The Democratic Party Is America’s Evil

The Democratic Party Is America's Evil

A New York Times article exposed that the Democrats are expecting to have their clocks cleaned in the election in a week or so. Democrats believe that their only hope is to get out the black vote. How do they plan to achieve this? Of course, with their tried and true tactic of race-baiting.

In other words, the Democrats and their MSM operatives have launched an all-hands-on-deck deplorable effort to convince black Americans that white Americans are out to suppress and even murder them. Democrats pray that hordes of enraged blacks will forget about how they have suffered under Obama and flock to the polls to vote for Democrats.

In my opinion as a Christian, the Democrats’ hate-whitey-get-out-the-black-vote scheme is a satanic plot conceived by deviant minds. Folks, words cannot express my visceral disdain for such shameful politicking. Any media personality or outlet that signs on to the Democrats’ unconscionable plan should be shunned, unworthy of your respect or time.

Admittedly, it appears that I am constantly writing about the Democrats’ attempts to sic black America on white America, especially at election time. Folks, it is because I find the Democrats’ behavior so reprehensibly evil, all the while claiming the moral high ground of possessing superior levels of tolerance and compassion. Borrowing an expression from the kids, “gag me!”

Equally revolting is the mainstream media’s complicit behavior, assisting the Democrats in their spreading of filth.

So here is their game plan. Ferguson is ground zero for the Democrats’ Operation Hate Whitey get-out-the-black-vote campaign.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, new evidence reveals that Michael Brown did not have his hands up in an attempt to surrender, as relentlessly promoted by the left. Brown’s blood was found inside Officer Wilson’s police car, confirming that Brown did attack the police officer.

Now, folks, here is what is so insidiously evil about what the Democrats are doing. The truth and facts do not matter to the Democrats. They are still fully committed to selling the lie to black America that Michael Brown was an innocent “gentle giant” black youth murdered by a white racist police officer. To get deceived black voters to the polls, a Democrat flier says, “If you want to prevent another Ferguson…” Totally disgusting.

Ponder that for a moment, folks. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. along with other heroes, black and white, fought, suffered, and died to bring us together as a nation via mutual respect and equal opportunity. And what are these deplorable scumbags in the Democratic Party doing? They are ripping us apart to win elections.

All that these Democrat politicians and their MSM sycophantic minions care about is infecting blacks with a victim mindset, which keeps blacks dependent on government, which keeps Democrats fat and happy with power.

I flew to Washington, D.C. the other day for a national press conference launching “Restore the Dream 2014.” I was honored to be included in a coalition of black conservative leaders who will reach out, touring the black community. We will be sharing the good news of conservatism to those who have been deceived by Democrats and suffering under liberalism for decades.

Leading the charge is Niger Innis, the son of civil rights icon Roy Innis and Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Our coalition includes Star Parker and others. A great team!

And guess who also attended our press conference at the MLK Memorial to let the world know that they have our backs. The answer is and Tea Party Express. But how can that be? Haven’t you been told that the Tea Party movement is all about white racist rednecks’ disdain for a black president, their ranks filled with hate-filled extremists who want to see blacks hung from trees? Yet another politically calculated hideous lie perpetrated by Democrats and their collaborators in the mainstream media.

I am not exaggerating, folks. A member of the Congressional Black Caucus actually said that the Tea Party wants to see blacks hanging from a tree. Folks, how much longer will we tolerate these vile, disgusting people ginning up, promoting, and propagating racial hate? I am so sick of the we-must-give-them-a-pass-because-they-are-black crap. Enough, my fellow Americans! Enough!

So yes, I have signed on to the “Restore the Dream” tour, which will continue at least through the 2016 election.

Somebody needs to push back against the evil lowlife filth spewing out of the Democratic Party.

Folks, my dream is to see my fellow black Americans standing tall, filled with the dignity and pride that come only via personal achievement. I want to see blacks proud to be Americans, acknowledging the truth that they are extremely blessed to be born in the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. I want to see blacks’ and whites’ natural instincts to get along grow freely, unimpeded by Democratic Party hate-mongering.

And for this, I, along with other black conservatives, am despised and hated. We are called traitors to our race.

But that is okay. We are strong, armed with the shield of faith, motivated by love, and prepared by God for such a time as this.

Written by Lloyd Marcus.


  1. With ownwership of the ‘MSM’ networks, all the free propaganda, and billions to spend. no other party can win. The fix has been in for decades. Even rigged vote counting. All we can do is wake up enough people to expose the corruption. It will only happen on the internet.
    Are Bilderberger Zionists and their dupes a bigger problem?
    The Network Media claims that Muslims and their sharia law(which is terrible) is a BIG threat; BUT
    How is it, that MSM ignores who has infiltrated our government and bought our politicians?
    Who has any idea of who owns the MSM?
    Who has any idea of who has control of “public” education? (common core, text book publishers. Etc.)
    Who has any idea of who has control of US foreign policy? (CFR vetted politicians in both parties for decades)
    Who has any idea of who has control of our economy? (The private Federal Reserve)
    Who has any idea of who is financially enslaving the world, with their usury? Including the USA’s ($17.5 trillion debt), via The FED, IMF, World Bank, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and the rest.
    How is it that MSM ignores that Zionists have been behind the Muslim and illegal emigrations for decades? (diversity is good has been the NWO propaganda)

    Decades of /NeoCON/NWO/ /Bilderberger’s “Foreign Policy” has got America involved in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Libya, Egypt and ETC. The warmongers are still pushing for Ukraine, Syria and Iran. Our “Allies” have become “enemies” over and over and over! Most recent; the US armed the radical Sunnis (ISIS) in Syria to fight Assad’s Shiite government in Syria. Now the US is fighting the ISIS/Sunni/Al-Qaida slaughter going on in Iraq. The NeoCONs (ie. FOX, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and other CFR pundits), continue to push for attack of the Shiite governments in Syria and Iran.
    All Shiites are our enemies according to our Talking Heads on network TV. Just so happens, they do not have Rothschild banks, and are not in debt to them.
    Research who attacks who and find out why. Is Israel really our friend?
    I can only hope some here take the time to read, research and think this through.
    A lot is at stake.
    The 911 attack (Google: 911, Building 7 and You Tube it also) was the pretense for 13 years of all out wars. The Bilderberger’s NWO foreign policy is being pushed hard by their bought media. Beware of the Boogie Man! The One that the NWO manipulators created, funded and armed.
    The truth is attainable for anyone who gives a damn, and who takes some time to get to the truth. Americans are being set up for some really bad turmoil (martial law under Dept. of Homeland Security), and the Powers That Be will deliver their planned “solutions” (Google and You Tube FEMA camps, Agenda 21 for starters).
    These will be really bad solutions for those that care about liberty, freedom, our standard of living, and our Constitution.

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  3. I’ll only say this, Since Donald Trump became president , the world has seen the Corruption of the Democratic Party and the way certain media have acted in part with them .
    I understand that President Trump is also donating his salary to charity.
    Contrast that with Hilary Clinton , if she had got elected, There would be billions of corruption . going on past record.
    So I will stop here . but I hope people will wake up and be wise.

    • Christopher A. Harper

      You people watch too much TV, download too much Alex Jones and Glenn Beck and believe everything Fox says. Look, I am NOT a DEMOCRAT or a REPUBLICAN but I find it so SILLY and CHILDISH the way you politics addicts go back and forth. The democratic party is “evil”? Don’t you think that’s a little extreme? And they say the same about YOU. People are “mean” to Trump! No other POTUS in the history of the US has been treated like this! WHAAAAAT? Where have you been for the last EIGHT YEARS? Obama couldn’t do ANYTHING right! But guess what? He took it like a MAN! He didn’t wake up at 2 am on a workday checking Twitter to see who has said something “mean” about him. Obama must be some type of mastermind because people like yourself are STILL talking about HIM! I’d NEVER let anyone I didn’t like be in my head so much! But there it is! Please seek help

      • Obama was caught in NUMEROUS lies And he and his perpetually angry wife have bashed the US for years. Obama sends a PALLATE loaded with millions of dollars to his brothers the Islamists without Congressional approval. He was a traitor times ten. He protected ISIS Trump has blasted them The Dems hate Trump cause he is for law and order and is pro ISrael UNLIKE Obama!

      • YES the Dems are Evil ! They support anything that’s against law and order! Illegal immigration for one! They support killing a baby in its NINTH MONTH! How evil can you get!!!

      • Christopher, You are a lost dem under Satans hand. Reading your thoughts show a lack of common sense. Obama left a legacy of division within the United States. The Dems started the KKK but you don’t know that either. You look at socialistic media and cannot distinguish right from wrong and it’s like candy to you. The BLM is another Democrat scheme….the Washington Post ran an article on liberals sending money to the evil movement. It’s not about racism. All lives matter and not just black lives. The police have been using too much force towards white and black people for decades. As a matter of fact, anyone they want to. However, not all officers are to blame for the few radical ones. Get off your stupid and wake up. I bet you enjoy being able to do what you want, move freely within the United States and keep most of the money you earn. But if Dems have it their way, your life will change even if they know you voted for them. And even worst than this, other countries won’t tolerate the reckless attitude of a Dem as President. The USA will be destroyed and you played a part of that evil outcome.

  4. We voted for Trump and he is doing great. The democrat’s can’t stand for that to happen. They spend are money disrupting the president and wasting every ones time. There looser, stand aside and let him do his job.

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