Spouse Visa Rental Agreement

Accommodation does not need to be rented for the full 12 months. If the rent is a vacation rental that is only rented for part of the year, it doesn`t matter. It should also not be rented at the time of application, provided that you have sufficient time in the last 12 months to meet the requirements. You should also present a lease or contract to show that the property is leased and the amount you should receive for each month. I can confirm that the tenant has been living in the unit since September 2015 and has never missed a month`s rent. I can also confirm that I am pleased that he is living in accommodation with his fiancée XYZ as soon as she has completed the visa application process and has provided me with the corresponding official visa documents from the UK Home Office, which confirm that she is legally able to live in the UK. Unlike most visas, partner visas do not have specific residency requirements or mandatory restrictions on the number of days of absence from the UK. Despite the lack of residency requirements… You can count on real estate income from abroad or from the UK. The only restrictions are that you normally cannot rely on the real estate income of a property that is your home or that will be the property in which you will live when you arrive in the UK. This means that tenant agreements are not taken into account when meeting financial needs. There are also special arrangements for someone who returns to the UK with their partner. To rely on the income from work of a British or sedentary person who has worked abroad and is planning to return to the UK with his partner, they must have earned 18,600 pounds in the last 12 months (part 1) and have a job offer of at least 18,600 pounds in the UK (part 2).

In calculating the income they have received in the last 12 months (part 1), it is possible to include the income from the rental of real estate of a property which, upon their return to the United Kingdom, becomes their main place of residence (which is not normally allowed). However, property income cannot be imputed on the value of the income to be earned upon return to the UK (part 2). The sponsor can also rent accommodation to a local authority or a private owner. Where the applicant`s partner/sponsor has leased the property to the local authority, the applicant is required to provide evidence by the authority confirming the basis on which the applicant and the British sponsor will reside in the premises. However, in the case of private rent, the immigration officer is generally a little more cautious. Therefore, you can check the confirming documents with the lease, for example. B a letter from the landlord or real estate agency and proof of regular and full monthly payments. In accordance with paragraph E-ECP.3.4 of Schedule FM of immigration rules, an applicant must provide proof of appropriate accommodation in the United Kingdom. As a result, the applicant or the British sponsor (spouse/partner) must exclusively own or provide the accommodation. In addition, accommodation should not be crowded and should not be in violation of public health rules. As a result, the three requirements that a dwelling must meet for the visa application for British spouses are: It is possible to combine the income from the rental of real estate with other sources listed in the FM appendix.

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