It is time for another American Revolution to Overthrow Oppressors

American Revolution to overthrow oppressors

The US Supreme Court ruling against the understanding for millennia that marriage can naturally only be the union of one man and one woman, although expected, is nevertheless a shocker. It is a shocker because of what we now understand are grave implications of the decision.

The concept of law is now further in shambles. It is ridiculed, gutted, and trashed by these judges who consider themselves to be a unilaterally declared new power over the American people.

They have made it very clear that they are an enemy of the American Republic and its original declarations and ideals.

Allan Parker, president of the Justice Foundation stated, “The Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage shows written law is meaningless today in the United States.”

The decision affirms once again, as have a growing number of activist court decisions, that reason must not be allowed to overrule the particular biases and desires of a majority of the justices and those urging them to be as creative as necessary to arrive at demanded outcomes.

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, stated that what the majority of the court “has done is simply invent a constitutional right to same-sex ‘marriage’ out of thin air.”

The decision is also seen as only the beginning of a next stage of efforts to radically change American society by forcing citizens, using this legal decision, to comply with the new social order.

Brown says the rogue justices “have put in the crosshairs for persecution every American and group that believes in the truth of marriage.” “Indeed”, he says,

Justice Roberts noted that “ominously” the majority of the Court has not spoken to the right of people to exercise dissent from support for same-sex ‘marriage.’ Justices Scalia, Alito and Thomas all worry aloud – rightly so – that it will not be long before cases will be brought involving punishment of people and groups by the government for not agreeing to go along with the new orthodoxy of marriage.

Brown further warns,

Already a top Obama lawyer has hinted that Christian schools and other nonprofit and charitable groups that refuse to go along might lose their tax exempt status. But it won’t stop there. Soon, any lever of power the government can wield will be used to force compliance – whether that be the tax code, revocation of government contracts, new provisions in employment law, denial of access to services and benefits, etc. – whatever the federal government has at its disposal to force individuals and organizations to comply will be utilized.

Perhaps now many more Americans, especially the youth of the nation, will begin to comprehend that this same-sex “marriage” push is not at all what it has been presented to be. It is not about “equality”, “justice,” or preventing “hate.” It is instead revealing itself as a tool to destroy the concept of America and all the freedoms and strengths of the original Republic.

Quite frankly, the United States, with this decision may have entered into a new kind of civil war. Not a violent one, at least not yet by the opponents of America in America, but a brutal, destructive one nevertheless.

Written by Steve Jalsevac.


  1. Kathleen Houston

    This is why I support Governor Rick Perry for 2016. Strong Christian and family values and WILL not bend on his faith for Christ. His leadership is what we need. Fourteen years as governor of Texas is a proven track record of strength and faith. His stance for LIFE is Texas and marriage is well known. We must vote for leaders that support AND professs their Christian faith and values.

  2. Maybe now we can move forward without people saying we are a bunch of conspiracy nuts. Soon it will be too late to do anything because the noose will be around our necks.

    • Does it take a “conspiracy nut” to wonder how jet fuel, which is only kerosene (you know the stuff you cook your hot dogs with on the Fourth of July), can melt steel?

      Molten steel was found at the bottom of all 3 buildings’ that collapsed on 9/11: WTC 1, 2, and 7:

      Does it take a “conspiracy nut” to wonder why WTC #7 collapsed when it was not even hit by a plane, and to suspect that the plane that was shot down in Shanksville by a “warthog” might have been scheduled to hit it but something went wrong?

      Does it take a “conspiracy nut” to wonder why the government is puzzled about why WTC #7 collapsed when Larry Silverstein admitted on national TV that he ordered the city to “pull it.”

      Does it take a “conspiracy nut” to wonder how Larry Silverstein got control of the World Trade Center when he was accused by a marine of being the owner of a strip joint called Runway 69 which was involved in the Reagan administration’s drug smuggling activities to aid the Contras?

      Does it take a “conspiracy nut” to wonder why Larry Silverstein took out terrorism insurance on the WTC, and how he was able to make billions of dollars of profit off of buildings which were full of cancer causing asbestos in a city in which fire insurance fraud was commonplace amongst Jewish organized crime figures in the early 1900s?

      The fact is that all of the evidence points to 9/11 being an Israeli false flag perpetrated with the aid of traitors in the United States government – primarily the Neocons – dual Israeli – American citizens. They are in the process of remaking the middle east to the liking of the devious, murderous, and racist rulers of the state of Israel.

      Missing Links: The Definitive Truth On 9/11

      The money generated by the government sponsored cocaine smuggling activities by the Reagan administration was used to buy guns for the contras from Ariel Sharon – the war criminal who was the Prime Minister of Israel on 9/11.

      Profits of War

      Clinton got to be president because he cooperated with the criminals in the Reagan administration by covering up the murder of 2 teenage boys who had witnessed a drug drop by Barry Seal – who was later murdered, allegedly on the orders of Jeb Bush.

      Bill Clinton’s Rise to Power

      Bush Sr., Clinton, and the Mossad Ran the Contra Cocaine Train

      The murders of the teenage boys was followed by a reign of terror in which all of the key witnesses to their murders were murdered themselves.

      Obstruction of Justice: The Mena Connection

      Clinton’s campaign manager (Rahm Emanuel) was (according to Sherman Skolnick) the head of the Israeli Mossad in North America. He was also Obama’s first chief of Staff. This is a reason to believe that it was Emanuel and not Clinton’s “Dixie Mafia” who was behind all of all the suspicious deaths surrounding Clinton’s rise to power:

      “At a dinner to celebrate Bill Clintons
      election to the presidency in 1992,
      Rahm Emanuel, Clintons campaign
      finance director, stood up, called
      out a list of Clintons political
      enemies, and after each name,
      yelled “Dead!” while jamming a steak
      knife into the table.


      “No Time to Rebuild” is no longer on line, of course, except on those “conspiracy nut” sites.

      The Panama Deception

      Linda Ives Website

      Real Media Audio Files

      Ex-Cop Mike Ruppert on US Government Drug Smuggling

      DA Jean Duffy on US Government Drug Smuggling in Clinton’s Arkansas

      Linda Ives on US Government Drug Smuggling in Clinton’s Arkansas

      Drugs and Drug Money Laundering within Jewish Networks.

    • Most of the so called “conspiracy nuts” and those who complain of them are what the real truth tellers call “false opposition.” Government can print enough money to support legions of them, directly, and indirectly. For instance, how much of the money which the congress sends to Israel comes back to support the re-election of congressmen who vote to send foreign aid to Israel?

      The 9/11 criminals and the pushers of this “same sex” marriage stuff are one and the same. They are behind all of the acts of terrorism in the world and behind the school shootings. It’s all a smokescreen for what is really happening. We do need a revolution but not the kind which lead to the death of 37.6 million Christians in the Soviet Union by the Jewish Bolsheviks. If you don’t watch out that is just what you will get.

      “- Nazis today, Communists tomorrow, and idiots always.”

  3. Virgil Ferguson

    Homosexual deviation is the SIN least likely to be repented of. These judges, preacher, and other so called leaders who put their stamp of approval on this sin are also on their way to Hell. The Bible calls this an abomination, and if you disagree on a direct statement from God, you don’t stand a chance. I hope Jesus comes soon.

  4. Can anyone please show me any were in our constitution that would allow censorship of anything resembling a cival union or if they wish to Hugh jack the term marriage? I have looked. Is there a previous scotus ruleing saying gov. Can write law based on a moral standard and then what would such a standard be?
    I hate gay marriage probably more than most. However in a land of freedom and liberty I see no constitional authority to restrict what others do or call a marriage.
    My sole solution would be gov. Out of marriage. But that will still allow deviants to form there unions.
    My reading of our constitution only two power exist to legislate against the people that being “”infamous crimes”” (aka crimes of evil intent with a victim) and commerce. The tax provision being contained within the boundaries of commerce amendment aside.
    So we’re would such an authority come from? Please show me were to look. Because I have.
    If someone finds the moral value line in even a scotus ruleing maybe with in the context of it?

  5. You guys are a bunch of assholes and extreme bigots! Separation of church and state! You declare the bible the word of god , yet you forget to mention HOW YOU WOULD NEVER FOLLOW EVERYTHING in the bible because you’re a bunch of hypocrites! I am so glad the Supreme Court made their decision and people can no longer hide behind their religion to be prejudice!

    • quote;’You guys are a bunch of assholes and extreme bigots!”
      //end quote

      So what are you supposed to be robert?

      The alternative?

      We haven’t ‘pre-judged’ anyone robert and of course we are hypocrites and sinners also which is why we are Christians. In fact MY church is full of them and we welcome many more so you are welcome as my special guest.

      Here is what we DON’T DO HOWEVER.


      Oh and a ‘love’ far far more worthy

      of our making.

    • Robert… You do understand that we all screw up and do what’s not right and only Jesus Christ walked this Earth without ever sinning! So by that standard, we’re all sinners, and if it makes you feel better, Yes, Robert…We’re all hypocritical in some way, shape, or form. The point of living a Christian life is to love others as Christ loved us and he died, as a perfect sacrifice on the cross, for our sins! To be free and forgiven for your sin is a wonderful thing, you only have to repent, honestly turn away from sin, and pray and ask Jesus into your heart to be forgiven and freed from the bondage and baggage of a sinful lifestyle. I will honestly pray for you, Robert! May God Bless You Man!

  6. Christian pastors who truly love the Word of God, which definition excludes P.C. USA, Episcopalian, many Methodists, and others should give notice to the state that they resign their authority to conduct marriages. Then, when militant queers come to their church demanding that they allow their “marriage” in the church, they can tell them to go rent a bowling alley. For truly Christian heterosexual couples, the pastor can quietly tell them to get a justice of the peace to oversee the ceremony and then bring their immediate family to the pastor’s office or his home for a Christian blessing of their marriage.

  7. The America we knew is gone; it is over. This new breed of leftist is ascendant and angry, and changing the country and the culture in the process. The results are not pretty. Things are only going to get worse.

  8. Historically the only thing that gets the undivided attention of the federal government is shelling one of their forts and for the states to start forming their own infantry regiments.

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