Has God Abandoned US?

God Abandoned Us

This question is backwards, yet this assumption has been expressed frequently by Christians.

What should be asked is whether the United States has abandoned God. There are some out there who have reached this conclusion, but the true consequence of rejecting the motto, “In God We Trust,” is what this nation and perhaps, we personally, are now experiencing.

Scripture tells us that the Lord will never leave or forsake believers (Hebrews 13:5-6). He will not deny those who trust and have faith in Him. Keeping this in mind, individuals should examine what they truly believe. Are we operating on trust? For when we are walking with the Lord, trusting His spirit to overrule our corporeal being and emotions, then His desires for us, given to us, are fulfilled (Psalm 37:4-5).

Caving to the intimidation of loud, irate voices of jealous minorities is a double-minded stance (James 1:6-81). It is indecision to accede to media’s expectation that Christians will suffer retribution, and to ignore the denigration of Christian beliefs in an attempt to validate their own. Unwillingness to be stalwart for God and placing all faith in Him creates double-mindedness which wavering means inadvertently fending for oneself.

It is the waffling, fearful individual who is abandoning God, not the other way around. Simply put, God can’t help those who doubt His ability. They are more cowed by the vociferous scoffers than they are reliant on God.

What would happen if there were a blackout and you’re holding a flashlight that you assume doesn’t work. You don’t even try to flick the switch because you’ve already capitulated to the idea that the battery’s dead. Having no faith that light would fill the room if it were turned on, you resign yourself to sit in the dark. The flashlight can’t work if you believe it won’t work and don’t give it a chance to work. You’ve heard this before.

In the same way, God cannot sustain this nation if we have no real faith that He can, because we submit to the overbearing noise of unbelievers, giving in to looming disaster. Proverbs 11:11 puts in context the cacophonous disruption of our society: “By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.” The riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and rewriting history by burying the Confederate flag exemplify the downfall of the “city,” in effect, our nation. If we are frightened by the words of unbelievers (which includes those who don’t believe in America’s long-established values), it’s tantamount to tying God’s hands. It is the reason why Jesus said we should be either hot or cold, being lukewarm is unpalatable (Rev. 3:16). He can’t help anyone who doesn’t fully trust Him.

The simple truth is that one must have faith in order for faith to be fulfilled, and wavering faith equates to having none at all. This is why the one unforgivable sin is that of unbelief. If a person does not believe in God’s power or existence, that person can’t very well expect Him to do anything for him, let alone save this nation.

It is time to brandish our faith like a sword that will cut through lies and deceit, just as He said His Word would do. If we are willing to faithfully profess why and how this nation was established, as did the founders, giving glory to the one who laid down His life for us that we may experience the freedom he made available in this world, then He can work. Rather than think we can accomplish anything by ourselves, we must rest in Him. Otherwise God is obliged to let us continue to struggle under our own efforts. Either He is able or He is not, but He can only help us if we have faith that he can help us.

Like the flashlight, if we believe the light source is inoperative, we’re doomed to grope for direction hidden in the blackness. Plainly, we also cannot be a light in the world if we don’t believe His light is working to shine through us. The question then becomes, will we let the light shine or are we content to acquiesce to the dark?

    James 1:6 – But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

    James 1:7 – For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

    James 1:8 – A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

Written by A. Dru Kristenev.

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  1. Wow I 100% agree with this, I was not raised by a church going family, Many of us suffered abuse by a tyrant when we were young, A lot of separation by siblings and abuse. I was the one that was inwardly a Christian yet felt I had to hide it, The family was wrecked by not having a faith with the moral codes and teachings within the Bible and it would have made my teenage years 1000% better.

    Many are still blaming each-other want to be better than the other, I see this on a GRAND scale with Atheist the battle to outwit each other, And yet they do not see their Grand kids might choose a faith? Do they really want them to choose to be Satanist because they made some assumption that NO faith was better?

    Your NOT avoiding bad things by being and Atheist, Your avoiding looking like a NUT and avoiding picking a side and avoiding some of you not all rules of humanity.

    Well your not a NUT to pay attention to things that make one healthy and make one sick on labels on your food are you? So why would you do not even bother to learn what makes one healthy or sick in the spirit then? We do not need to be fanatics or crazy bible swingers to have some faith – But use common sense people really.

    Plus many things I have personal experience in, and can tell eveyone right now it is not race doing us in, It is not money doing us in, It is corrupt Government games and people who rather do wrong than right more than everything, I know because i lived on many sides of the fence, Rich, Poor, you name it I pretty much have been there.

    Human nature is flawed it really is in general. It is OKAY to have separate likes and even live with your own race, But to spread hate? that can only create more hate.

    Hate is a wheel that cannot stop, no revenge is ever enough to please or satisfy the thirst of hatred, and only love and mercy ever stops the hatred from growing that is the FIRE of hell, feeling hatred do you not know what the FIRE is? The fire is hate and you will live in your own fire, Each others hate filled fire!!

    No matter who you are, teach your kids to be better then what you knew, NOT less than what you knew or had in your lifetime, Look at the BIGGER picture once in a while, if you do you will see something at work bigger than all of us combined and there is a message in this to stop the craziness going on all over stop it before we cannot do that please.

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