The Elephant In The Room In The Abortion Debate

Abortion Debate

I got into a heated discussion about abortion with a liberal feminist classmate of mine the other day. I noticed at the onset that she was very particular in framing all of her pro-choice rhetoric with the word choose. She contended that Republicans want to tell women what to do with their bodies by defunding Planned Parenthood. She said that a female has the right to choose what happens to her body. And to deny a female an abortion would be forcing her to be pregnant and in turn forces her to be a mother. What really upset me was when she said that a woman has the right to choose to be a mother.

I realized that the discussion was going to be replete with liberal talking points, so I decided to frame all of my responses with the word choose as well. I began by informing her that the first choice that a woman makes as it relates to pregnancy is that she chooses to engage in sex. And by choosing to have sex, she is in turn choosing to be a mother. Although not all sex results in a pregnancy, all pregnancy is the result of sex. So if a healthy, fertile female chooses to have consensual sex, she is choosing to possibly become pregnant, and as a result, she is choosing to be a mother. When I said that, my nearly fifty-year-old classmate became unglued.

I really did not expect for her to lose it (although it was pure gold). Did she not know that sex can lead to pregnancy? Every time liberal feminists want to debate the issue of abortion, sex never enters the conversation (other than rape or incest). Pro-choice advocates want to use choice only after the baby (or fetus, according to them) is in the womb. How did the baby get in the womb to begin with? Consensual sex is the elephant in the room in the abortion debate.


  1. God will not hold you guiltless for not helping to stop this, especially since God has already given you the means to do so.

    • My husband and I read your post and wanted to tell you we don’t understand how so many Christians do noting about this. We brought it up at church last Sunday and most of them didn’t want anything to do with the subject. After the services were over my husband went out of his way to tell several of them that God knows they have done absolutely nothing to help end this sin of murdering the innocent.

  2. Most people (especially christians) are hypocrites. They say their unwilling participants in having their taxes pay for abortions, but do nothing at all to change it.

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