinity, which is not passive but active in our lives. He left us this Helper. The night Obama was elected, the Holy Spirt spoke to me saying, “Danger. Danger. danger,” – this is when I realized that we were going to be in for a terrible travel with Obama in the White House. The Holy Spirit of God cannot lie, so whe he speaks to me, I listen. So should we all.

    • Everything homosexuals touch lately, has an impact on all of us and so far none of it has been good. The slippery slope we warned would happen if these debased depraved sexually pre-occupied individuals were to get their way,, is a political mud slide we already see happening with pedophiles and transgendered or surgically mutilated

  3. Jeanette Halverson

    Mr. Franklin Graam I will always & forever stand with you & GOD. You are absolutely right. I am literally Outraged for the fact that it is an ABOMINATION TO be with the same sex. It is also Against GODS LAW. I get really fed up with this so called President that our Country has, I get sick of him & the far left for the simple fact that GOD went through torture when God sent his Begotten Son JESUS CHRIST TO GO THROUGH TORTURE FOR ALL SINS. This literally makes my blood boil. It makes me so very Angry, confused because our Political officials have allowed this dictator to not only totally DISRESPECT GOD, our Country has & will always be Founded on JUDEO CHRISTIAN VALUES. But yet our so called government keeps on slapping GOD IN THE FACE EVERY TIME THEY GET A CHANCE. I will always fight tooth & nail to keep GOD IN all of GODS COUNTRIES. What is really upsetting is the fact that you have organizations like cbn or tbn who you go to for help concerning a medical problem & they refuse to help you. What I see is a whole lot of hypocrites. I truly do love FATHER WITH ALL OF MY HEART & SOUL. I am truly thankful for JESUS CHRIST, I DONT REGRET ASKING GOD TO COME INTO MY LIFE. My life has been so TRULY BLESSED BECAUSE OF GOD. Thank you for all of the GREAT & BEAUTIFUL WORK YOU DO FOR CHRIST.

  4. I agree with Darlene. Having equal marriage rights does not affect you or your marriage in any way. The 14th amendment to the US Constitution guarantees it. If you don’t like gay marriage, don’t get gay married. It is not your right to impose your particular religious beliefs on the rest of us..even if are in the majority. Which you are no longer.

    The nation has always been secular, in spite of folks like you that want to impose a theocracy. The founders set it up that way. Jefferson, Madison, and Monroe had no great love for religionists, especially Dominionists

    • Please see the news article, Why “Gay Marriage” is Wrong at:

      You are incorrect about the Fourteenth Amendment, for it addresses many aspects of citizenship and the rights of citizens, and none of which has anything to do with gay marriage. The most commonly used — and frequently litigated — phrase in the amendment is “equal protection of the laws”, which figures prominently in a wide variety of landmark cases, including Brown v. Board of Education (racial discrimination), Roe v. Wade (reproductive rights), Bush v. Gore (election recounts), Reed v. Reed (gender discrimination), and University of California v. Bakke (racial quotas in education).

      Furthermore, we are not a theocracy. We are not a Christian nation in the way an Islamic State can call itself a Muslim Nation. Christianity is not the established church, nor should be. Being a Christian is not a requirement to be an elected official, and adherence to the Word of God (Holy Bible) is not necessary in order for a person to retain their citizenship. We are not a theocracy, and for the most part, Christians have never called for our country to be one. An oligarchy where a few powerful people control the many is not in line with the principles of freedom, regardless of what kind of oligarchy it may be.

    • Well, darlene is wrong. The homosexuals are already trying to force “homosexual marriage” issues on bakeries, florists, jewelers and photographers. That affect me and normal people like me.

    • Doug, bless your heart, but changing God’s word because a few want to manipulate the masses & destroy others livelihood because they are Not tolerate of Christians …. Speaks of the coldness & intolerance in the hearts of many homosexuals. If the situation were reversed, do you believe a Muslim who has vowed to cut off your head (and mine) because we do not agree with their ideology, is fair or right…& be the first to volunteer to give them that right? If you take away my Christian beliefs because of a homosexual ideologies, then what makes you more tolerant? Trust me, Christians & homosexuals will be at the top of their intolerance for Americans. Surely you know there are mosques & ISIS in every state in America. Once Israel is ravaged, we are next & will be standing side by side as you did with the Jews, the homosexuals, the unacceptable people, etc. study history, for it is repeating itself on the war will be throughout the world, including America. Look at the bigger picture because you will be caught up in it & you see the battle you are fighting Christians will pale in comparison to what IS going to happen. Be wise.

  5. tammy lou brown

    Marriage is between man and woman same sex marriage is an abomination to God I support Franklin Graham on this Lev 18:22 and Romans 1:18-32

  6. To Darlene and Doug Carson; you are missing the point. It is not JUST about gay marriage. It is the oppressive daily onslaught of the seeming mandate to accept their way of thinking and lifestyle. The way that they are trying to mandate kids learn about and accept the lifestyles and gender reassignment. It’s not happening to me; I’m w/Brother Graham. and that is just the LBFG (or whatever it is) topic. There are at least 20 other topics that could be discussed about this liberal way of thinking being forced onto everyone else. I’ve observed that those who demand understanding and tolerance from others, are the last ones to give it.

  7. My comment is this How can we a believers expect a God who loves us go against His own word. He will not ever do that. He wants a people who will stand for truth. The watered down Bibles as well as the watered down gospel from our Bibles has corrupted our Nation. God is calling “a people”out of a people today. Warriors for Christ. Wimp time has come to a end. I believe xGods word and I stand with you today.

  8. I stand with Rev. Franklin Graham. GOD in His Word Lev 18:22 and Romans 1:18-32 I have been so very Blessed over these many years. I have been washed in the Blood Of JESUS CHRIST, my Sins Have been Cast Out as far as the EAST Is From The WEST. Label me a Raciest if you please. I will never Recognize Same Sex Marriage.

    • pastor Edwin k owusu

      has animals now become sensible than human? i think true Christians has been quite for long, is time we rise to speak some sense into the heads of those human that have decieded to put on animals nature.God have mercy

  9. I am thankful for all who take a biblical stand on this issue of gay marriage. Actually there is no such as a marriage between two females or two males. You may legalize it and justify it but it is still not a marriage. In God’s eyes it is an abomination. He loves the sinners, but not their sins.

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