Leave The United Nations

Leave-the-United-NationsThe United Nations is a grand failure that has never worked and will never work.  The idea of the U.N. was invented during the Second World War, when the term “United Nations” actually meant the wartime alliance of certain nations against other nations.

From the very beginning, the fact that the “United Nations” included the Soviet Union, which had conspired with Nazi Germany to begin the Second World War and which engaged in aggressive war and genocide just like Nazi Germany, was a sick joke.  Our Soviet “ally” let us fight Japan alone until the end of the war, and it occupied and enslaved those very nations in Eastern Europe that Britain and France had gone to war with Germany to protect. 

The structure of the organization was set as a part of the peace following the Second World War, with all the macabre features of that uneven peace.  The permanent members of the Security Council were, and are, the Big Five of America, Britain, France, China, and Russia.  China meant Free China, but now it means Communist China.  Russia was the Soviet Union, but today Russia is only half the size of the old Soviet Union.

Japan and Germany were not permanent members of the Security Council, although in any sane world, these two nations, the third and fourth largest economies in the world and both peaceful democracies, ought to be permanent members.  Yet the legacy of the Second World War, when these two nations were the foes of the “United Nations,” remains.  India, which gained independence after the United Nations was formed, also ought to be a permanent member of the Security Council, but it is not.

The United Nations was created primarily to preserve peace, but it has never succeeded in that at all, nor has it prevented the genocides that so horrified the civilized world after the Second World War ended.  The reasons why are pretty clear.  Most of the “nations” represented in the United Nations are little more than brutal ruling gangs, who suppress captive peoples like the Kurds and Tibetans and who routinely deny the most basic human rights to those they rule. 

Written by Bruce Walker.

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