Lesbian Couple in California Chemically Altering Their 11-Year-Old Adopted Boy for Sex-Change Surgery

Lesbian Couple in California Chemically Altering Boy For Sex-change SurgeryLesbians adopting little boys only to castrate them? Six years ago, a lesbian couple in California thought it would be appropriate to let their child decide that he wanted gender reassignment surgery. Yes, you heard that right. Why, you ask?

[Adoptive guardians] Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel’s reasoning was that children with ‘gender identity disorder’ forced to postpone transitioning could face a higher risk of suicide… That’s bull – they flat out adopted for the express purpose of castration and we all know it. Let’s call this what it is: Disfiguring, mutilating, chemically castrating a boy – and hoping to get a girl out of it. It gets worse, trust me – keep reading..

The ‘parents’ claim it was settled science because of something the child said when he was only three-years-old!

The results are not totally in, of course – but it’s important to update and follow this story along because it’s not the first and won’t be the last time misguided and horrific monsters are LEGALLY allowed to mutilate a child because of an agenda. That’s right I said it (using my best Levin voice)..

Thomas’ transition into a make-pretend girl began at age eight. His guardians inflicted hormone suppressants to prevent him from developing a male voice, broad shoulders, and facial hair. If this doesn’t qualify as child abuse, the statutes need to be rewritten.

The real sad fact is, you can find a doctor to do just about anything for money – we’ve seen plenty of disasters from ill-advised contemporary plastic surgery – and trying to change little boys into girls is no different: Where there’s money and an agenda – a doctor will be found.

As if that alone was not obnoxious enough, these two sociopaths say they let him decide who he was sexually at the ripe old age of 3. WTF?

Wake up! What are we doing to our children? Where are the Christians of America? How different is this from the WWII experiments on humans we all agreed could NEVER LET HAPPEN AGAIN? Fact is, you cannot change a boy into a girl and vice-versa – end of story. Any physician, biologist or scientist who isn’t completely mad will tell you that – yet we allow these horrors to happen?

The thing about applying liberal ideology to medicine is that when a Mengele-esque attempt to advance social engineering by transforming a boy into a girl or a girl into a boy fails, you can just put the subject out of his/her/its misery if you’re in the right country. Listen to this and ask yourself if you think America is headed in the same direction:

A Belgian was killed by medical euthanasia after pleading for death because a botched sex change operation to turn her into a man had resulted in “a monster”. … Nathan, born Nancy, Verhelst, 44, was given legal euthanasia, most likely by lethal injection, on the grounds of “unbearable psychological suffering.”

Nancy Verhelst felt that her parents were disappointed she was not a boy. Evidently this festered into severe psychiatric problems that were nurtured by liberals’ grotesque belief in transmutable gender. Verhelst had hormone therapy in 2009, followed by a mastectomy and surgery to construct a penis in 2012. But “none of these operations worked as desired”.

Wow – there’s a shocker – you can’t make a fake penis work correctly? Where’s Steve Austin’s surgeon / robot inventor when you need him?

“I was ready to celebrate my new birth,” [she/he] told the Daily Mail. “But when I looked in the mirror, I was disgusted with myself. My new breasts did not match my expectations and my new penis had symptoms of rejection. I do not want to be… a monster.”

There’s that word again: “Monster” – but it’s not his fault. We all know it.

The real monsters here are the left-wing ideologues who deliberately encourage the psychiatrically ill to indulge in “gender dysphoria,” rather than trying to help them — not to mention those who have extended Big Government into Jack Kevorkian territory.

Girl or boy? As a 3-year-old he decided?

Girl or boy? As a 3-year-old he decided?

I don’t know the official position of the Jewish Faith on this, but the (mostly Jewish) neighborhood I grew up in wouldn’t allow a 3-year-old to make a decision about what to wear to kindergarten, much less having massive hormone treatments and major surgery. Oy vey my friends, quit voting Democrat will you?

Insanity. I’ll take it a step further: If my (Methodist) parents would have announced they were castrating me chemically at age 11 with the intentions of turning me into a girl – EVERY SINGLE ONE OF my kind, generous and caring neighbors would have intervened by any means necessary to protect me from THE CRIMINAL MONSTERS who would do such a thing to a little boy. End of story, friendos.

Consider the IQ levels of these ‘parents’ of little Tommy Lobel? If we’re being honest, we’re talking about two people who are so unbalanced and disaffected that they would adopt an innocent 3-year-old, then pretend HE made a decision to become a girl? Give me a break. Stop this madness and call it what it is: Human experimentation. On children, no less.

Growing up I had a few very elderly neighbors who had tatoos and they didn’t say “Mom” either. You think experiments on little kids would have been okay with them? They would have strutted over with their walkers and kicked my parent’s asses with a cane, I can tell you that. This kind of political correctness went out of style when Hitler attempted to breed the Master Race. He failed, but it wasn’t forgotten – until now, I guess. You tell me the difference. Go ahead, I dare you to even try.

What happened to this country that we would allow child abuse by castration and the surgeon’s scalpel? I know we’re talking about California here – but the last time I checked – they’re part of America … still. Are we so afraid of being called bigots that this innocent little boy will soon have his genitals mutilated and hormonal system chemically alterered for a political agenda? Have we gone crazy? YES, yes we have.

Written Baron Von Kowenhoven.


  1. R U Flipping KIDDING ME! How much stupid is this world going to get. This is totally wrong!!!!!

    • You mean evil, everyday til Christ reigns

    • I totally agree. You have to be of age to do a lot of things in this world today, why on earth wouldn’t you have to be of legal age & sound mind to say ( for yourself) if you wanted to cut YOUR penis OFF or Not ! Thats what is wrong with this country today. They come up with all these rules or laws & then turn right around & let these idiots do what they want to. Well stand your ground & say enough is enough with all this bull.

    • According to the bible a lot worse

  2. It’s official now, California has become another Sodom and Gomorrah.

    • Yes and remember what happened to them. There is not even a trace of those two cities to be found. I truly believe there was those two cities ,because they tell about it on the Bible & I’m a firm believer in the Holy Bible. All these people & places better watch out what they are doing. It happened once, & it could happen again. The Lord is just sitting back & waiting , his time is coming!

  3. This evil exist because many of you allow it to continue in defiance of God’s words on the subject of homosexuals. For the most part, you turn your eyes away from God and propagate evil from not saying and doing something to stop it along with the gay agenda.

    You know who you are, and God knows you. All of you (Christian and non-christian) that allow this to continue and do nothing will later answer before God.

  4. Jesus said it would be as in the days of Noah when the world was destroyed by flood

  5. As in the days of Lot when the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire for sexual immorality

  6. It is the end of days. So it was in the data of Sodom abd Gomorrah. Suggestion… Prior to any male/female homosexual couple being allowed to adopt a child they must go thru extensive Psychological and Psychiatric evaluation. Also with this indepth background check. It MUST be stopped.

  7. This was all foretold in the Bible and must take place. God will restore the innocent and cast the wicked ones in the lake of fire and sulfur where they will burn forever. I don’t profess to live a completely sin free life because I am a mere human and the last perfect human died for us.but there are things that I will not touch because you know what wrong even before you do it and this is all wrong.all I can say is I’m glad I’m not them

  8. Satan is playing for keeps. The devil knows he has a short time. God has had enough. Never has there ever been a time such as there is now. If there has ever been a time to call on God we better hurry up. Sin has been patted on the back to long. The Church has played a flirted with sin long enough.

  9. This is why I call myself independent. I am of no Religion. I am A Jesus Follower. I along with Peter fall short. Peter in the Bible that sinned and was still Jesus’s Disciple. As I Am. My son is assistance pastor and Ordained. He can Marry and Bury. I myself have read the KJV, the NKJV, the NLT, and the NIV. Cover to cover. I also live in northern California. I also was a paralegal. I have 2 son’s and 1 daughter. 5 Grandkids. I am sad the people play the blame game. I worked all my life. Also paid into SSI, SSD for Retirement SS said I was only able to receive SSI. I had a Doctors note saying I am disabled, but still couldn’t get SSD. My brother a roofer all his life suffered from a stroke. Doctor n Hospital records to show he is disabled still no SSD. Come on people OBAMA put it to AMERICA HARD. I didn’t vote for him either. Well GOD is STEPPING IN NOW. Only He Has The Right To Judge. Not Us. Face it this story is horrible. But Not Our Fault’s. These Parents Are Crazy. Adoption agency’s shouldn’t of let anything like this happen. Should we blame LA for what’s going on with our PRESIDENT. No it’s the freak’s I blame and the adoption agencies. Even child protective services. All Bought with money. The root of all EVIL.

    • If you have a record of working and paying into social security and are disabled you should get social security. SSI ( Supplemental Security Income) is a welfare program for low income people who are disabled or elderly. Sounds like it might a good idea to get your work record ( from SSA) and see if all your work was reported to SSA.

  10. Kim Bogenschuetz

    Romans 13:1 KJV . God places whomever he chooses to be rulers and kings over us. We are not republican, democrats , independent nor any other label man has deviced to label and divide us. We are followers of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If this story is accurate I am convinced we are living in the end days. To study and read the Bible with understanding is a must during these perilous time’s for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but it is a spiritual war. Knowing the Will of God that all may repent and be saved. We as believers in our Lord Jesus need not argue nor blame one another as satan loves when we do that. We should humble ourselves and cry out to Jesus “Come Lord Jesus come” . for evil is all around us and we have need of your saving grace.

    • I totally agree with you. Jesus is coming soon. We as the body of Christ needs to get up and start spreading the Gospel of Christ through out every corner of our country.

  11. Where are the police, the courts in all this? This is illegal, child abuse, and immoral on so many levels. This is first I read or heard of Tommy Lobel’s abuse by his really sick parents. I taught Special Education in High School for years and only in the last two years, prior to recent retirement, did the school have 2 or 3, 15 year olds require keys to the staff restrooms. Homosexuality was present for several years prior and condoned and accepted by parents. Sexual preferences by these students didn’t and don’t take place till well into their teens. From what I witnessed Homosexual choices was experimental for some young girls trying to find their place in school society. Lack of a moral compass, strong parental guidance, and Gay Rights Movement influence in every media outlet has had a huge affect upon the very fabric of this nation. End times? We are just seeing the beginning.

  12. God? When is it Enough???

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