Republicans Screw Americans Who Voted For Them, Again

Republicans Screw Americans

The last election cycle held in 2014 was supposed to be about stopping Obama and is why so many Americans turned out to vote for Republican candidates. In fact not only did the US House of Representatives gain Republican members so did the US Senate where by now both the House and the Senate have a Republican Party majority of members in control. Good news right? Apparently not as the same old Republican tricks of compromising with the devil (Obama in this case) continues despite what many who expressly shared was their number one reason for voting for Republican Candidates.

Most didn’t see it coming, but I did. When House Leader John Boehner was once again assumed he would get the House Leadership position, I knew he’d get it. I’ve been to Washington DC three times now visiting congress and I know how those in Congress play their dirty political games. There was no way that any challenger to Boehner was ever going to get the House majority position from the Republican members. Let me clarify. Please understand this…you the American voter do not control Congress nor how Congressional members vote. Many of you think you do, in fact most of you believe that the US Government works for you, but you really believe that, you are incorrect.

So, by this point, you are most likely wanting to know just who does the votes of Congress and our Federal Government? If “We The people” do not control Congress, just who does? The answer is this… the corporations, the lobbyists and the trial lawyers own and control votes of our Government. Don’t believe me? Just visit DC for one day and plainly see all the corporate office buildings in the District of Columbia and the thousands and thousand of lawyers coming in and out of Congressional member’s offices every day. Folks, they are not sharing cooking recipes nor are they talking about your best interests. Watch these corporate lawyers and lobbyists talk about “money” and “funding” to help special interests groups get their laws passed. My friends it’s sad to say but it’s all true, your locally elected Federal Government Representative and Senator were and still are financed today to do the will of big corporations and special interests groups, not you or I.

Oh yes, I do want to acknowledge that you will hear some fine sounding speeches from Republicans from time to time. But those are speeches not action. I don’t care how much you like Trey Gowdy, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee or any other “Conservative” Republicans. Great speeches do nothing, that is unless you are one of those Americans that believes that “Professional wrestling” is real. You’ll hear great sounding and tough rhetoric there, but (sorry to break some of your hearts) but just like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and other fairy tales, professional wrestling and the vast majority of political speeches even from republicans are nothing short of fluff and lies.

My suggestion to all Americans is this; stop putting your faith in politics, including the Republican Party (Never trust a Democrat either). As my German great grandmother used to say of politicians and a few others like them, “they are all shysters.” You cannot trust a one of them. Who can you trust ? No one but Jesus of the Bible my friend. He’s the only one. Men and women will always fail you. Even me, I never purposely try to hurt or fail someone but for some folks, I’ have some how hurt and or failed them. That’s human nature, we want better, but people can’t give you what only Jesus Christ can provide. That’s a fact.

So, stay away from strange, orange colored and lying politicians. Even if they are Republicans. Instead, gravitate towards Jesus because only He can help a nation that is full of lying politicians and a nation that has also been overrun with corrupted and evil people. Give Him a try won’t you? Perhaps if many of us do take Jesus into our lives, this nation can and will turn around. What have you got to lose?

Psalm 146:3 “Put not your trust in princes, nor in the son of man, in whom there is no help.”

Written by Rev. Paul P. Waldmiller ~ Black Robe Regiment Pastor.

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