Uk Morocco Association Agreement

Updated certificates of origin will be available as soon as your regular supplier`s agreement comes into effect, for example. B chambers of commerce. The certificates will be very similar to those currently used. They will show the UK as a place of origin and not as the EU. “There must be a strong and effective role of Parliament in the revision of our trade policy and our free trade agreements,” I thank all the noble lords who participated in this debate, and in particular the noble Lord Lord, Lord Stevenson, for rightly raising questions of control and debate. It is true that the government must come to Parliament – as we have said many times on the issue of free trade agreements – to be accountable to Parliament and to justify any agreement reached. The noble lords, Lord Stevenson and Lord Shipley, among others, specifically raised the point of Western Sahara. I assure the nobles that the territorial application of the agreement before us reflects the association agreement ENTRE the EU and Morocco, as it has been amended recently in this regard. I reassure the noble gentlemen that it does not apply to the territory of Western Sahara. Once in force, the UK agreement will extend certain trade preferences to certain products originating in Western Sahara, as well as the EU Association Agreement. I assure my noble and experienced friend, Lord Mackay, that this will be in line with the judgment of the European Court of Justice in 2016. Before I conclude, I have one more question to ask.

It is clear that at the last opportunity, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not expect the Polisario Front to complain to stop the entry into force of a trade agreement between the EU and Morocco. She did it, and she succeeded, so she stopped the whole process, and we`ll see what happens. The briefing prepared for the members of the Committee of the European Union tells me that this House regrets that Her Majesty`s Government failed to properly consult the citizens of Western Sahara during the continuity agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Kingdom of Morocco, presented to Parliament on 20 December 2019; calls on the government to ensure that a trade agreement on the people of Western Sahara is in line with international law. The internationally recognized legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people has rejected any proposal for the EU trade agreement with Morocco to apply to them. A coalition of 93 Sahrawi civil groups also said that the people of Western Sahara oppose the inclusion of their territory in any agreement reached by Morocco. The EU has amended the western Sahara wording in its agreement so that it applies only to Western Sahara products, which I welcome the opportunity for an in-depth discussion on the association agreement between the UK and Morocco and on the broader work of the government to ensure the continuity of our trade relations with countries with EU trade agreements. , which is important for UK citizens and businesses. I found that, despite his skepticism on some issues related to the transfer of agreements, the noble Lord, Lord Davies, acknowledged that the government had surprised him to achieve our goal.

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