Sia Prime Brokerage Agreement

The client who signed an agreement for the “contract” with Legent Clearing has entered into an agreement for the “contract” with Legent Clearing. LLC (“Legent Clearing” which provides, among other things, that Legent Clearing issue confirmation for every transaction it makes or concludes on behalf of the undersigned, unless the undersigned pre-signs Legent Clearing in writing to send confirmations to the undersigned in the custody of the undersigned`s principal broker. The undersigned asks Clearing to send confirmations to the undersigned under the tutelage of the undersigned`s principal broker, as an enforcement broker or clearing agent for an execution broker. This instrument is not considered part or part of the agreement. The undersigned recognizes that if his account is managed on a discretionary basis by an investment advisor or fund manager, any confirmation may cover a single mass trade constituting transactions related to those of other accounts of the undersigned`s advisor. In accepting these instructions, Legent Clearing acknowledges that this instrument is not a condition for concluding the agreement or first-class mediation. In addition, the compensation accepts that it will not collect a differential fee based on the provision of an instruction such as this, and that, if not, LegenT Clearing should not induce the undersigned to perform that instrument. Signature: Print name: Title: Account Number: Tax ID: Accepted by Legent Clearing, LLC Signature: Print Name: Title: This page should only be executed if you want confirmations to be sent to your first broker and not to yourself (see number 6 of the attached prime-broker agreement). 9 LC12 07/05 2 Customer Agreement for Prime Brokerage Clearance Services: Customer Name: Account Number: This Agreement sets the terms, including Legent Clearing, LLC (Legent Clearing), its successors and the beneficiaries of the assignment will occasionally delete your securities transactions with a broker, as you may call it, as your first broker(first broker), provided that Legent Clearing has entered into a prime brokerage agreement with such a broker regarding your prime brokerage transactions (hereafter referred to as “Prime Brokerage Transaction”).

1. Setting up the Legent Clearing account will remove your premium brokerage transactions from a broker credit account that is created in the name of your first broker and intended for your benefit. On the settlement date of each premium brokerage transaction, clearing deposits your securities to your securities or from your broker premium for full payment by or to your first broker on your behalf. 2. Customer transactions you hereafter authorize clearing to inform your prime broker about the DTC ID system, or an estate system, all the details of any premium brokerage transaction that orders you to delete your account by clearing money, including, but not limited to the amount of the contract, warranty, number of shares or number of shares, and whether it is a long or short sale or purchase (all “commercial data”), and you agree to inform your predator of the trading data. In the event of a deviation from the business data you have disclosed to your first broker and the commercial data that has been disclosed to your first clearing broker, you are responsible for the immediate correction of this discrepancy and you will be liable for the losses, costs or costs incurred by the compensation of De Legent resulting from such a primer brokerage transaction. 3. Applicable Act and Regulations All premium brokerage transactions are subject to all applicable laws and regulations of all federal states, National and self-regulatory authorities, including, but not limited, to the Securities and Exchange Commission, all relevant securities and commodity exchanges, the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Constitution, regulate and customs customs of the exchange or market (and, if applicable, their clearing house).

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