Us Forest Service Volunteer Agreement Form

To facilitate your entry into the writing of service descriptions, here are some examples of common volunteer positions. In addition to the necessary information, all points provided by the Agency should be mentioned in the agreement: first aid and CPR are required for all sawmillers, with the exception of apprentice sawmills who work under the supervision of another sawer. OshA notes in Appendix B of 1910.266 that first aid and CPR training is provided using traditional training methods such as conference, demonstration, practical practice and examination (written and practice). The duration of the training must be sufficient for trainees to understand first aid concepts and demonstrate their ability to implement the various procedures. A sawman must take first aid/RPR courses, which are taught independently of practice and with a knowledge test. Online first aid/RPR courses do not meet these requirements. One of the most important points of the voluntary agreement is the description of the service and the essential eligibility criteria. Don`t forget to include the project`s location or location, a description of the service, and the capabilities needed to complete the tasks. Do not use the type of personnel management of the terminology used for a staff description. They do not want to blur the distinction between federal public servants and volunteers; maintain this distinction both on paper and in practice (WSF 1933.11).

Volunteers are responsible for ordering, maintaining and disseminating public information materials. They will maintain and modify screens in the reception area and sell interpretive association publications, recreational passports and maps. In accordance with the contractual clauses, it is the responsibility of the cooperating partner to ensure that its staff, participants and volunteers comply with the necessary forest service rules. The Forest Service is not required to consult or require documentation or a written copy of sawing certifications, as this is the responsibility of the cooperating partner. If the national database is operational, the names of certified individuals must be entered into the database at that time. The volunteer contract can be amended at any time with the written agreement of each party. The existing agreement may be terminated, a new agreement may be developed or a signed and dated amendment may be attached to the existing contract. Minor changes to the agreement can be made to the original document and initiated by the volunteer and forest officer. In the agreement, you must make it clear to your volunteers that the Forest Service expects all its representatives to respect the principles of citizenship in terms of personal behaviour and to adopt a high degree of personal integrity.

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