Rejecting Globalism and Affirming Patriotic Nationalism

Rejecting Globalism and Affirming Patriotic NationalismOur nation has gradually been subverted from within. Our national identity has been portrayed as hypocritical and unworthy of the claims of being a free society. The left wing insists that the U.S. has not lived up to its so-called ideals from the very beginning. For decades, the left and the Democrats have been pounding home the idea that we are not the land of opportunity but are the land of exploitation. Further, the America haters insist that the ideals enshrined in the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the statements of many of our early leaders are deceptions. They are intended to deny that the seeking of power and wealth by a ruling elite are the motives that have driven the growth of our country, and that the ideals and legal strategies that are supposed to strengthen our rights, our liberties, and our prosperity are merely strategies by which white, male persons have gained and sustained control of the centers of power and wealth in the USA.

Abraham Lincoln’s assertion that we are a nation “of the people, by the people, and for the people” was a nice sounding but false slogan, according to the brainwashed ideologues. Rather, under leftist dogma, the USA, from its very inception and even before that going back to Christopher Columbus is portrayed as anti-“the people.” The left portrays the USA as anti-black, anti-Latino, anti-Catholic, anti-worker, anti-women, anti-liberty, anti-farmer, anti-Native American, anti-blue collar, anti-Chicano, anti-Muslim, anti-world, anti-health, anti-freedom, anti-poor people, and anti-protected classes (such as the disabled, elderly, LGBQT individuals, or religious minorities). Undocumented immigrants or illegals are referred to by the left simply as “immigrants” and are another victimized group.

This propaganda can come under the general rubric of “Zinnism,” named after the writings of Howard Zinn, a longtime professor of history at Boston University. Zinn was a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, and wrote the bestselling American History college textbook A Peoples’ History of the United States. In this textbook, he portrays the USA as a bastion of economic exploitation, militarism, racism, hypocrisy, and in fact as completely ignoble from its founding to the present day. Because his textbook has become the best-selling textbook for introductions to American history in our universities, the Zinnian mindset has become dominant in a large portion of the population.

This extremely negative depiction of the U.S., a depiction intended to reverse the image of a righteous country that is the land of opportunity par excellence, is intended to drive us into acceptance of globalism and world government as the antidote for the social and economic problems that beset us. If our Constitution is an outdated document, one which has allowed so many injustices to occur and to continue occurring in the name of “justice” (i.e., based on the leftist paradigm, that over time we are a nation prone to systemic injustice), then the corrective must come from the outside. Outside influence can only increase if there is a dilution of U.S. sovereignty. That means more immigration (we already have the highest level of legal immigration in the world), more transfers of funds to other countries via the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and more contributions to the United Nations. Under the Democrat Party dissent from patriotic nationalism, we are called by our bogus leadership to engage in multilateral trade agreements that sacrifice U.S. benefits in favor of benefits to other countries, and living beyond our means in order to spend moneys we do not have to correct perceived as well as real injustices. The so-called unjust and selfish system of capitalist America will presumably be corrected by running up an incredibly shocking and nauseating debt of over $20 trillion, a debt that was doubled during President Barack Obama’s eight years in office.

Attempting to buy a secure future for ourselves, our national debt has created problems for future generations that are too disturbing to even contemplate. Instead of budgeting ourselves with a prudent and thoughtful national policy, and instead of aiming for balance and not for overdrafts that bail out the top 1% (despite the Democratic rhetoric of hating the top 1%), we have printed and borrowed ourselves into a desperate economic cul de sac. Also, Democrats and Republicans have not openly challenged the Federal Reserve policy of keeping interest rates excessively low. With the low interest rates, people who are thrifty and save find that their money growth cannot keep up with inflation, and they are losing buying power.

Nevertheless, inflation rates, and stock prices have continued to be high since the collapse of the housing market in 2008 and the concomitant venal bank bundling of mortgages with phony ratings of those bundles by rating agencies like Moody’s and Standard & Poor. Because the government continues printing so much money and making the money more available to financial institutions, those institutions are buying stocks, which is why the stock market prices remain high. Those higher stock prices and higher priced consumer products are not reflective of consumer demand or market projections. Thus, Zinnism, excessive national debt, and globalist policies of law, economics, and government go hand in hand in hand.

As an empowered citizenry and as good deplorables, we must dedicate ourselves every day to a restoration of patriotic nationalism and the overthrow of Zinnian anti-Americanism and globalism. Zinnism and globalism are bonded twins of the public socioeconomic/political landscape. Together they continually attempt to destroy the morale of our republic by destroying our national identity. We need to include daily prayers for the restoration of our national patriotic identity just as prayers were lifted up regularly and often by the those living in the thirteen original colonies for unity and relief from the oppression’s of the mother country. Without anger or vituperation but with firm righteousness, we need to affirm to others that we live in a land of opportunity not a land of exploitation.

We should often and freely express to others our gratitude at having the opportunities and enjoyments that life affords us here in the USA. Introduce the topic in a light and pleasant way. Say, “I’m just so thankful today that I live in the USA, the land of opportunity.” And if assailed by hostility or ridicule or just plain old disagreement, we should be prepared to ask the other(s), “Why aren’t you more grateful for the liberties and many opportunities and possessions you and your family receive and have received as a consequence of living in the USA?” While the left will confront us with the drumbeat of their quest for “equality,” we must counter with the assertion that liberty takes precedence over equality. Equality at best is a subset of liberty. Without liberty as first priority, the quest for “equality” can and will become oppressive.

Written by E. Jeffrey Ludwig.

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  1. Very true all you said.
    But the liberal great universities are destroying
    our young with the liberal,immoral professors.Send your Children to Christian schools,Universities, and graduate schools
    Mark Levin’s new book should shed light on all this.

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