My Daughter Married a Woman

My Daughter Married a Woman

All of a sudden, it’s pedal-to-the-metal, full-speed-ahead, no-holds-barred promotion of homosexuality everywhere you turn. It is as if someone said, okay, now is the time to launch our all-out assault on traditional principles and values; while crushing all opposition.

I cannot even enjoy a non-political Saturday watching do-it-yourself home improvement TV channels without almost every show aggressively promoting homosexuality. Homosexuals are only slightly over 2% of the population. And yet, their representation on TV shows is dramatically disproportionate to their numbers. Clearly, the networks have become political activists promoting the homosexual agenda.

My wife cannot watch her bridal gown and pregnancy TV shows without the producers featuring same-sex couples. We protest by changing the channel.

What really frosts me and is super scary is the Left’s ever-increasing strong-arm tactics, forcing us to agree with their sin. I thought, good grief, next they will be teaching our kids, “Great Lesbians in History.” Then, I thought, oh my gosh, they are already doing that celebrating Gay Pride Month beginning in elementary school.

Think about that, folks. In defiance of your religious beliefs or opinion, the Left has said screw you, we’re teaching your child that homosexuality is a good thing and something they should explore. Period.

Leftists (Democrats) are passing legislation to make it illegal to assist anyone unhappy with their sexual attractions to change. Isn’t that outrageous? While portraying themselves as victims who claim to only seek tolerance, Leftists are insidiously working to have their government enforcers arrest pastors, counselors, and parents who help their sexually confused kids.

Folks, we are talking Sodom and Gomorrah all over again; homosexuality aggressively forced upon us.

Before you call me crazy, consider this. For 200 years marriage was defined as between one man and one woman. Today, such thinking is considered nutty, extreme, and hateful in the mainstream media, numerous political and social circles. Opposing their so-called “mainstream” consensus on this issue will cost you your livelihood and even jail-time.

My Christian minister dad called me to say that a family member gave him a heads up that my daughter’s wedding pictures are posted on Facebook. My daughter married a woman. She wanted me to attend the wedding. I explained that while I love her and am fond of her partner, my faith does not allow me to bless their union by attending their wedding.

Her mom and I divorced when she was around 7 years old. My daughter and I were estranged until five years ago. I cherish our newfound relationship. So, I was happy when my daughter said she loves me and understands my reason for not attending her wedding.

At 87 with over 50 years as a pastor, Dad remains as cool and wise as ever. He adamantly advised me to shower my daughter and her partner with love. Dad said as Christians, love is our greatest weapon.

Now do not get me wrong. Far too many Christians today believe “love” means co-signing sin; passively allowing the Left’s relentless implementation of their anti-God agenda to go unchallenged. That is not what Dad meant, nor is it his definition of “loving them.” He suggests that I behave according to Romans 12:9 “Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.”

I will not be manipulated by the Left’s absurd claim that loving parenting means rubber-stamping all of your child’s life choices. When I received my daughter’s wedding invitation in the mail, Dad advised me not to attend and explain why to my daughter. Dad was confident that she would understand.

In response to my daughter’s wedding pictures on Facebook, my millennial nephew and nieces congratulated her. Despite their Christian upbringing, liberal public school indoctrination and mainstream media have shaped their opinions.

Before ending our phone call (I’m in Florida, Dad is in Maryland), Dad instructed me to read Exodus 20: 1-6 and Deuteronomy 5: 1-10. These scriptures promise that if you are faithful and love God, He will bless your family for generations. Praise God. That was Dad’s way of comforting and assuring me that God has everything under control.

I do not pray for God to turn my daughter straight. I pray that she and her partner will come to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Meanwhile, without approving their lifestyle, I will love them both to death.

Written by Lloyd Marcus.


  1. All though i don’t agree with their life style,i do not judge them.I have friends that live that life and they know my beliefs.They respect who i am,so i pray for them,that’s what we are supposed to do..who are we to judge them certainly not god.

    • No, but the Bible tells us to call sin “sin.” Are we suppose to ignore 1 Corinthians 6:9-10? Or 1 Timothy 1:9-10? Or Romans 1:18-32?

    • Do you judge someone if they steal..kill? Sin is sin and if you go along with it you are part of the problem..God said homosexuality was a the ones living in sin by sharing the FULL GOSPEL OF CHRIST..they will go straight to hell if they die living in sin..the same goes for you.

    • if you are a christian living for the are suppose to judge others..that scripture..Judge not least you be judged is taken totally out of context! What?!! If someone comes into your house and kills your arent going to judge them and call them a killer?! WHATEVER!

      • Your absolutely right. Most people do take it out of context because people are told that is what the verse means from when htey are little and that is how they grow up,. When we Understand the Text on youtube talks about exactly this verse and many others :P.

      • Barbie, The word judge in Greek means to evaluate, not condemn. Wen you “judge a tree by its fruit…” you are evaluating the type of fruit that person has produced. You are not condemning the tree at all!

    • Deborah Williams

      the grinding of America

    • If we as Christians do not speak out against any sin including homosexuality then we by default condone that sin and it will be upon us when the Father in Heaven ask us what did we do when we were faced with the responsibility of rebuking sin. I would rather offend someone and have it sink in later and save their soul than to keep my mouth shut and allow them to keep heading headlong into Hell because of their sin and thin have that against me at judgement day. We are not judging them God has done made that judgement just like he did murderers, thieves etc… Scripture all says they will burn in a lake of fire. 1 Corinthians 6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived. Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor homosexuals, nor sodomites,
      10 nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners will inherit the kingdom of God. I am not trying to hurt anyone, only save them an eternity of Hell Fire and anguish, pain and suffering beyond belief. As well as save those who don’t speak out or openly condone any and all sins. I am not perfect and don;t claim to be but when God’s word rebukes me I try to change and live according to His will.

  2. People that are not stickily Heternormative are way more then 2% of the population, that are very tortured statistics used to get that number.

    The Bible doesn’t say what you think it says

  3. Since the author quotes Romans: Ch2, v7-8: Some people keep on doing good, and seek glory, honor and immortal life; to them God will give eternal life. Other people are selfish and reject what is right, in order to follow what is wrong; on them God will pour out his anger and fury.

  4. Since the author quotes Romans: CH2, v 7-8. (7) Some people keep on doing good, and seek glory, honor, and immortal life; to them God will give eternal life. (8) Other people are selfish and reject what is right, in order to follow what is wrong; on them God will pour out his anger and fury.

  5. romans chapter 1 tells all it is an abomination in God’s eyes, not just gays but all sexual immorality, as Christ commands we love the sinner but hate the sin, you have acted as a true Christian brother I commend you. You love them but will not be party to the sinful nature of their relationship, prayer and hopefully witness will bring around change, I know you have put it in His hands I shall pray as well, I have a niece in the same type relationship, Christ is the key, your brother in Christ. Mel

    • This “true Christian” is probably a sinner through sexual immorality himself having divorced his godly wife some years ago… how many times has he committed adultery since?

      Ya’ll folks never seem to remember the bit about Glass Houses and its not your place to judge.



    • And the guy who wrote this divorced his wife some number of years ago … how many times have the two of them committed adultery since? I don’t care. Because its not my place. And a gay person’s sex life isn’t a heterosexual christian’s business either.

  7. So where is the Spirit of God in all of this?
    I was meditating on this issue a few weeks ago, and God said,
    ” it’s all about the Holy Spirit”
    In everything, and about everything, has to derive from the Holy Spirit.
    You cant face one issue or another if you dont believe in or understand the Spirit of God.
    So whats my point, if gay people say theyre christians and theyre going to heaven, without knowing the Holy Spirit, which is the Spirit of Jesus, then they have already condemned themselves.
    You know what this all comes down to, is christianity.
    Its christianity, teaching a passive tolerant gospel, that convinces people its ok to be gay, study witchcraft, and incorporate budhism into your walk with Christ.
    So I humbly remove myself from being called a christian, because of people associating christianity with other religions, witchcraft, and immorality.
    In these last days we have to be so much more than just a christian, we have to be children of the living God, full of the truth of Gods Word, an authentic believer, and full of the Holy Spirit.
    Thats whats wrong with christianity in these days, it fails to show God, because they have left out the Holy Spirit, so mans intelligence kicks in makes it into a religion, by thinking up new ideas to bring people into the church building.
    Now in day the new hate speech is the Word of God, and showinh people the love of God is called judging!
    I dont judge gay people, but the Word of God does, I dont hate gay people but God hates the sin.
    One more thought and I finish with this, if a murderer laying on a table, ready for lethal injection, asks for forgiveness to God and claims Jesus as Lord and Saviour, and God allows him in paradise,
    Who are we to condemn, and force hate on gay people if God loves them also, and in their last moments ask God for forgiveness, and they are allowed into paradise.
    It is the job if the Holy Spirit to condemn the world of sin, and its our job to lead people by the love of the truth of Gods Word to repentance, and acceptance of Jesus Christ.
    Be blessed

  8. It’s hypocritical to talk about how in your face some programs are and how you change the channel when you just made a post with 2 women kissing in wedding dresses. Very poor taste for someone that should know better.

    • I was scanning through radio stations the other day and came across a christian program .. .OMG they’re so in my face!!

  9. Dude… you got a divorce and you’re worried about gay marriage? For all the focus you guys put on homosexuality there are a lot larger issues laid out in the bible that you should be focusing on … The gay folks arent on TV to target you Christians. They’re on TV because they no longer worry about what you will say or do to them… they are just living their lives as openly as any heterosexual person would. Im sorry you take that so personally. But it has nothing to do with you.

    • I will say you make one good point … that leftists shouldn’t twist your arm through the legal system … if a pastor doesn’t want to conduct a gay wedding or a doctor doesn’t want to conduct an abortion they shouldn’t have to …

      But you guys have to hold yourself to the same standards. If a church DOES want to hold a gay wedding, you cant prevent them from doing that through the legislation either.

      Neither progressives nor you Christian conservatives are not logically consistent… Both of your groups need to learn to leave people alone.

      • Michael Ejercito

        When was the last time in America that a church pastor was prosecuted for holding a same-sex “wedding” ceremony?

  10. Plato wrote that homosexuality is an outrage, a violation of nature. Acceptance of this unnatural act is to turn society upside down. We see this turning upside down today in California’s bathroom law. The ancient Spartan’s demonstrated that the spirit of homosexuality is a predator, pedophile spirit. We see this today as advocates of this transgression are now encouraging cross generational homosexual sex; sex between adults and children. Scripture says it’s a capital offense, an unspeakable transgression. When the spirit of homosexuality takes over a community, justice is completely perverted. God left a warning to the nations that allow themselves to be corrupted by such a spirit: Sodom, Gomorrah, and Pompeii were all destroyed by fire for the sin of homosexuality. A community’s attempt to encourage and legalize this perversion will result in God’s wrath in the nature of fire and utter destruction. The hope of the nations and for the protection of children from state sanctioned rape is the enacted justice of God. People do not have to act out their sinful passions. Jesus said, “deny yourself.” The ancients considered chastity a virtue and godlike. If you’re caught in this sin call on the name of the Lord for your release, and be saved from the coming wrath of God. Plato writes in his Laws,” the crime of male with male, or female with female, is an outrage on nature and a capital surrender to lust of pleasure.” ARTICLE VIII – Constitutional Amendment – Making God’s law American Law that makes homosexuality a capital offense.

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