With The Muslim Invasion Of America Comes Rape

Muslim invasion of America

In keeping with Islam’s hellish history of conquest, the current Muslim invasion of the West upholds a tradition of evil. The West, however, hardly seems to mind. In fact, the elites trip over themselves to welcome the enemy with open arms. Western civilization be damned. Make (more) room for the barbarians!

As we witnesses the steady transformation of civilized societies into lawless, Islamicized lands, it appears that madness has taken hold on a mass scale. And so, for example, we read about gangs of savages (otherwise known as “refugees” or “migrants”) raping shocking numbers of European women. The situation is dire with no end in sight.

And if the rapes weren’t enough, the authorities abandon female citizens while making sure the rapists are hardly punished, if at all. (One wonders how anyone can be a guest in another country and not be immediately deported if they have so much as a speeding ticket, but that’s a topic for another day.)

Daniel Greenfield has written a brilliant piece at Front Page Magazine addressing the current state of affairs, bringing to the fore how we are headed down the same path:

The UN Commission of Experts identified 1,600 actual cases of rape in the Bosnian War that took place in the former Yugoslavia over a period of years. In Germany, 2,000 Muslim migrants sexually assaulted 1,200 women in a single night in cities across Germany.

The former was considered one of the worst war crimes of the decade. Its perpetrators were bombed and then faced war crimes trials. The perpetrators of the latter received a slap on the wrist. [snip]

The majority of the Muslim rapists came from North African countries. Half of them had been in Germany for less than one year. If there were a UN tribunal to be held for the war crimes committed by Muslim migrants against European women, Frau Merkel should be sitting in the dock.

It was her decision to open the borders that led to the horror inflicted on 1,200 women in one night.

And 1,200 women is just a single episode. We don’t know the full total numbers. And we may never know them. Yet at this rate it’s entirely possible that the total of Merkelicide might exceed even the wildest inflated estimates from the Bosnian war. And yet it’s considered indelicate to discuss such things because this time around Muslims aren’t the victims, they are the perpetrators. [snip]

Halina Wawzyniak, a lawmaker from the Left Party, insisted that while she usually supported stronger sexual assault laws, she worried that these particular sexual assault laws would lead to a “disproportionate” effect on Muslim migrants committing minor sexual offenses who might then be deported.

And so, given a choice between protecting women and sexual predators, the left chooses rapists.

…From Cologne, Germany, where the authorities have done far more to crack down on people making critical remarks about Muslim migrants than on the Muslim rapists, to Twin Falls, Idaho, where United States Attorney Wendy J. Olson warned anyone spreading “inflammatory” statements about the Muslim perpetrators that they might be violating “federal law”, the priority is protecting Muslim rapists at any and all costs.

The Idaho case to which Greenfield refers is this: On June 2nd, a 5-year-old girl in Twin Falls was raped by a gang of three Muslim invaders. I will not go into the details of the attack. Suffice it to say, it was pure evil. The response to the rape has been in line with Europe’s now predictable, reprehensive, downright criminal responses to the rape of their women: protect Muslim savages, cover up the truth, and marginalize victims.

Pamela Geller has provided exceptional coverage of the story of this child in Idaho, including her most recent piece, which chronicles how events unfolded, from the rape early last month to ongoing attempts to cover up the truth. I hope readers will take the time to read Geller’s piece (here). It is a chilling window into the path we are on – the same deadly path that Europe is on regarding how we are dealing with (or not dealing with) the profoundly serious implications of importing more Muslims.

(And as an aside related to this child and her family, I know many of us may be weary of how GoFundMe pages crop up for all manner of needs, but this case is of great importance. The family is poor and desperately need help moving since they still live next door to the rapists. They also need money for legal fees. If you would like to donate, please go here.)

Just a few weeks after this rape, large gangs of Somalis rampaged through an upscale neighborhood in Minnesota for three consecutive days, driving trucks over people’s lawns, shooting off bottle rockets, playing recordings of women being raped, screaming “JIHAD!” and threatening to kidnap and rape women in the neighborhood. A couple of days later in a suburb of Boston, a Syrian man who had been in the United States for two months, stalked and fondled a 13-year-old girl at a public swimming pool.

And that’s just been the past few weeks. Prior to this summer, there were many more examples (here, here, here, here, and here).

And so it goes as the left embraces barbarians while silencing those who speak the truth. As for the fabricated “war on women” they accuse the right of, “progressives” (aka communists) seem perfectly comfortable with looking the other way when their favorite exotic group does the raping.

Hat tips: Atlas Shrugs, Jihad Watch, World Net Daily, and the Lowell Sun

Witten by Carol Brown.

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