Israel must explode a nuclear device

Israel must explode a nuclear bomb device

President Obama has set the clock back to 1949, when Stalin exploded his first nuclear bomb. That meant there were two opposing nations in the world with nuclear weapons. The United States and the USSR exploded series of test bombs, later on underground, to demonstrate their seriousness and military preparedness. Coming right out of WW2, they understood the logic of raw power.

When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. The same principle applies to nuclear weapons. When only North Korea and the sadistic theocracy of Iran have nukes, sane nations must show their willingness to use overwhelming power.

Charles de Gaulle built an independent French nuclear deterrent because he would not trust the United States to protect France. In the long term he was right. Obama has broken faith with all our allies, and Putin is pressing his advantage. He has the nukes, and the Ukraine was talked into giving up its nuclear weapons.

Obama has made the word inestimably more dangerous and brutal, because he is dangerous and brutal himself.

The rational response of sane nations is to get serious about nuclear weapons again — as a last resort, but a real one. I believe that Japan is building a nuclear weapon today, because it can no longer trust American security guarantees. Australia is just as capable, and so are South Korea and Taiwan.

The Iranians are chess players, and they have surrounded Israel and the Sunni nations of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan step by brutal step. The Iranian Crescent now controls half of Iraq, the regime in Syria, Lebanon through Hezb’allah, and Yemen. In response, the Sunni Arabs have formed a military alliance, which is working with Israel in secret.

But conventional military alliances cannot prevail without nuclear weapons. Saudi Arabia is now clearly going to obtain nukes from Pakistan.

Israel is believed to have nuclear weapons, but it must demonstrate a willingness to use them. North Korea has done that by underground explosions, that are always called “fizzles” in the mendacious Western media. They are not.

Clare Lopez, the heroic former CIA officer, believes that Iran already has nuclear weapons, in collusion with North Korea. Some of those North Korean “fizzles” may be Iranian “fizzles.” When Iran wants to show its nuclear power it will explode a real bomb.

Israel has been completely betrayed, not just by Obama, who has led the charge, but by the P5 +1 powers, who are all too ready to surrender Israel against a genocidal enemy, just as they surrendered Czechoslovakia and Poland to Hitler.

Israel and other nations threatened by the Nazi-like Iranians — who are constantly shouting Death to America! Death to Israel! — must demonstrate their seriousness. The correlation of forces is such that Israel cannot do it by conventional arms.

An underground nuclear warning explosion is therefore the logical move. When India and Pakistan developed nuclear weapons in the 1970s, both sides exploded their weapons underground. That established the balance of forces, and Pakistan’s Muslim regime has not gone to war — although it sponsors jihadist terrorists against India.

An Israeli nuclear explosion will unleash rage by the mad dogs of the Left and Islamic fascism in Europe. But the only answer to a nuke is another nuke. The proof is Europe’s failure to respond to Putin’s conquest of Crimea and his salami tactics against Georgia and the Ukraine. Putin’s thuggery has now been encouraged and it’s anybody’s guess how far it will go.

Iran is as close to Hitler’s Nazis as we’ve seen since World War 2. They are frantically genocidal in their talk, and with overwhelming military power, they will be genocidal in fact. It is already happening with ISIS and its ethnic genocides wherever it takes over. When it comes to Koranic war theology, ISIS and Iran are the same.

Israel is not inclined to do rash and reckless things. It will think through the consequences. But it must respond to the outright betrayal of Obama’s United States and the West, and the response must be dramatic to stop the hemorrhage in its alliances.

Obama has betrayed civilized nations to nuclear rogues, with malice aforethought.

Civilized nations now have no choice but to respond effectively.

Written by James Lewis,

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