This Lesbian’s Daughter Has Had Enough

The truth about gay marriage and adoption

My name is Rivka Edelman, and I am the product of same-sex parenting.

Recently I published an essay on Public Discourse about the ruthless misogyny that pervades LBGT culture. I pointed out it that it can and will victimize women and children with impunity and then, in America’s narcissistic fugue, get hailed as brave and heroic.

Since my essay was published, there have been hundreds, maybe thousands, of posts calling me a liar or trying to shame, discredit, intimidate, and threaten me. Read this for details.  People I do not know have gone directly after my family and my job. They have posted information, mis-information, accusations, and threats against me. A vicious abusive “activist” well-known for his unhinged misogynistic cyber-stalking and violent threats, Scott Rose, sent blast e-mails to the university where I teach, describing himself as a “human right activist and an investigative journalist.”

Scott Rose has made threats of violence against Ryan T. Anderson, the editor who published my piece on October 2, 2014:

And menacing threats against me:

menacing threats

As with other adults who have come forward to criticize their childhood with gay parents, I am framed as a bigot or a liar or in some other way “unreliable.” In this flip-flop, a children’s rights activist and feminist is called “anti-gay” and a “bigot.”

Jeremy Hooper, Mr. Rose, and a gang of the allies who congregate and exchange information on Hooper’s blog, “Good As You,” are concerned about an amicus curiae brief I wrote in the Texas case regarding same-sex marriage (Fifth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals). Along with three other adults who were raised by same-sex couples, I came forward to push back against the assertion that children have no disadvantages when raised by same-sex couples. Our arguments are not so easy to dismiss.

On Jeremy Hooper’s blog, activists have dug through all my past to make it public. They have also discussed contacting my ex-husband to get him to lie about me for them.

threats of violence

The Texas case is still pending. To date, the voices of adult children of the LBGT community have been stifled, but by some miracle four briefs were accepted in Texas against the objections of the pro-gay lobby side, which invoked procedural technicalities to try to get the four briefs thrown out. Three of the four amici curiae have published commentary on same-sex parenting here.

Once “activists” connected my Public Discourse piece of October 2, to the Texas brief, they went full throttle. Jeremy Hooper, the blogger at Good as You, uses his blog as a platform to harass, bully, and silence with impunity. Hooper published comments from his readers and thereby shared our home address and my daughter’s private information. They contacted other family members looking for information. They are not picky; true or made up assertions work for them equally.

To my ex husband, Rose wrote:

We can conclude with reasonable certainty that significant details of her young life were left out of her brief.

Mr. Rose wants my ex-husband to fill in the blanks. He was told never to contact my ex again. He has harassed me with the e-mail version of drunken dialing. And as the outrage against Mr. Hooper grows wider, he says he has no control over the comments. He says he never even met Rose. He cites law for polish. Hooper is careful and deliberate to say that sometimes he does not agree with Rose’s tactics.

I do not believe Mr. Hooper. He indeed allows commenters to leave violent threats against me. Under Hooper’s editorial review, my work information, along with my child’s name and people’s addresses, circulated freely.

Here Mr. Rose, human rights activist (is that a day job?), threatened my career with much bravado:

She thought she was going to get away with demonizing gay people behind pseudonyms “Ryvka Edelman” … et cetera, but my message to the gay-bashing bigot is YOU’LL NEVER EAT LUNCH IN THIS TOWN AGAIN.


She can forget that one.


And now that editors and English Department Chairs know that [Rivka Edelman] is a vicious anti-LGBT bigot, they have more information for their publishing and hiring decisions.


P.S. to Rivka – Rots a Ruck getting your work published in any non-religious, non-bigot publication, now that the world knows that [Rivka] is a malicious, lying, anti-LGBT bigot.

The police have his name now.

Perhaps they see us, the adult children of gay homes, as a threat, so we are attacked and our families threatened. They posted on Craigslist looking for information about me.

children of gay homes

Good God. Maybe I’m on Grindr, too.

Next they deploy “activist” “Straight Grandmother.” She is the one who floats the idea of contacting my ex in the first place.

She states in an e-mail to my ex-husband:

… Her Amicus Brief to our Federal Court Judges in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals … The only thing they have going is their personal narrative, which makes it very difficult to discredit … how much if their personal narrative is made up just to further their Hate Agenda. The only way we have to discern the truth is to delve into their personal narrative.

They savage, bully, and threaten adults who grew up with gay parents in order to force a false narrative of happiness on them. More Orwellian logic.

Straight Grandmother goes on explaining the ins and outs:

It invades people’s personal privacy. But then on the other hand, they are the ones themselves who are offering up their personal lives as reasons to deny gays Civil Rights. See how this puts gay rights advocates between a rock and a hard place? They kind of force us to do something distasteful, but if we don’t then their lies stand.

They admit a pattern to invade people’s privacy – the new McCarthyism.

SGM says:

This is why I am contacting you and what I would like to know about XXXX, well specifically XXXX’s mother … if you are able to get an actual affirmation or rejection from the brother.

Here they are looking for more family. I can’t help but feel that whatever organization pays these men should be investigated.

The writer continues:

I don’t know if you will provide the true answer to my question or not. I hope you will. And actually you don’t even have to respond to me. You can respond to Jeremy Hooper ( with the truth. Jeremy WILL protect you, but if you are brave you could have the fact attributed to yourself.

That promise to “protect” seems to confirm that Mr. Hooper knows this commenter and that they have planned to contact my ex-husband to get information.

This e-mail ends:

Remember Federal Judges are reading the Life Story of XXXX as told by her. Her story as written by her, may influence a Judges ruling.

To cover himself Mr. Hooper says that some activists’:

Gay activists

Now that I have established the ins and outs of Jeremy Hooper’s blog, I can say I recognize these abusive behaviors as part of the culture I grew up in. Notice the lack of accountability, the deflections.

We the adult children are currently in the process of getting our stories ready for publication. And as gay marriage becomes the law of the land, we have expectations moving forward. We demand that the HRC publically honor and acknowledge our experience and issue apologies in print and online for all the attacks against all of us. And rectify immediately all that we have suffered by activists connected to the HRC or GLAAD.

This cautionary tale should travel far and wide: a family threatened, people’s privacy invaded, harassment, threats, bullying, unwanted contact, abusive mischaracterization, incurred financial hardship.

These men may have revealed much more about themselves and the movement than they realize and damaged their credibility. I would not want to be Mr. Hooper or Rose when they realize that nobody will ever trust them again – no, not really, and not ever. They are like the writer who gets caught plagiarizing or a researcher who fakes results. There will always be “that” question in the back of people’s minds.

Let’s make a name for these guys – the one they have earned. Send this on to others.

Written by Rivka Edelman.


  1. Amen. Gay marriage is anti-gospel and denies the true gospel.

  2. Is this hysterical screed meant to be comedy?

    Jeremy is doing a great job exposing you, cockroaches hate the light. If you fight publicly against gays in courts and editorials, to the point of trying to deprive them of marriage and adoption rights, you are a public figure Mrs. Newmark, simple as that. People have a right to research your background, claims, and qualifications. They also have a right to publicly identify you as a bigot and to contact potential employers and business partners. Since you are using your family history as a basis for robbing people of their freedoms, it is only fair that people research this family history and not take you at your word.

    Nothing done to you was illegal or even immoral.

    You are the victimizer, not the victim, so stop your drama.

    • “You are the victimizer, not the victim”

      LOL Funny, I don’t see here harassing & threatening your crowd. You must be one of those Christian/normalphobic fags who hate everything good.

      • Actually I am a Republican, a heterosexual, and a Christian. Also pro-gay rights like every other conservative under 30. Get with the program.

        • Republicans support reason & common sense. So far, all your posts have been ad homien attacks on this lady. Nice try, but you ain’t fooling anyone.

          It’s so obvious you are Libtard. Com’on Bubba, if you’re going lie on the Internet, at least be good at it. Everyone on here knows you’re a Libtard.

          • Majority of young GOP support marriage equality only old people hate gays and they will be pushing daisies pretty soon 🙂

        • I’m not sure how you can be a Christian, conservative and pro gay. You are as confused as the homosexuals you support. They don’t know what they are either. It’s people like you that think everyone in the past did everything wrong and you in all of your wisdom declare that you won’t make the same mistakes. Did you ever consider that we aren’t wrong? The car you drive the cell phone you use and the majority of the technology that we all enjoy today came from people older and wiser than you. You are young stupid and without common sense. It’s a shame that you would focus on the rights of gays and lesbians and not human rights. I don’t believe in gay rights, women’s rights or affirmative action. I believe in human rights, I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman and I think without God in our lives we will perish. Every generation tries to push the envelope a little further than the generation before them. I would say to be pro gay you must be hiding some homosexual tendencies. Just think about it if your parents were gay you wouldn’t be so mad right now and ready to reply because you wouldn’t be here. Have a blessed day and get with the real program!

          • Joby: Some things do change. Just because things were done in some way for hundreds of years doesn’t mean they were done right. Racism is as old as dirt but still wrong. Gay marriage may be new, but it is an extension of a very old concept of being kind to your neighbor and allowing people maximum freedom as long as it does not hurt others.

            You and I agree on human rights vs victim group rights, I too am opposed to affirmative action. Gays are not asking to be put on top of society or some special status, they just want to be married to people they love like heterosexuals. They want the same public accommodations that are granted to all races, religions, and ethnicities. They want the same adoption rights as a straight couple, not to be put ahead of them. All these are basic human rights that apply to everyone, nothing special or specific to gays is being asked for.

            As for pro-gays hiding homosexual tendencies, since most of the nation is pro-gay and virtually everyone under 40 is pro-gay, that makes alot of homosexuals. I am more inclined to believe that people just want fairness.

  3. Just goes to show those who preach “tolerance” are the most INTOLERANT of them all.

    I have no sympathy for the Gaystapo. They just love to bully people who don’t 100% agree with them. They are trying to obtain personal info on someone (like you & your family members) WITHOUT CONSENT…that’s got to be illegal. If these people try to attack you or your friends in anyway, don’t frit on calling the authorities on them.

    • This woman is a public figure, like Obama or Bush. She advocates against gays in editorial and courtrooms, people are entitled to ask questions. Nothing illegal is being done to her, she is just a hysteric. She is the bully, not the victim. The whole Christian prosecution canard is getting silly.

      • As if I care.

        A picture tells a thousand words.

        She’s not the one posting threats & harassing comments & trying to obtain personal info on others. YOUR CROWD IS!

        Typical bullying behavior. I have no sympathy for your kind. You lost that a long time ago.

  4. After reading vicious & vile comments made by those degenerates…& these To think I actually used to support the same-sex marriage….makes me sick. These people are not seeking “equality” as they claim, they want SUPREMACY! These people are truly the spawn of Satan.

    • Funny thing is, your comment is more hateful, bigoted, and vile than any of the criticism this shrill and hysterical woman received. As are the other comments on this thread, everyone can the real bigots are the ones pretending to be Christians. Real followers of Christ love gays.

      • Oh boo freaking hoo. Do I need to call the whambulance to let them know how much of a whiny butthurt pansy you are. Deal with it, fudgeboy!

  5. They are proving how insane they are and why it would be a nightmare to be raised by them.

  6. Bubba, I agree things do change but just because things were done hundreds of years doesn’t make them wrong either. The ways things have been done in the past worked for a long time and I don’t believe that people were anymore oppressed then than they are today.The farther we move from the way things were done the worse things seem to get. Every generation tries to push the envelope further than the generation before them. The old southern democrats were much more conservative than the modern day republicans are today. I’m only 47 and my Dad was one of the old southern democrats so I know this to be a fact. I have 22 direct reports that answer to me and one of them is an open homosexual. I treat him better than anyone else on the job does and in fact he told me today if I accepted a VP job in Miami he wanted to go with me. I would take him because he is a good employee I treat him exactly the way I would like to be treated. He knows that I disagree with his life style and I haven’t been shy when asked how I felt about gay marriage. My answer to him is the same no matter which way the crowd is weighted to the right or to the left. It is physically impossible for gays to bring children in this world without help and if God had intended for them to mate they could pro create. I do not support anything the bible doesn’t but I do tolerate it because I believe in human rights. I do not believe most people under 40 support gay marriage they just want to be different than the generation before them just like my generation did and my Dad’s before me. These people do not want tolerance they want acceptance. I do not accept the unacceptable and I have big balls when it comes to that. People that support this would want everyone to believe that this is the new normal but there is nothing normal about it, it goes against nature. I do tolerate it but I do not accept or encourage it and I would question any “Christian” that does. You would have to be reading from a different bible than I do. I know how to “love thy neighbor” but I also remember the bible referring to homosexuality as an abomination. I also don’t support drug abuse, stealing, or wife beaters but I don’t mistreat them either. I believe that you want to be a Christian and a conservative but you want to do it your way. Some people follow Christ from a distance like Peter did, far enough behind that they can deny him the way Peter did and close enough they claim to follow him whenever it suits their needs at the time or makes them feel like a better person. I wish you good luck but if you don’t believe the next generation will think your generation did everything wrong then you are living in a fantasy world. This will continue until this country implodes and everything good is gone. It was roman soldiers that killed Jesus (Christians) and they thought they did the world a favor…….

  7. Deceit, Deceive, Deception
    The Guide to the Scriptures
    He who has not sworn deceitfully shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, Ps. 24:4 Deliver me from the deceitful, Ps. 43:1 …Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil, Isa. 5:20 ….Let no man deceive himself, 1 Cor. 3:18 ….Let no man deceive you with vain words, Eph. 5:6 — well actually — ALL of Ephesians Chapter 5. No mention of anything other than Husband and Wife — anything else is perverted and is CLEARLY calling evil good and good evil, as was prophesied. We simply can no longer accept politically correct as good, just because some people are choosing to do the evil does not make it good! I have always supported RIGHTS as the thing to follow… but never heard the perspective of those who were raised by same sex parents. It is sad and I choose to remove all posts and comments I have ever made in favor of the lifestyle. I have also seen much hatred and contention from the LGBT community and I have to agree — it is about supremacy, much like those screaming racism just to get their way… the card often played when all common sense does not fall on their side of whatever issue they are arguing about. As far as the LGBT community calling their partnerships marriage — I DO NOT AGREE and never have. My common sense clarity statement is this — “Iowa cannot come in and say it wants to be called Florida. Iowa is not and never has been called Florida, so it can’t be called Florida now. Florida is Florida — always has been and always will be. They both have rights designated to their individual selves — but Iowa is called Iowa, Florida is called Florida. Period.” Simply insert Civil Unions for Iowa and Marriage for Florida and there you have it. Makes perfect sense to me.

    All that stands out to me, with people trying to deceive me, is the promises of the Lord, that if we FOLLOW HIM, we will be with Him, and not among those who will be doing the “weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth” — which is really what they have already begun to do while here. WE must discern and not fall to the deception. Evil IS NOT GOOD, and GOOD IS NOT EVIL.

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