Opposing The Transgender Movement

The Transgender MovementThe transgender war on cultural norms is not just about restrooms and pronouns.  It’s about denying biological fact and quotidian reality.  It’s about an epidemic of irrationality, a cultural contagion, a mass delusion claiming more victims every day.  It’s about silencing free thinkers who refuse to bow to the radical “gender” ideology.

Absurd theories that deny scientific fact have been adopted by the mainstream press, the entertainment industry, the medical establishment, public schools, universities, corporate management, and government agencies. People who fear social isolation and charges of bigotry are following along.

How do those of us still grounded in reality fight this insanity? Not with misguided “compassion” or compromise, but with straight talk and tough love. Let’s not waste our time analyzing or answering absurd gender theories with logical rebuttals. Those ideas don’t deserve that respect. And the useful idiots who swallow the trans lies – whether as promoters, allies, or victims – will not listen to reason or science.

Oppose trans activism

Refuse to go along with trans madness that declares:

  • “Sex is assigned at birth” by doctors.

  • Gender identity is inborn.

  • A three-year-old can know he’s “trapped in the wrong body.”

  • Some girls have penises; some boys have vaginas.  

  • Blocking puberty in pre-adolescent children is sound medical practice.

  • A man can gestate and birth a baby.

  • Gender stereotypes are bad (unless you adopt one as your “authentic” trans identity).

  • A person’s choice of new name and pronouns must be respected.

  • A person determines his appropriate restroom, locker room, sports team, etc.

  • “Transgender” persons’ feelings take precedence over everyone else’s.

Recognize only biological sex classifications: male and female.

Avoid using the politically loaded word “gender.”

Point out that there is no biological basis for transgenderism.  Someone cannot be “trapped in the wrong body.”  We’re all in the bodies we were meant to be in.

Trust medical professional associations that oppose this anti-science ideology.  (See herehereherehere, and here.)

Disseminate reliable research and commentary.  (See hereherehereherehere, and here.)

Do not affirm a person’s self-identification as transgender (or genderqueernon-binarygender non-conformingneutroisagendertwo-spirit, etc.).  Affirmation normalizes this mental disorder.  True respect comes from recognizing a trans-identified person’s authentic, not costumed, humanity.

Emphasize that people who identify as transgender need psychological counseling to escape their delusion.

Show true compassion by encouraging trans-identifying persons to accept their natural bodies.  Help them avoid a lifetime of medical interventions (cross-sex hormones, surgeries, cosmetic procedures, counseling), infertility, stress-inducing efforts to “pass” as the opposite sex, and suicidal thinking and attempts.

Explain that there is no such thing as a transgender child.  There are children who are confused, emotionally neglected, even abused.  Parents who affirm trans identities in children are themselves confused or needy, vulnerable to social pressures, or willfully misguided by health care professionals.

Speak out against the ghoulish medical procedures being inflicted on children, including puberty-blockers. To prevent puberty in a healthy young body is medical malpractice. Halting the development of a child’s sexual organs, then adding cross-sex hormones, will guarantee sterility. That is a violation of a child’s human rights. “Gender” clinics for children should be shut down.

Demand that single-sex public restrooms and locker rooms allow only males or females.  Attempts at compromise (e.g., single-stall restrooms for trans-identifying persons) effectively concede that trans identities are legitimate.  In any case, such compromise measures will be opposed as “discriminatory.”

Refuse to play trans language games, whether it’s using their new words (“cisgender”), using their silly pronouns (zezirzirs), or saying “they” or “he” when it’s really “she.”

Monitor and challenge trans-affirming policies in your local schools.

Schools are under “gender” assault – but there’s new hope

What’s happening in the schools is especially important.  Gender-identity non-discrimination laws or policies applied to schools are intended to disrupt and radically transform all of society, not just support “trans children” in school.  If children attend a school where boys can be girls and vice versa, many of these future adults will have been effectively brainwashed.

The Obama administration attempted to force public schools to enforce “gender” ideology across the board (not just in restrooms and locker rooms; see here and here).  The Trump administration backed off from enforcing those regulations.  But while the tables may be turning at the federal level, this is not true in many locales.

The Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) has devised guidelines that may help restore sanity in schools.  ADF explains that there is no federal law or regulation requiring schools to make allowances for trans-identifying students in restrooms and locker rooms.

ADF’s “Student Physical Privacy Policy” for school private facilities is online here.  The document commendably uses only the word “sex”; there’s no recognition of “transgender boys” (females) or “transgender girls” (males).

The Obama administration threatened schools with loss of federal funds if they didn’t implement radical trans-affirming policies.  But now ADF warns: “Granting students access to opposite-sex changing areas could subject schools to tort liability for violating students’ and parents’ rights.”  This could mean legal challenges even in states with laws mandating transgender-affirming school policies.

(Let the ACLU bring its “discrimination” lawsuits against schools that refuse to kowtow to transgender demands!  With more conservatives being appointed to our federal courts, there is some hope we can bring an end to supporting trans-identifying children who upend the entire school environment.)

Let’s hope ADF’s clarification doesn’t stop with restrooms and locker rooms, but eventually expands to include resistance to other trans-affirming policies in the schools.

After all, rightly understood, a child’s trans identification is a family issue.  Parents should deal with their children’s mental health problems privately, outside of school.  It is unfair to drag the whole community into a family’s distress.  Communities need more outside support for that commonsense approach.

Speak out!

Don’t try to convince brainwashed trans allies to reject trans insanity.  But do embolden people who know in their hearts and minds that trans ideology is utterly false and destructive.  They will resist if they see others doing so.

What’s really at stake is through control.  Government and institutions are forcing people to deny reality and accept a destructive, nonsensical ideology – accustoming us to obey the most idiotic directives.  If people can accept as fact that “some boys have vaginas and some girls have penises,” they’ll roll over for anything.

Written by Amy Contrada


  1. The truth will never be defeated with lies; a person is what their gender proves then to be. and nothing else, there is no way you can change a man into a woman and a woman into a man impossible.

  2. Christopher A. Harper

    If you are so gung ho for “individual freedom” WHY exactly, are you minding someone else’s business. If a man or woman wants to be TRANSGENDER that’s their FREEDOM to do. How is that harming you? If you don’t like them fine, that’s your right. Trying to exert YOUR will over others only leads to pain. It’s all about RESPECT! Boy, I can see why I am slowly but surely losing my faith. If the stereotype for Islam is terrorism, then the stereotype for Christianity is HYPOCRISY.

    • Anita Cunningham

      Christopher A. Harper – I am a woman whose marriage was torn apart by a man who says he is transgender. He exerted his will over me and my boys and grand babies and indeed it causes pain. I have lost a husband, my boys have lost a father and my grand children are confused and call him daddy’s dad. The innocent babes get it. It scares them. They can feel the subversion of what is happening.

      Respect goes both ways.
      Women have fought hard battles to vote and still fighting for equal pay, equal employment rights and many other inequalities. Transgender men dilute what it means to be a women and the inherent dignity of femaleness.

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