Preserve America’s Future

Preserve America’s FutureOur Constitution was written following the conceptual ideology established by John Locke’s 17th Century “Liberalism”, which countered the idea that an individual must be bounded in and subordinate to his clan, tribe, ethnic group, or kingdom. Liberalism proclaimed a sense of the importance for human individuality, a liberation of the individual from complete subservience to any collective group, and declared a relaxation of the state of custom, law, and authority.

Liberalism has a close but often uneasy relationship with democracy. The center of democratic doctrine is the belief that governments derive their authority from popular election; on the other hand, liberalism is primarily concerned with the scope of governmental activity. Liberals often have been wary of democracy because of fears that a tyranny might develop by the majority. Thus our founders established this nation as a Republic employing Democratic principles excluding majority rule!

Jefferson and Madison formed the Democratic Republican party at the end of the 18th century in opposition to the Federalist party thereby ensuring that “We the People” would have individual rights and bountiful liberty under the law. Unfortunately, the history of liberalism in the US shows a movement from mistrust of the state’s power believing it tends to be misused, to a willingness to use the power of government to correct perceived inequities in the distribution of wealth resulting from economic competition.

The expansion of governmental power and responsibility sought by liberals in the 20th century opposes the practices of government advocated by liberals a century earlier. Today, the ideology of Liberalism is sadly misconstrued among too many on the Left to represent a progressive movement toward Socialism; which has resulted in an undesirable inequality. Today the progressive Left within our government appears to favor ethnic minorities over the ethnic majority. This has nothing to do with elitism. The percentage of the truly wealthy is not that ethnically disproportionate in our society. Every ethnic culture in the US has it fair share of elitists.

By the same token, the working class of American citizens is also not that disproportionate based up ethnicity. The elitist is this nation make up about one (1) percent of the population. Those in the labor force who are totally dependent upon earnings make up at least sixty percent, which is fairly equally among American citizens of all ethnicities. Today our government does NOT wholeheartedly serve the American citizens within our populace.

Among the progressive Left, far too many have forgotten their Constitutional mandate to uphold, protect, and preserve the laws of this nation. They have forgotten that they work for “We the People”! Having undocumented immigrants residing among their constituency does NOT constitute a moral responsibility to serve those with an unlawful residency status in this nation.


  1. How to Centralize Governmental Power
    1. Target and Silence those who disagree with your views and philosophy. (Shout downs, talk over others , claim racism, fear mongering) (Attack the 1st Amendment.) . Use the media outlets to spread propaganda, and lies to sway opinions to governmental control and dependence.
    2. Remove all methods for self defense from good citizens so that resistance is futile and personal safety is entirely dependent upon the government. ( Attack the 2nd Amendment)
    3. Systematically target any organization that oppose governmental rule. ( i.e.; independent businesses, churches, and discredit family loyalty)
    4. Control the electoral processes. Stop all political opposition to governmental rule, select only officials picked by the government leaders. (Allow aliens to vote.)
    5. Make policies and laws so that citizens become dependent upon the government for all things. (Food, Shelter, Transportation)
    6. Gain complete control of all financial intuitions.

  2. Enough is Enough. In plain English “F##K the Democrats.

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