Ted Cruz vs. Donald Trump on Muslim Refugees in the US

Ted Cruz - Donald Trump

With millions of Muslim refugees pouring out of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and other places in conflict, the question arises of whether they should be admitted not just to European countries, but also to America.

Donald Trump realizes the danger of admitting refugees to America. He says that some of them may be members of ISIS. He understands how places like Paris are no longer “recognizable” because they have so many Muslim immigrants. But then he says that for humanitarian grounds we have to let them into America, despite the security risk. In other words, he puts the well being of Muslim refugees ahead of the safety of Americans.

Ted Cruz, however, takes the opposite view.

    Ted Cruz, whose own father fled an oppressive regime decades ago, said Tuesday he opposed the U.S. taking in “large numbers” of refugees fleeing violence in Syria and elsewhere in the region.

    “Sen. Cruz is advocating for humanitarian assistance to the refugees from both Syria and Iraq and north Africa,” Cruz spokesperson Catherine Frazier told The Daily Beast. “However, given the logistical challenges and the security risk posed by resettling large numbers of them far afield in the US, he is not in favor of this plan if the ultimate intent is to return them to their homes.

Ted Cruz is right. The Muslims from these countries come from a very intolerant culture. They will refuse to assimilate and when they gather in sufficient numbers they will instead insist we conform to their culture. And a substantial minority of them will support terrorist acts against Americans, if the history of Muslims in places like France, Germany, and Great Britain is any guide.

The Muslim refugees should be taken in by other Muslim countries, like the Gulf States which haven’t taken any. It is also very curious that large countries like China and Russia have refused to accept any refugees. They know about the risk of terrorism and don’t want to put their own citizens at risk.

Why should America be any different? Trump’s view on this is disappointing, to say the least.

Written by Ed Straker.

NEWS VIDEO PUBLISHED: September 8, 2015

Host Bill O’Reilly began with the Syrian migrant crisis. Asked if he would allow Syrian refugees to enter the United States, Trump replied, “I hate the concept of it, but on a humanitarian basis of what’s happening, you have to.”

Watch the full interview – Bill O’Reilly Donald Trump on Kim Davis, Migrant crisis and Black Lives Matter.

NEWS UPDATE: September 9, 2015

Last night Donald Trump was clear on the BillO show that even though he didn’t like the idea, that America has a responsibility to accept Syrian migrants here on a humanitarian basis.

But tonight he’s done a complete 180 and now says America has too many problems to take in migrants from this crisis in the Middle East.

Watch the full interview – Donald Trump Talks Current Events On Hannity Sept. 9th 2015.


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  1. Speaking of those “intolerant Muslims”, I tutored a man from Kandahar when he learned I am a writer and needed help writing his research papers. David (Daud) was always fun to work with, and after paying me $20 per session, also took me out for a hamburger. David and I went in quest of the best hamburger in town. It was a fun time with a person from another culture. He told me he was young when Soviet troops stormed Kandahar and drug people out of their homes in the middle of the night. He knew no English when he arrived as a refugee on our shores.

    One night, David invited me to an Afghan wedding. This was one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever seen. The bride wears green, which represents fertility and satiety, and everything is highly ritualized. As something still special to my heart about that night, since I was the only Caucasian in the room, the bride’s father, who traditionally goes to the meal first, asked me to precede me. This is a high honor. I was quite moved.

    Perhaps when you’re out judging others, perhaps you will be more effective judging others by judging them as individuals, not as groups you about which you know nothing.

    • If only we could tell at a glance which ones wanted to kill us and which ones would hold us in high esteem as honored guests. Tell those families of murdered service men who were merely trying to do their job and train Afghanis to fight for their freedom but were shot in the back for their efforts to not judge those who murdered their loved one.

    • Just because you had a good experience doesn’t mean the rest of us who are well aware of who drove those planes into the twin towers are going to feel the same way. Who is cutting off the heads of Christians in the Middle East? How do you know he knows nothing? I think he knows quite a lot. You are the naive one. Wake up already!

    • I hired a Muslim nanny right after 911 & became quite familiar with the moderates & their culture. However to equate experiencing some positive relationships in the US with what’s going on in this crazy immigrant situation is just plain ignorant.

      • Lisa. . . you and Gordon Hilgers are the ones that are ignorant. Both of you must of forgotten about the September 11 attacks, 2,996 people were killed: 2,977 victims with the 19 Islamic Muslim terrorist perpetrators. These immediate deaths included 246 victims on the four planes, 2,606 victims inside the World Trade Center and in the surrounding area, and 125 victims at the Pentagon.

        All of those killed were civilians excepting 71 law enforcement officers and 343 firefighters who died in the World Trade Center and on the ground in New York City, one law enforcement officer who died when United Airlines 93 crashed into the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and 55 military personnel who died at the Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia. Overall, 2,605 U.S. citizens died in the attacks but an additional 372 non-U.S. citizens (excluding the 19 Isamic Muslim terrorist perpetrators). More than 90 countries lost citizens in the attacks, including the United Kingdom (including the British overseas territory of Bermuda) (67 deaths), the Dominican Republic (47 deaths), and India (41 deaths).

        Oooo. . . should I post more like the Boston attack? Better yet. . . try clicking on this web sites above link about the evil of Islam, for it’s a real eye opener.

  2. Erwin.Vasily@gmail.com

    Thank you, Mr. Gordon Hilgers, for sharing you story with us.
    Possible you story would have had more respect if it had ended with the two short sentences: “This is a high honor. I was quite moved.”
    To continue on with your characterization of others, dissolves the passion in your story. Judgments are made by trillions of people every second of each day. Many times, these judgments are made for self defense and the preservation of life, liberty and freedom.
    So, please be kind in you thinking of others as you wish others to be kind to your friend. The word MOSLEM is spelled and used in all caps to shout the warning to others who have not had your favorable experience.
    It takes very little research to find why MOSLEM is used. Obviously, there is 1400 years of unfavorable experiences received by the million of dead people in many countries.

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