Hold onto your faith and belief for dear life


Hold onto your faith and belief for dear lifeThe most destructive, finish-them-off style damage coming from the deadly arsenal of President Barack Obama is his persistence to ‘disappear’ steadfast belief in God and in anything good.

As far as Obama is concerned the notion of Good vs Evil is just another conspiracy theory.

This is a Messiah who covets everyone’s belief in the Creator, and also their belief in the inherent goodness of America that was always there and even in the tumult he deliberately dishes out from the Oval Office is—infuriatingly to him—still very much there.

Like Lucifer, to whom his main mentor Saul Alinsky dedicated his Rules for Radicals, Obama mimics the Prince of Darkness in getting by pretending not to be there in the first place.

With even more cunning than Machiavelli’s to spare, Obama always stops one tantalizing step short from being called out as the would-be destructor of western civilization. As the über Artful Dodger of the Blame Game, it takes more than Google glasses to see through him.

Surely, the most transparent way to see clearly through Obama’s agenda is his step-by-step plan for the U.S. military and police.

Statistics prove that Americans have always shared an enormous love and respect for their troops.

So, fully Alinsky-trained in the intricate art of demoralization, Obama has been merely taking them away. People couldn’t help but recognize that America’s status as a super power is fast fading on the international scene, but are less likely to recognize that the brass of the military has incrementally been replaced by Obama ‘yes men’.

In other words, the U.S. military, no longer the U.S. military, is now Obama’s private army, the one he boasted he would build back in 2008.

The police were so much easier to hollow out with a mainstream media routinely portraying the Blue Line as racist. The political games being played out on the police are easy to maintain when Obama can use long time stalwarts to do his will while he remains hidden behind the front lines. Think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rowlings-Blake and Baltimore city’s State Attorney Marilyn Mosby.

Yet resistance is never futile, even though that’s the narrative progressives are using and sticking to.

People with no belief and no values are so much putty in the hands of opportunistic, agenda-driven politicians, whose empty promises feed the hope of the masses, just as government handouts, like food stamps, keep their bellies fed.

What to do about staying motivated in Obama Land?

Stay as determined at stoking the fire of your faith and belief as you are in stockpiling food against coming chaos, and do whatever you can to kindle the fire of God love in your family.

Comments from Internet readers indicate people in the fight to rescue America only six years ago, are giving up in droves.

It’s easy to want to give up when Obama and the progressives are spending America’s assets and resources as though they were personally theirs to squander.

But giving up is exactly what the progressives need from the masses. Their egos refuse to believe that the unwashed masses don’t know that giving up on love of God, family and country is a one-way ticket to Big Government slavery.

With dozens of daily diversions sent out from the administration squatting on the White House, it’s getting harder to see the forest for the trees.

With no beliefs and no values among the test-tube masses, the mainstream media enabling the progressives would have you believe that the entire world is now ‘trans-jennered’ with a long ago Olympic gold medal winner recycled as a sensation with a plastic surgery perfected call-girl image as its leader; that little 3-year-old boys somehow intuit that they should be little girls; that marriage is no longer between one man and one woman.

Obama and his power trippers are offering a utopia, one that is just as impossible to create as the entertainment industry to create Bruce Jenner the woman.

The Lib-Left is offering a misnamed brave new world utopia where some animals will be far more equal than others.

The Creator is offering Eternal Life through your own salvation.

Which one’s for you is still strictly your choice.

Hold onto your belief and faith for dear life. After six years of Marxist rule from the White House, It’s really all you’ve got left.

Written by Judi McLeod.

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  1. The world knows Obama is a shit bag commie, just being politically correct.

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