Why isn’t the world appalled by what Planned Parenthood is doing?

Rally Held In Support Of Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding - DC

Folks if you watch the videos, about what Planned Parenthood is doing, you will lose all hope for humanity.

How can anyone think that this is okay. They treat a fetus like a piece of meat, all the while, try to tell you about saving the planet and animals.

No words can describe the inhuman treatment, forced born babies go through and how heartless monsters cut them up or make them suffer to try to breath with no lungs. This is sad, this is sick, this is horrible, this is unimaginable that our society is willing to allow this, just because they are funding people with a D after their names.

I have tears in my eyes while I am typing this, it is so sad.. My God. I just don’t know what to say. How can they justify saying this is a woman’s right? Are we truly lost? please, please, please pray like never before.

By way of the federal government you are personally helping to pay for these abortions, so you should watch this video that includes the fetus being expelled from a woman’s body as well as images of the fetus in the metal bowl.


  1. How can anyone call themselves a Christian by not doing anything to stop this? Come on, continue spending time making excuses for yourselves instead of spending that time in bringing an end to this.

  2. God will surly judge the ones that do nothing about stopping this.

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