The Big Gay Lie

The Big Gay Lie

While gays are our siblings in Christ, the gay lifestyle is nothing like the straight lifestyle. That’s why we have to condemn the gay lifestyle because we love gays as people, just as we condemn smoking out of love for smokers.

One of the key reasons that gay “marriage” has won as much public support as it has is that few people understand how harmful the massively promiscuous gay lifestyle is.

The Big Gay Lie (BGL) is that the gay lifestyle is the same as the straight lifestyle. The BGL has a number of facets including:

    • Lots of people are gay

    • Gay relationships are just like straight ones; they want long-term commitment

    • Being gay isn’t bad for your health

    • Gays are born that way

The BGL has made the debate over gay marriage like a debate about smoking where no one realizes that smoking causes lung cancer.

Before looking at what scientific studies tell us here’s some anecdotal evidence that people may already be familiar with:

    • When AIDS first struck gays fought tooth and nail to keep the bathhouses — where gays go for anonymous sex with strangers — open. Gays are so addicted to sex that even in the face of a fatal disease they didn’t want to curb their promiscuous lifestyle.

    • AIDS. While we’re constantly told that it’s not a gay disease the reality is that in the U.S. almost no one but gays get AIDS from sex. Yet even though condoms don’t stop the spread of AIDS gays continue to risk their lives to have sex with strangers

    • While everyone condemns crimes by priests and ministers against children, the fact is that 81% of the victims of priests have been young boys; the problem is a gay one.

    • NAMBLA — which advocates sex with 3 year olds — is an accepted part of the gay community. The organization marched in the SF Gay Pride parade for years before pressure from straights got the organization booted out due to bad optics.

Very few people are gay:

The debate about gay marriage has been skewed by a gross misrepresentation of the number of gays in America. While the average American thought 23% of Americans were gay the real number is 1.6% with only 3.8% of the population being LGBT.

Gay relationships are nothing like straight ones:

The simple reality is that the gay lifestyle consists of sex with many strangers and few if any long term, let alone monogamous, relationships.

Less than 1% of gays report, to gay friendly researchers, to having sex with fewer than 5 partners. On the other hand, 43% report having more than 500 sexual partners including 28% who have had more than 1000 sexual partners.

To put this in context, only 25% of heterosexual men have sex with more than 10 women in their lifetimes; women average 4.7 partners over their lives.

Gay relationships rarely last more than 2 years. A study of gay “marriages” in Holland found that they last, on average, 1.5 years and that they are not monogamous. Another study showed that not a single gay couple was monogamous for more than five years. Straight marriages are far longer lasting and much more likely to be monogamous.

For example in 2009 the average duration of an American woman’s first marriage was 20.8 years. Second marriages last 14.5 years. In 2009, 30% of American heterosexuals were not married, 55% had been married once, 12% had been married twice, and 3% had been married more than twice.

This disparity isn’t surprising, given that men tend to be more promiscuous than women. A sexual relationship without a woman is hence likely to be based on sex, not love.

Basically what passes for love in gay relationships is really lust or infatuation. It’s not the sort of love that keeps a couple faithful and together for decades. Gays as people deserve better than that, but they will never find it if they follow their inclinations.

Being gay is very bad for your health:

Being gay cuts roughly 20 years off of a man’s expected lifespan; smoking only cuts 10. That’s not surprising given the AIDS epidemic but the basically unhealthy sexual practices of gays lead to death and illness from sources other than AIDS as well.

Additionally the gay community serves as a reservoir of other STDs due to the massively promiscuous nature of gay relationships.

Finally the nature of gay “sex” leads to a wide variety of other problems — nature has taught us to not play with feces for a reason.

Gays aren’t born gay:

Even a cursory examination shows it’s absurd to think that gays are born gay, that there is a “gay” gene. Evolution teaches that genes that help an organism survive and reproduce endure and genes that hinder survival or reproduction disappear. Yet what gene could possibly be worse for reproduction than a “gay” gene? Clearly any person with a “gay” gene wouldn’t have had kids and hence the gene would disappear from the gene pool.

Further many studies have shown that being gay is not genetic. Eight major studies of identical twins prove that being gay is not due to genetics. Identical twins have the same DNA and hence, if being gay is purely genetic, if one twin is gay the odds of the other being gay would be 100%. Yet the reality is on average the chance of the other twin being gay is around 12%.

This does not mean that gays wake up one morning and decide to be gay. Studies have shown that gays are very likely to come from families with detached or absent fathers. That makes sense; gays turn to sex with men to replace the love they never had from their fathers. After all, our society is great at confusing sex with love.

Given that being gay is not genetic it is likely that being gay is curable. While the MSM attacks any possibility of gays becoming heterosexual the reality is that cure rates of 30% or more may be possible for gays who want to be cured.

Moving beyond the BGL:

Why has the BGL been so successful? There are several reasons, but the primary one is that since gays are so rare, most people don’t interact with them that much; and when they do gays are unlikely to boast about their promiscuity. On the other hand the media, both news and entertainment, portray gays as being just like straights. Not only are the health, mental and physical, consequences of the gay lifestyle concealed but even the fact that gays are sex addicts is never mentioned.

It’s hardly surprising given the prevalence of the BGL that support for gay “marriage” is as high as it is.

Based purely on science, gays are defective since from an evolutionary perspective the only purpose of life is to produce offspring. It’s Christianity that teaches that gays are not defective only prone to a different kind of sin than most people. In fact, Christianity teaches that gays who live chaste lives are truly great servants of God for bearing a very heavy cross successfully.

Once the BGL is exposed it’s clear that the only truly loving response to gays is to urge them to seek a cure and to live chaste lives. Because our objection to the gay lifestyle is based on love it makes perfect sense to simultaneously condemn violence against gays, persecution of gays, and hatred for gays with efforts to encourage gays to not live the gay lifestyle.

The liberal response of encouraging the gay lifestyle is like encouraging smokers to smoke, fat people to eat more, or people who want to amputate their limbs to go right ahead. If you truly love someone you don’t enable them to do things that are self-destructive.

In reality, love-wins should mean encouraging gays to avoid the gay lifestyle not enabling them to live a lifestyle that cuts decades off their lives and involves the objectification of others as things to be used rather than people to be loved. Gays deserve better than that.

Use the truth to combat the BGL and you’ll find that people’s attitudes will begin to change — true love will win in the end.

Written by Tom Trinko.


  1. When my first wife came out of the closet after 16 years of marriage I wanted to understand this problem. If you want to help people who are on the LGBT band wagon who is not gay to walk away from this and to see the truth about this cause Have get on google and google what is called the Homosexual manifesto. I believe once they read this manifesto they will willfully walk away and agree these people need to be stopped. also get a copy of what doctors have said about the dangerous lifestyle male gays live it will sicken them. Being a Christian site too many people sugar coat the truth and that needs to end. If they would read the stats of these doctors it will make you see truth very quickly. The medical part of this will tell you exactly why God forbade this sin.

    • Anal intercourse is 5 times more likely to spread disease than vaginal intercourse. This is why God forbade sodomy.

      I am going to be completely candid as someone who considered himself bisexual I was part of the Gay community for years. Gays are fond of saying that not every gay practices sodomy but if that is the case then why does every gay porno include anal sex as the money shot? Anal sex is the major sexual act of homosexuals. When I was a practicing bisexual before I came out of that lifestyle every gay man I talked to/flirted with was immediately not interested when I stated I do not do any anal sex. It was the only thing they were interested in when I would flirt. I rarely had any intimate contact with men because of this fact. I always brought it up prior to any intimacy because I didn’t want to be raped. Gays are dangerous in their desperation for male to male intimacy.
      They long for what they missed in their relationship with their father.

      Part of the reason Satan has won so much in this arena is because of the fear of being suspected of being seen as a pedophile for men showing any affection to children. My own father was the victim of sexual abuse as a child and sexual abused my older sister. My younger sister was sexually abused by the son of her baby sitter and I myself at the age of nine was sexually abused by several teenagers at Camp. sexual abuse ran throughout my dads family I have since found out several of my great uncles had molested their own children and grand children. It was like a generational curse.

      I am almost positive that sexual abuse of children leads to homosexual orientation because every gay men I knew had been abused as a child and every one of them had distant fathers. They blamed it on being gay but I think they got it backward I think it made them gay.

      Fathers do not be distant, hug your son, make him know he is loved and valued. Give him the opportunity to make you proud, then tell him you are pleased with him, that you are proud of him. That kind of Love can be transformational.

  2. Jeremy B. Anders

    I grew up in a christian home knowing right from wrong. I also knew that homosexuality was wrong. And that it was condemned in the bible. So I didn’t understand why I was feeling the feelings that I was feeling inside. I do remember when l was young . that I had a couple of friends.that were around my age. That made me do some sexual things things with them. So now I wonder if that wasn’t the cause. That and I was exposed to pornography at a young age. Something my parents knew nothing about. Anyway I had such a troubled childhood.that when I was 15 years old . I ended up in a Adolescent Adjustment Center at the Laughlin Hospital. Then a year or two later at a drug rehabilitation center. Which was the first place that I “came out of the closet.” Not long after that I convinced myself that I was “born Gay.” A lie from the pits of HELL. Which I screamed at the top of my voice for the next 20 + years. But I knew better. Matter of fact there were a few times in there. That I repented, and turned away from homosexuality. But l hadn’t fully turned my back on .homosexuality. I still had one little piece of it that I did not want to let go of. Which is why I fell back into it. That and back then I was VERY self destructive. Which didn’t change until a few years back. But now through the saving grace of God.and through his delivering power. I AM now free from homosexuality, from pornography, and from my self destructive personality. THANK YOU JESUS FOR SAVING, and DELIVERING ME!!!

  3. “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” Heated discussions with “Free-Range Liberals” is a bit of a hobby with me, and when they start to spew statistics at me I usually retort with “39.7% of all statistics are made up”. This usually causes them to go into an utter melt down. So, after reading this article, would you please point me to the source(s) of your data? Not that I’m questioning your integrity, but if I were to quote any of these figures without knowing the source I’d probably get my head handed to me. Thank You.

  4. WOW. In a world so advanced its amazing that people still think like this, the damagevthis kind of article could do to young minds!
    A) How did H.I.V pass from monkeys to humans? It wasn’t gay men!
    B) Priest and ministers molesting young boys is a probable out come from strong religus views like this. Young gay men being forced to take holy orders rather than ‘be gay’.
    C) The human population is destroying this planet. Ever thought that homosexualty is just evelutions way of population control?
    D) GBLT people have been around for longer than Christianity and im sure will be around long after!
    E) As long as all partys are willing and above age. Why would god care who tjey show love/lust to? To be in a relationship for your whole life or an intense two day, to share experiences with another human being is this not “gods” gift to all!
    And to quote the bible “Let him with out sim cast the first stone” so unless the person whom wrote this artical has been sat in a colourless room for there lifes its all poppycock! And I hope no young person feels down or self lothing from this silly article!
    With love light and hope xxx

    • Yes Jesus said to the crowd he with out sin caste the first stone then he turned to the woman and said go and sin no more. You do not thing that gay men who will screw anything that moves wont have sex with a monkey? As one who has been in the lifestyle and has seen the depravity that gays will stoop to I call stercore tauri on this. Gays infiltrated the catholic church in the 60s and 70’s yet the gays have managed successfully to remove pedophiles from the gay pantheon. it is only now when gays are completely accepted that you guys are working to get pedophilia mainstreamed as well. You also are pushing forth the myth of overpopulation but we destroy more food everyday than is consumed. google it it is true. it is the governments bent on central planning (socialism and communism) and dictators (fascism )that cause starvation and disease. and yes sin has been around since Adam and Eve fell from grace. Gays just sin differently from other Christians. being Gay is no different than being a thief or a liar or a fornicator or an adulterer. Sin is sin and it only means you need the saving grace of Jesus. God cares what willing and willful adults do because it is so dangerous. Anal sex is five times more likely to spread STDs than vaginal sex. that comes from the CDC look it up. Every sinner needs to feel bad about his sin I pray that you feel bad enough about it to reach out to him to take the addiction to it away. I have been there I know, You are constantly filled with the desire for love and acceptance your partner will tell you his is true to you but you know he is sleeping around every opportunity he has You vociferously deny this at every turn just as you deny the truth to yourself. but the truth always comes out. Since Satan was the angel of light and we already know you are confused about what Love is I will leave you with a batter sign off.
      With charity, truth and the way of Jesus. !!!

  5. Allan, If the said men would have sex with anything (ie, a man,a woman, a animal, a object! ) is apparently called a pansexual or omnisexual. I’ve learnt aomething new, thank you! But I don’t condone it. Having sexual contact in any way with anyone or any animal which can not give permission is wrong. This would include children due to them not having the mental or physical ability to understand these things.
    As for sin according to the Bible, Christian’s every day life is full of sin whether it be from wearing two different clothes ie wool and jeans, or eating cheese burgars but we all know leviticus is a bit messed up! But I wouldn’t expect anyone to write a hate story about it (maybe the vegetarians but not for those same reasons).
    Anal sex we can all google facts (and my google history is now x rated. Lol) but on average most sources agree that around 30 to 40 percent of gay men have anal sex, and an average 25 percent of hetrosexual women admit to having anal sex and 20 percent of them regularl! And STDs have gone up 80 percent in the over 80’s since the invention of viagra!
    I am lucky enough to have been in a committed relationship for 13 years and have two beautiful children so I truly know what love is. I hope your heart mends from what ever pain it has known and that you can forgive your sins to your self. I wrote my original coment as an alternative view for confused people to know there are other views and to find there own truths and I appreciate your veiw x

  6. I agree with what Pat Boone said, “Someone asked me the other day what I thought about same-sex marriage, and I told them, What I think is not worth the breath coming out of my mouth. The question is, what does God think? And he expresses himself in the Bible very clearly.”

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