Muslims in the hospital, Muslims on the train, as Europe hands over the keys to the kingdom

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Here are two snapshots of what life can be like when Muslims behaving badly come to your town.

In medical settings: A female doctor in Germany describes a horrifying scene of Muslim invaders overwhelming the health care system – making demands, threats, and attacking staff. The masses that are descending upon Europe are also arriving with an array of communicable diseases, including diseases the West has never seen before. Watch the below sub-titled video of the doctor’s report.

The Right Scoop has very kindly written a transcript, which is summarized below.

    • Clinics and hospitals are unable to handle the massive influx of migrants with their myriad diseases and demands.

    • Many of the migrants have HIV, tuberculosis, syphilis, and exotic diseases not seen in Europe, while many of the women are pregnant with several malnourished children in tow.

    • Many male Muslims refuse treatment by female staff. At the same time, female staff refuse to work among Muslim males patients due to fear for their own safety.

    • When migrants discover they must pay for prescriptions, they have a fit. In one instance, a Muslim stabbed a doctor and two nurses. The doctor required surgery and the nurses needed ICU care. The attacker was not apprehended or punished. It appeared from the doctor’s report that a patient also threw syphilis-infected urine at a nurse’s face.

    • The barbarians are causing such havoc they must now be accompanied by K-9 police units when they come to the hospital and police must guard clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies.

And if that isn’t shocking enough, the local press is forbidden to report on any of this, forcing citizens to communicate by email as a somewhat clandestine system of information-sharing is necessitated in the face of layer upon layer of madness. European leaders have chosen death over life, as they have for so long. But now they are accelerating their demise like a drunk driver on the autobahn.

People who think we in America are insulated from this insanity is deluding themselves. If Obama has his way, he’ll make sure we catch up to Europe as fast as possible. The fundamental transformation of America would not be complete without Islamic supremacism rising as Judeo-Christian values are crushed.

So imagine your local hospital or clinic being overrun by Muslim invaders. Better yet, ask your liberal friends, neighbors, or co-workers to imagine it. Because what we might imagine today, is our reality tomorrow if we don’t change course quickly.

On trains: If the hospital scene does not rouse a sleeping fool, try watching this.

It’s a report from a woman traveling by train from Budapest to Vienna. The woman, who is not a Muslim, speaks Arabic and was therefore able to understand what the invaders were saying. Here is a summary of what she saw and heard:

    • When she arrived at the Budapest train station to meet a friend, she saw a sea of filthy, loud Arab-appearing people who tried to block her entrance to enter the station.

    • The migrants, 90% of whom appeared to be between the ages of 18 and 45, shouted insults, screamed obscenities, and tried to steal luggage or anything else they could.

    • They defecated in public and trash was piled everywhere.

    • The Muslim men beat many of the migrant women as children screamed and the police stood by passively.

    • When the train arrived, Muslim men grabbed random children to pull onto the train, using them as human shields.

    • Migrants started smashing train windows as the train came under siege by invaders who forced their way into every train car, packing them full. Many conflicts and fights broke out among the migrants while others casually talked about whether to rob or rape women.

    • When an announcement came on that the train would go no further and the woman battled her way through the mass of Muslims, she heard some talk about kidnapping her and her friend to use as hostages in order to force the train to go.

    • More migrants arrived with food, which was trampled and loud demands for “money” were made as they grabbed at people and tore at their valuables.

The woman also notes: “Aside from hatred, absolute ill will, they have nothing to give European people” while stating that when these people smile at us, “they are spitting behind our backs.” Unfortunately, it’s worse than that. These invaders will be giving Europe a major dose of Islamic supremacy. And it will be Europe’s undoing. Because these invaders will do far more than spit behind their backs.

As the doctor in the first report pondered: Where are all the people standing with “Welcome Refugees” signs when the $!TT hits the fan? They are nowhere to be found. They should be forced to deal with it. (“It” being the place where civilization meets barbarism.)

So far, the barbarians are winning. Easily. Because the West is giving them the keys to the kingdom. It isn’t even a battle. We’re simply handing it over.

Read more about the evil of Islam by clicking on the below website link.


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  1. My fellow Americans need to wake up. For example, Valerie Bowman Jarrett is the Senior White House Advisor to Barack Obama, and he doesn’t make a move or a statement without consulting Valerie Jarrett first.

    Valerie Bowman Jarrett at Stanford University in 1977 said, “I am a Iranian by birth and of my Islamic faith. I am also an American Citizen and I seek to help change America to be a more Islamic country. My faith guides me and I feel like it is going well in the transition of using freedom of religion in America against itself.”

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