From Where Do Wars And Strife Come… a Christian view. Wars And Strife

Al Mubarraz The exploitation of the poor and their wages must stop… International Corporations must not use their wealth, power and positions, to yoke the poor with slave wages. America must not permit unrestrained trade with corporations, that exploit the disparities in world markets: wages, environmental, health, safety and labor standards, must be uniform within the world’s economic system.

An equal scale and just measure… must become the standard for commercial and private exchange. No one must be permitted to engage in privileged trade, by right of their position and power, to exploit the less fortunate. Greed and avarice must not drive capital markets: income must be earned thru innovation, the genuine product of one’s labor or intellectual effort, not at the expense of others.

Capital and Labor… must each contribute to the end product and receive according to their efforts, not out of a leveraged position or raw power. The concept that one should be permitted to exploit markets, because they can, must end. Ethics and moral standards for a reasonable and responsible return on investment and wage, must replace greed and avarice. We must not muzzle the Ox or reap where we have not sown: A day’s wage for a day’s labor and an equal scale and measure, must become the standard for commercial and private exchanges.

The idea that a little greed never hurt is an oxymoron… there is no such thing as a LITTLE greed. All forms of greed must be replaced by just transactions. Transactions where both parties are satisfied and receive an equal measure in the exchange. The idea that one is smarter or a better trader, justifies the exploitation of those gifts and talents, in pursuit of a greater reward, must be replaced by ethical standards for all exchanges. Too, do that we must create law, establish standards for education and ethics, that support the creation of moral commerce: Feudal and Socialist dogma must be replaced by a balanced approach to commercial and private markets.

The distribution of wealth… must reflect the value of one’s personal contribution to society. It must not be leveraged by one’s position or created by privilege or raw power, in the market place. Those with much, must become responsible in the use of their wealth. They must not seek to disadvantage others out of greed or avarice. The accumulation of vast wealth and power must not be the primary motive behind commerce. A grander vision of the Judeo/Christian ethic, must replace the worldly concepts of capitalism and socialism as they exist. (And every variation thereof).

Godly commerce… or the moral exchange of goods and services, must be guided by a just measure and equal scale. A system of weights and balances (ethical standards) that are inculcated in our culture, thru education and the introduction of Godly commercial standards, must be forth coming, if we are to end the divisiveness within mankind. Wars and strife are often the product of immoral trade and economic oppression.

St. James put it this way… From whence come wars and fighting’s among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust , and have not: Ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts…” (James 4:1-3)

Basically, man struggles upon the earth seeking more than he has… desiring to achieve and advantage over others. Cain slew able over such desire and its been down hill ever since. Man lusts and has not, he desires to have and cannot obtain, this leads to war too the defrauding ones brother and neighbors. We must learn to overcome the darker angels of our soul, that cause us to lust after that which we have not earned. We must end the desire to reap where we have not sown, and too deny the OX his due or the merchant his reward. We must die to self and become more like Christ.

Until we acknowledge the underlying greed… the lusts of the flesh, the struggle to have that which we cannot obtain, thru our own labor and capital endeavors, there will be no peace in the Earth. Mankind will war against his brother and neighbor, seeking to TAKE that which is not his, out of the lust for that which others have. We must find a way to overcome that lust; too, live in peace with all men as much as possible. That way, is the way of Jesus Christ, the Word of God made flesh. If mankind will eat of His Flesh and drink of His Blood (to become as Christ), the living Word of God. Then, man may become part of His Divine Body; freed form the lust of the flesh, a new creation. .. able to live with all men in peace.

However, world peace in our time is not likely to occur… given the greed and avarice loose in this world. Today, the heart of mankind is driven by lust… those who have not, kill but are never satisfied; because man is consumed by lust, he wants more than he can obtain. It is in this lost state that man is doomed to consume his brother and eventually all of mankind.

Written by Ronald A. Nelson Col. USA (Ret)


  1. The next world war is coming, for the people allow it to happen over and over again.

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