Guidelines For Church Involvement In Political Issues

Guidelines For Church Involvement In Political Issues

1. Efforts should be made to help parishioners understand and accept the importance of their involvement in the political process by participation in all elections (primary and general, local and national).

2. The Church, through its leadership, has not only a right but an obligation to speak to the moral dimension of political issues.

3. The Church’s primary responsibility in the political arena is one of being educated — of being aware of the moral implications of political issues. The leadership of the Church has an obligation to provide guidance concerning the rightness and wrongness, good or evil of any specific issue.

4. The Church needs to engage in political activity in fulfilling this responsibility to provide moral guidance on political issues. Consequently, Church leadership (including officials, or offices, pastors, deacons, employees, councils, etc.):

a.) should educate themselves and endorse patriotic political parties and candidates;

b.) should make available the use of church facilities to political parties and candidates;

c.) should authorize the distribution of political material on church property;

d.) should use church publications, inserts or attachments thereto (Sunday bulletins, etc.) to support, promote, and endorse party or candidates.

5. Voter education facilities should be made available, if a fair cross section of candidates is invited to participate in a debate or forum at which a variety of issues is discussed without any biased limitation of topics. If the program includes a question and answer period, each candidate should be given the opportunity to answer questions. Bias should not be exhibited by using rehearsed questions to entrap certain candidates.

6. A Christian’s social concern should extend to the entire spectrum of social issues. While some concerns may be weightier than others, citizens should nevertheless be encouraged to inform themselves of a candidate’s stand on all issues before making a final judgment. It would be a disservice to encourage citizens to take an overly simplistic “single issue” approach.

7. The effectiveness of these guidelines demands that they be impartially applied to all candidates or parties, whether an individual candidate or party supports the Church’s position on a specific issue or not. If effective moral leadership has been provided on the issues, the choice of candidates can confidently be left to each individual.

8. These political guidelines also apply to the church web site.

Pastor Dan Fisher – Bringing Back the Black Robed Regiment

Challenge all your friends who are pastors, ministers and preachers to watch this. This is an eye opener.

God made government, and if you care about the future, love God, family and this country . . . then it’s time to speak out about it. Pass this on to your pastors, ministers and preachers, for it’s time for another great awakening.

Thank you, and God bless our Republic of the United States of America.

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