Our Prayers Have Been Answered – Will You Do Your Part?

Our Prayers Have Been AnsweredNow that we have a new President who actually acknowledges that the “people” exist and matter, the people need to move to support the new President with everything the people can bring to bear. We the people need to treat the present climate as if we were in a war and act with a profound sense of urgency, because we are in a war. We are in a war, not just for the survival of our nation, but for the survival of our collective souls. What is happening in America is not just secular politics, it is a battle between good and evil. We are caught in a spiritual war between the Lord and the forces of darkness who would oppose Him.

Shadow Government Serves Only One Entity

The American people are in a war on several fronts and their main enemy is the shadow government, working on behalf of the Prince of Darkness, to bring misery to our country and to our world. Did you hear Trump, in his inaugural speech, use the word “God” several times? I got the very distinct feeling that Trump understands, not only what is at stake, but he knows that the task is bigger than his ability to fix it solely within the scope of the power of his office.

President Trump knows that he needs the help of the American people and the Almighty if he is going to be able to help America survive,

Trump’s message was unwavering, and I must admit, I was filled with pride, a pride I have not felt as an American, since the days of Ronald Reagan. I was so very proud to call Donald Trump my President. And I must confess that I am even more gratified to refer to Hillary Clinton as “Not My President”.

I humbly thanked my creator for the mercy He has shown my country and myself. I think it is likely that the Lord heard just enough prayers for salvation and guidance that the Lord sent us Donald Trump. There is not any kind of  political logic that could explain how Donald Trump became President, except that the hand of God was on this improbable run to the White House. I have humbly prayed my prayers of gratitude. My Lord did not desert me or my country. The Lord has always used men and women of his choosing without any regard to their background and Donald Trump is that person. God saw something in President Trump that made Donald the right man at the right time to lead this nation back to the Lord. Please believe me when I say that if Hillary Clinton would have been elected, this country would have been breathing its last breath. This is the prayer that I pray to my Lord about the gift he has sent us.

    Dear Lord, you have given me everything in my life and I am thankful for all the blessings you have brought to me. But there is no blessing greater than the leadership you have offered your people through Donald Trump’s unlikely climb to power. Donald Trump is the modern day David who can slay the Giant with your help. He is not a politician, he is not experienced in foreign policy and his personality can be authoritarian and even bullish. But in your wisdom Lord, you have provided us with the right man at the right time with the right temperament to put on your armor and be someone who will fight your battles. I pray Lord that you will show your people the way to help the leader you have provided us and that together, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we can find our way to back into your good graces. Donald Trump understands his mission, I pray that you help my fellow countrymen understand what is at stake so we can enter into this Holy War against the illegitimate ruler of this planet. As many have feared, Lord, that you had rightfully turned your back upon us, but you have again shown your wonderful mercy, the same mercy you showed us when you sent your only son so that we might have eternal life. Please continue to show us the way Lord and help my friends and countrymen serve your holy purpose. In Jesus name I humbly pray this prayer-Amen.

Against all odds, Donald Trump is the answer to a nation’s collective prayers. For decades, I have been saying that the Presidency is beyond the reach of the people and change had to occur at the local level of politics. I still agree that we need to wage war at the local level. However, God has elevated our sights and the office of the President can be an instrument of his divine will. But this will only happen if we unite in the name of the Lord in thought, word and deed. If you think you will have a future as an American, then you would best heed my warning. America has used up all nine lives so to speak. This country is on life-support. Evil permeates everywhere. It has grown like an out of control cancer and has infested every institution known to man. We have been given one last chance because the Lord, loves us more than we love ourselves. We best get to work, because there will not be another chance like the one we have now.

Written by Dave Hodges.

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  1. Yes we are Blessed by God to have President Trump, but God expects His Church to Rise Up and fight for His Principals. To have voted for President Trump was just the beginning.

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