Lucifer Would be Proud of Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech

Lucifer Would be Proud of Barack Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech

I give both political and business speeches all over America, and all over the world. I know a great speech when I see and hear one. Obama’s speech last night at the DNC was masterful. It was one of the greatest political speeches I’ve ever heard.

There was one problem: It was 100 percent fiction, fraud and fantasy.

If it were given by any CEO in America at a shareholders meeting, or a press conference in front of the media, that CEO would face life in prison for fraud and misrepresentation.

Any screenwriter in Hollywood could have made it up out of thin air and won an Academy Award.

It could have been a speech written by Bernie Madoff.

It could have been written by Lucifer himself, to be delivered by the anti-Christ.

It was that good – that flowery – that inspiring –that deceiving – and that much complete fiction, fraud and fantasy. It was pure B.S. from start to finish.

Obama is a great orator. No doubt about that. But he had quite an unfair advantage over the rest of us. Any good actor could deliver a great speech, if not one word is true, if you have great material just made up out of thin air. Anyone can inspire if every word is fraud, fiction and fantasy.

Obama railed against believing in gods. “No man is a god” was a central theme in his speech. No man can save you. No man can save America. No man can turn around an economy. He was aiming all that at Donald Trump. Except he was describing himself.

Obama is the one who was elected by portraying himself to ignorant, naïve and gullible voters as a god who could walk on water.

Obama was elected by portraying himself as “The American Idol.”

Obama is the one whose supporters cried and genuflected and said, “Now that Obama is president, I’ll never again have to worry about rent, or putting gas in my car.”

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Obama himself is the psychopath, sociopath and ego-maniac who rules as a tyrant, by issuing executive orders, ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, and making believe Congress doesn’t exist. Every word directed at Trump described Obama, Obama’s last eight years of rule and Obama’s voters.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Obama weaved in great stories about valiant struggling small businessmen and injured soldiers. He forgot to mention that almost every small businessman and every military hero in America despises Obama. Yet he used their painful stories and remarkable bravery to make himself look like a great and selfless hero.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Obama described an amazing growing economy, in remarkable recovery, because of his wonderful policies. Except it never happened. He will leave office having produced the worst economy in America’s history. His own White House economists announced only days ago that GDP will fall to 1.9 percent this year. That means Obama will be the first and only president in America’s history to produce eight straight years of GDP under 3 percent.

GDP is the only way to measure an economy. If GDP is bad, your economy sucks. It’s that simple. With eight straight years of pathetic GDP, Obama has produced the worst record in 240 years of America’s existence. And it’s not even close. The all-time record before Obama’s eight straight years of horrible economic growth was four years – from 1930-33 in the depths of the Great Depression.

That makes Obama worse than Herbert Hoover. Obama is worse than everyone in history. Yet Obama took credit last night, with a straight face, for a great economic recovery. He says he saved us.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Then there’s the single greatest poison in world economic history – debt. History proves debt destroys every country and everything it touches. Obama is the most prolific debt producer in world history. He will leave office having produced a world record $10 trillion in debt. That’s more than every president in America’s history combined.

Obama made no reference to it, as if it’s of no significance – even though Obama’s $10 trillion in new debt will destroy the quality of life for our children, and our unborn grandchildren and even their children. Obama never bothered to mention that little topic.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

But Obama’s audacity rises to levels never imagined by any other politician. Obama not only forgot to mention the debt, he had the audacity to give himself credit for lowering deficits!

No mention that a deficit of zero doesn’t matter if your overall debt is an unfathomable, unimaginable, world record $20 trillion – or that, yes, deficits are down, but only after Obama became the first president in world history to produce four straight years of deficits over $1 trillion – or that the national debt increased by over $200 billion in a day recently, more than an entire year’s deficit under Bush.

How could anyone deliver a speech like that, omit facts like that, and get DNC delegates standing up, screaming in ecstasy?

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Obama also forgot to even mention terrorism, or the words “radical Islam” – despite nonstop Muslim terror attacks for weeks on end. It just isn’t possible to skip over that topic.

Lucifer himself would be proud.

Obama is one hell of a poker player. He is scared to death. He knows if Trump is elected, his legacy will be destroyed. Trump will expose everything – all the lies and fraud. All the crimes. Trump will undo every executive order on Day One. Trump will repeal Obamacare and dismantle the EPA. Trump will expose the IRS conspiracy. People will go to jail. Trump’s attorney general will prosecute Hillary and Bill for the Clinton Foundation fraud, extortion and treason.

Obama’s friends, like Al Sharpton, Jon Corzine, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner and Jonathan Gruber, could all go to prison. And to avoid long terms, they might rat out the man who gave the orders – Obama.

Obama is scared and desperate to stop Trump. But he never showed a hint of fear.

Yes, Obama is one of a kind.

The kind that has Lucifer himself standing and applauding in awe at the “audacity of Obama.”

Written by Wayne Allyn Root.

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  1. Kevin Carpenter

    Sounds like you just described Trumptard. Man you are blind to the truth. But than again most Christians are.

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