Here’s What Hitler Learned From The Democrats – It’s Horrifying

Here’s What Hitler Learned From The DemocratsOver the last century, the Left has infiltrated the institutions that shape public opinion–education, the media, and Hollywood. They’ve used these institutions to rewrite history, burying their sinister past beneath propaganda.

The big lie the Left is intent on hiding, according to Dinesh D’Souza, is that Hitler learned his most potent strategies–strategies that resulted in horrific events–from the Democrat Party of the United States. It was from the Democrats that Hitler learned how to create a progressive racial state. The Democrat legacy is one of racism, oppression, and violence!

Ever since the close of WWII, the Left has worked tirelessly to cover-up the true nature of Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, and Europe’s fascist movements. Their goal has been to paint all those tyrants as Right-wing villains–and make the Progressives out to be the good guys.

But factual history tells another story. First off, all the dictatorial systems that made up the Axis Powers, including Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists, were Progressives. Their ideologies were deeply rooted in Leftist Socialism.

Mussolini was a die-hard Marxist. He saw Fascism as the perfect way of implementing Socialism in Italy. And Hitler’s commitment to Socialism was undoubted. He even went so far as to change the name of the German Workers Party to the National Socialist German Workers Party.

But the connection between Hitler and the Democrat Party goes beyond a shared political philosophy. He directly lifted many of his signature policies from America’s Democrat Party. If Hitler had lived in the US, he would have been a Democrat!

First, Hitler was inspired by Jacksonian Democrats’ harsh treatment of Native Americans. He observed the way Democrats forced Indians off their lands and used this to plan out the forced removal of Eastern Europeans, who would then be replaced by the German people.

Hitler acknowledged the Democrat South as inspiration for his ideas for creating a racial state. Democrat policies like the Black Codes and Jim Crow laws provided the precedent for Hitler’s anti-Semitic laws. The parallels are frightening!

Nazi Germany even copied the Democrats’ methods for keeping their society “racially pure.” That includes Southern laws prohibiting interracial marriage. Interestingly, the Democrats’ “one drop rule”–under which anyone with even a drop of African American blood was ineligible to marry a white person–was considered too extreme by the Nazis.

The Nazis performed racial cleansing using the methods of American Democrats. They implemented the sterilization championed by American Progressives like Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger. And the mass executions carried out by the Nazis were praised by American Leftist eugenicists like Harry Laughlin, whose ideas influenced the President Woodrow Wilson administration. Wilson was a Progressive.

Everything about Nazi Germany was Leftist. There was nothing Right-wing or conservative about Hitler’s statism. Unfortunately, the Left has successfully associated Nazi Germany with the American Right for generations.

It’s up to real Americans to set the record straight whenever brain-dead liberals accuse President Trump of being “fascist” or a “Nazi.” Young people won’t learn the truth is schools. Get the truth out there–and Democrats will forever lose elections.


  1. I have been going through the Social Experiment for close to 20 years, dealt with many people who have come in, and have found that the ones on the right-far right, especially- were the ones who had mercy, while those on the left had hearts of stone. True!
    I will speak to you if you want me to.

  2. this is bullsnot. the democrat party from hitler’s era was NOTHING like it is today. stop trying to pretend hitler learned from them and admit the democrat party learned from HITLER. the current democrat party is more like the third reich than you will admit.

    • No, the Democrat party today is exactly what they used to be like in Hitler’s time. The difference is with the knowledge that racism against blacks was going out of style, they switched their tune, now are every bit as racist towards whites, unless they are leaders, as they were towards blacks years ago.

      • Raphael Muscarelle

        Well they created welfare from workfare in order to segregate the blacks and create there income from section 8 housing. Inspired by the nazi ghettos. Where do you think the illegals will live?
        Demorats are exactly the same.
        The liberals are just usfull idiots!
        The Demorats have controlled the schools since begining of america.

  3. Re the social experiment- I was told that there is a schism within one powerful group of people here who I believe created and keep going this sacrifice. Other groups have joined it, all expressing their own hatred, but that it is essentially the “pet project” of the first group.
    In this group, I am told, the elites are secretly selling out the lesser members for the promise of survival for themselves.
    One woman, who is heartless and without mercy, is a special problem, threatening to hurt people to force me into subjugation.

  4. Shelley Leibowicz

    Who went to war to keep their slaves? Democrats
    Who formed the KKK and Jim Crow laws?
    Democrats-Robert Byrd anyone?
    Who got the US out of Vietnam?
    NOT the Democrats! They wouldn’t let go.
    Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger- who thought abortion was great idea to get rid of blacks- was supported by whom?
    Who sold Uranium to Russia?
    Who supported Islamist groups trying to erase Israel?
    Ding Ding Ding!!! You win again!
    The Democrats
    Too tired to play anymore
    Better luck next time

    • Those southern democrats who were pro slavery, kkk, jim crow were conservatives, not liberal democrats. it was always a region, the South. Ask any true southerner, and they will tell you their ancestors were always conservatives.

      • The Civil War was not just about slavery it was about economics, and the way of life in the south as well. True the South at that time was very religious, conservative as was the North. Southerners could not operate elaborate plantations without the slaves or maintain their economy. Slavery issue came to the forefront and ignited the war. The states to the north were very much Republican and sought to make freemen of slaves. After the war Democrats began to bring about a change to the way things worked in the south to benefit the whites and keep the blacks uneducated, poor and in servitude. Over many, many years Democrats have slowly morphed into a Progressive, (Socialistic) party that wants to put everyone in servitude to the Government. Governing and the Government is their god and everyone should bow to it. They have learned well as to how do this by studying the history of Russia, Germany, and other countries that have subjected their citizens to tyranny, with the promise of utopia. They will do it by any means necessary even to overthrowing a duly elected President of the United States.

  5. Hitler actually criticized both left and right wings of the 1920’s, he was against marxism, persecuted gays, and Jews.
    And Nazis today in the U.S. support trump, they hate immigrants, muslims, and LGBT as much as many of the GOP fan base do.
    To say that hitler would be a liberal is a joke. Such a sad piece of article to read.

    • You’re wrong, Joe. Neo Nazis actually support the Democrats more than GOP.

      Republicans/GOP, like President Trump, are NOT anti-immigrant, but are for ‘LEGAL immigration’ as was done at Ellis Island and Port of Philadelphia.

      If Hitler were alive today, he would lean more toward that ‘socialist Left’ since that is the direction that certain registered Democrats have taken the D Party.

      This is the primary reason why I had no other choice than to leave it — and I was ‘Kennedy Era’ Democrat. There are a few other reasons, but not going into that right now.

      I hope that you’ve re-thought your position on this and other matters.

  6. Joe we don’t hate Immigrants just don’t want people who come here illegally. We don’t hate Muslims, just don’t want Muslim extremist who want to kill us all because they disagree with our way of life. We don’t hate the LGBT community we are just tired of their radical repetitious rhetoric.
    To hate is not our Sword to Swing. God loves us all and gave up his only son for our sins, for all men to come to him for our salvation and everlasting life. Jesus loves us all and but may not like what we do. It not for us to sit in judgement on others for what they do. Trump and many thousands of his supporters feel the same.

  7. yeah Trump did/ maybe still does have millions of supporters, although many people who did vote for him now regret doing so based on his record low compared to other president’s approval ratings… heck he only lost the popular vote by almost 3 million Americans. Maybe he can get re-elected if he is the only republican candidate running against a divided democratic party and maybe having a third party candidate take away too many votes from his main opponent–but I highly doubt he will win the popular vote when he runs again–

  8. Please research Adolf hitler everyone
    And no I don’t support this guy.
    You have to wonder WHY Hitler was against the world order.

  9. Biden is also a pathetic incest whore moger as his granddaughter

  10. The Bidens soled us out to the Chinese for 13 million dollars and he is still taking money

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